How to Use Roku Stick on Laptop? Easy Steps

In today’s world, an intelligent lifestyle has become the standard. There’s nothing wrong with people attempting to become more tech-savvy, and it’s a good thing.

Many gadgets on the market make your life easier while also providing you with a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. In terms of reducing the energy consumed by our everyday gadgets, these devices are the best in the business.

People used to go to the movie theater to see movies in high definition, but now, thanks to technological advances, we can watch movies in high definition right in our own homes. Designers can view movies and TV shows anytime and as many times as they wish. People in the 1980s, 1990s, and even before that would be overjoyed by this news.

Today, Roku sticks are the hottest topic of conversation, and we will see How to Use Roku Stick on Laptop? The Roku Stick may be new to you, but don’t worry; we’ll explain it in a few paragraphs. In addition, how to use it on a laptop is presented.

Roku Stick:

The Roku Stick is a pocket-sized HDMI dongle that is simple and incredibly convenient in all aspects of the experience. It is powered by a robust quad-core processor and features dual-band wireless connectivity to ensure a smooth streaming experience.

It is compatible with virtually all services that stream movies and television shows online, including YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play. You will have way into more than 100,000 movies, and television shows through the dongle.

Because it delivers personalized and high-quality search results, the stick will help you save both money and time. It will ensure that you can locate the movies, television episodes, kid’s programs, sports, and music that you enjoy the most.

The most imposing aspects of this program are its compact and lightweight plug-and-level design and its resolution, which is compatible with Full HD 1080p.

What Is Streaming, and How Do I Get Started?

Internet-connected gadgets can be used to stream content such as television shows and podcasts. Connect your mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or desktop PCs to take advantage of streaming. With streaming, you’ll be able to listen to and view your favorite music and television shows.

You don’t have to wait for the broadcast or download anything with a streaming service. You may easily watch all of your preferred channels with the help of a Roku stick, which is an excellent streaming media player. Roku streaming devices allow users to watch anything they want, including movies, television shows, kids’ shows, news channels, sports channels, etc.

If you have a Roku stick, you won’t have to spend a single dime to view all of your most-loved television shows and movies. You can also view paid channels such as Netflix, Google Play, Rakuten TV, Happy Kids, Red Bull TV, Tune In, etc. In addition to this, you have the option to watch premium channels.

You’ll be able to use many streaming services, such as Google Play and Netflix if your Roku device is capable of 4K Ultra HD and supports HDR. Both of these services provide titles available in 4K Ultra HD quality.

Is It Worth It to Use a Roku Stick With a Laptop?

As long as the user is ready to put in the effort, they Can use a Roku stick on a laptop or computer. These days, hardware streaming devices seem dated. Because of this, you can view practically all of your content on an internet platform, such as the Roku online services, where some channels are also free of charge.

Because there are no commercials or interruptions, customers continue to use hardware services. Additionally, you can take your favorite content with you everywhere you go by using a Roku stick.

Customers can watch their favorite shows for as long as they like on a Roku stick. Using a Roku stick on a laptop is worth it.

How to Use Roku Stick on Laptop?

How do I connect my Roku to my laptop with HDMI

Connecting Roku to a laptop through HDMI appears to be one of the most practical and straightforward alternatives. It would help if you did not worry about anything coming into contact or connection. However, without HDMI, the dilemma of how to connect a Roku to a laptop remains.

There’s no need to stress; we’ve got this. Follow this simple and quick approach to connect your laptop to a Roku streaming stick.

Step#1 Open Web Browser:

The web browser on your laptop should be open at this point. It’s time to type this URL into your browser search bar:

Step#2 Go For a Menu:

After that, I’ll present you with a menu consisting of three possibilities. You can choose the one that best fits your screen size.

  • Media Player Classic for Linux.
  • May download the Mac version of the Plex Media Server here.
  • Download Plex Media Server for Windows as well.

Step#3 Download File:

Click on “downloadable file” to begin installation after downloading. After that, click “install” and wait for the building to be completed.

Step#4 Click on Your Account:

You should “start” the file when downloaded and installed on your laptop. Go to your “Roku account” and click on the Roku channel marketplace.

Step#5 Search “Plex App”:

Search for “Plex App” and subscribe to it on your Roku. Must link your laptop to a good Wi-Fi connection.

Final Result:

Ensure that the power and WiFi connections on your Roku Stick are both adequately established. Streaming is now possible.

The Roku streaming stick is connected to the laptop or computer.

Helpful Video Guide

Can I Watch Roku on My Chromebook?

Connecting your Chromebook to a Roku Smart TV via HDMI is required if you want to display content from it. Neither Roku nor Google have an alternate method of supporting cross-platform casting as of April 1st, 2020. Roku:

However, using an HDMI cable resulted in stunning results. Stay tuned for mouse control news—happy Face due to 2-in-1s.


With just an HDMI adapter and HDMI cable, You can stream content from your Chromebook to your Roku TV. HDMI adapter to Chromebook, HDMI cord to Roku TV, an HDMI cord to Roku Tv. 

I hope this works for you, and the exact steps apply if you want to connect your Chromebook to your television. Thank you, and best wishes for your future endeavors. The screen of your Chromebook can also be shared using this method.


Step#1 Make Connection:

Make sure your Chromebook is connected to your HDMI Adapter first.

Step#2 Use HDMI Cable:

The next step is to attach the HDMI cable to the HDMI adapter.

Step#3 Attach Device:

Next, if you have a television with an HDMI port, you’ll want to attach your HDMI cord to that device.


Your Chromebook’s screen will be displayed on the TV when you simultaneously turn on your TV and Chromebook.

Important Note:

To share your screen between the Chromebook and the TV, both devices must be set to “full screen” and press Ctrl. If you have a Windows 10 computer and are looking for a tutorial on doing this, you can find one here.

Is It Necessary to Unplug the Roku?

Unplugging the Roku when not in use serves no purpose. As a streaming device, the Roku must be plugged into a power source, whether or not you are using it.

You may download Instant streaming upgrades without interruption to the Roku, which is a significant benefit. After re-connecting the Roku, you may have to wait for an update if you left it disconnected for an extended period.

FAQs – How to Use Roku Stick on Laptop?

Is There a Monthly Fee for Roku Stick?

Watching free channels or using a Roku device does not require paying a monthly charge. Streaming services like Netflix or Sling TV don’t need a membership, and renting movies and TV shows from services like Apple TV or Roku doesn’t require a monthly fee.

Can You Connect the Pc to Roku TV?

Choose to join a wireless display at the base of the list of project orientations. To put it simply, the Roku TV device turns the TV it’s connected to into a Miracast-compatible wireless display. Choose Roku TV from the available devices. Will now display the screen of your computer on your television.

Does Roku Need Wi-fi?

Streaming digital content to your TV via HDMI is possible with the Roku digital media player. You can work your Roku device to watch online material on your television. As a result, it needs an Internet connection. You’ll need to connect your Roku player to Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port to access internet content.

Why Is My Screen Mirroring Not Working Roku?

Make sure that your Roku receiver has screen mirroring settings enabled. Your Roku TV has a Settings menu. System and Screen Mirroring are both options. In the Screen Mirroring mode tab, see if the Prompt or Always allow options are selected.


If you want to run your favorite show on your laptop, all you need is an HDMI connector. We hope this post on How to Use Roku Stick on Laptop is helpful and instructive. Otherwise, connecting a Roku stick to a laptop is impossible and time-consuming.

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