How to Use Infocus Projector With Laptop? Simple Guide

Internet, document, digital movie, and PowerPoint presentation skills improved with an InFocus projector. Widescreen images can be displayed on a projector’s screen using the video card on your computer.

Peripheral devices, such as projectors, are designed to work with Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows. No additional software is required for the computer-to-projector connection.

A guide on using an Infocus projector with a laptop may be just what you need. As a result, I’d like to make the following statement. An easy-to-follow guide will show you How to Use Infocus Projector With Laptop?. The computer and the projector require electricity and communication at their most basic level. Connecting the projector will be a breeze if you remember these two tips.

What is Infocus Projector?

InFocus Projector is an SVGA Conference Room Projector. With a native resolution of 800×600 and 3D capability, this lamp-based projector can display 3,500 Lumens in its brightest setting. Its internal DLP technology promises better contrast, fewer visible pixels, and greater portability, among other advantages. InFocus has discontinued this projector, first made available for purchase in August 2017.

Is a Laptop Adapter Necessary to Connect to a Projector?

You may or may not require an adapter, depending on the ports on your laptop. If your computer has a full-sized HDMI port, you probably won’t need an adapter to connect to a projector. 

A VGA input on the projector and a VGA port on the computer will yield the same results. Adapters are required in the majority of other scenarios.

If your laptop has any of the following ports, you’ll need an adapter to connect them:

#1) The HDMI Port

Adapters are unnecessary if your laptop has a full-size HDMI port and your projector has the same port. With HDMI, you can connect your computer and projector with ease.

#2) The Mini HDMI Port

These devices, also known as HDMI type-c, are identical to HDMI, but they are much smaller. Use an HDMI cable with one end connected to your computer and another related to your phone or tablet, or use an adapter.

#3) USB-C

USB-C to HDMI adapters and docks are usually required if your laptop uses USB-C for video output. However, USB-C video input is supported by some projectors, so you can use a USB-C cable to connect your laptop directly to the projector.

#4) DisplayPort

Desktop video cards are more common, but laptops may have one. You can use both an HDMI to DisplayPort cable and a DisplayPort adapter if this is the case.

#5) VGA (Video Graphic Array)

640×480 is the maximum resolution supported by this video connector. Using a VGA cable and an adapter is unnecessary if your laptop and projector have VGA ports. However, because VGA does not transmit audio like HDMI, you’ll need to find another way to get sound from your laptop to the projector.

How to Use Infocus Projector With Laptop?

Use Infocus Projector With Laptop?

Step #1)

Set up your laptop and projector in front of the screen. You will need to locate and plug in the power cords for each unit to each of them.

Step #2)

Both the laptop and the projector should have inputs for the cable connector. They’ll be blue.

Step #3)

Look for the cable connector. Connecting screws should be on either side of two trapezoid blue ends. One end into each device because the connectors on the ends are interchangeable, which lot goes where is irrelevant.

Step #4)

Activate the computers and the projectors. You should press the Fn and F8 keys on the laptop simultaneously if you receive a “No Signal” message after everything has booted up. You should see a picture of yourself appear. ( This issue may necessitate using a variety of buttons on your computer. On a Dell Latitude D500, it’s a doddle to get it running. For more information, contact your laptop’s manufacturer.)

Step #5)

If you prefer, you can use a remote control with your projector. As a result, you won’t have to give your presentation while standing next to your laptop.

Step #6)

Remote control that can operate your projector from at least 50 feet away is ideal if you plan to use your projector in various locations. A simple USB connection is required to connect a remote control to your laptop.

How to Deal With an Infocus Projector Issue?

It is vital because using a projector might bring numerous issues. Not all problems require the same response.

How to Use Infocus Projector With Laptop

If Image Is Blank

  • Check that the power cord is attach to a live power supply when the power light turns out. Press the power button if the power light is amber and not blinking.
  • Examine the cable and video sources. Ascertain that the video source turns on and that the wires connecting the head to the projector are secure (computer, DVD player, VCR, etc.). 
  • Ascertain that your computer’s video port is enabled. Press the key combination that allows your laptop to’s video port (see step ). If no image appears, restart your computer. 
  • Select the Source button. You may need to press the source many times to see it. The Auto Image button.

If Image Look Bad

Select the Auto Image option. If this does not assist (assuming the source is a computer), reduce your computer’s display resolution or vertical refresh rate.

FAQs – How to Use Infocus Projector With Laptop?

How Do I Turn on My Infocus Projector?

Connect the black power cord to the rear of the projector’s power connector and an electrical outlet. When the Power Saving Mode option is disabled, the Status Indicator Panel’s Power LED blinks green. When Power Saving Mode is on, the Power LED remains steady amber.

Is Infocus Projector Good?

The InFocus IN1118HD is an attractive choice if you’re looking for a highly portable 1080p projector with excellent business image quality, as long as you keep to data visuals or bring an external speaker (or you know that one is available where you plan to set up).

How Do I Connect My Infocus Wireless Projector?

The InFocus Wireless USB Adapter enables you to connect your projector to a compatible source, such as a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Attach the adapter to the USB Type-A connector on the projector, and you’re ready to display and control material through the WLAN connection.

How Do I Connect My Laptop to My Projector With HDMI?

Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your laptop and the other end to the LCD projector. When you plug the cable in, ensure that it is tightly fastened to prevent it from coming unplugged. Restart the laptop. The screen of your computer or laptop should now appear on the projector.

Can I Use a Projector With Netflix?

To flow Netflix from your Android smartphone to the projector, you’ll need a Type-C USB cable with DisplayPort functionality. After connecting the cable to both the Android phone and the projector, select the appropriate function and kick back to enjoy your favorite shows.


If you’re looking for information about How to Use Infocus Projector With Laptop? Thus, it is critical, as connecting a projector to your laptop enables you to effectively deliver information to clients and employees. 

You may want to adjust your laptop’s video display settings before projecting your desktop for everyone to see. It lets you configure your laptop’s video output sources to monitor, screen, or both.

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