How to Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop

If you own an Alienware laptop, you are probably already aware of the company’s Graphics Amplifier. This external device enables you to attach an external graphics card to your computer, significantly improving performance when gaming or performing other intensive tasks. Are you curious to know about How to Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop?

However, what if you lack an Alienware laptop? Is it still possible to utilise a Graphics Amplifier? As it turns out, you can. Although Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier only includes a proprietary adapter for connecting to your laptop, the technology behind it is pretty straightforward. If you purchase the appropriate adapter and locate some free software, you can utilise How to Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop? It is how:

Alienware Amplifier Design and Specifications

A Graphics Amplifier is a case for one’s graphics card in the simplest terms. Apart from this, additional factors include a cooling fan, an integrated four-port USB hub, a 460-watt power supply, and some eye-catching lighting effects. Still, all of these features contribute to the box’s overall quality.

When it comes to the rear panel, the Alienware Graphics Amplifier measures 6.8 by 7.3 by 16.1 inches (HWD). It would appear ultimately like a toaster if not for the bright Alienware logo and shiny plastic vents. However, the concept will be straightforward; the plan will be pretty well-thought-out.

The Alienware is constructed in two parts: a sturdy base that houses the circuit board and power supply, a plastic cover with a latch in the rear, and a hinge in the front. The base and lid are made of durable metal. Consider a laptop and graphics amplifier combination as a portable solution for a gaming desktop. You cannot bring a desktop computer; bringing a laptop and an amplifier is far more convenient and portable.

It will weigh around 7.8 pounds, which is still half a pound heavier than the most recent Alienware. Thus, while an amplifier can assist optimise total weight, the ideal alternative is to purchase an amplifier as a single item. The best feature is that it supports AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Thus, you will receive space for a full-length GPU in addition to the dual-wide GPU, as well as a 375-watt power supply and installed GPU (Within the 460-watt supply of an amplifier).

How to Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop?

Purchase an Adaptor

Alienware graphics Amplifier cable

If your laptop lacks an ExpressCard port (which the Graphics Amplifier requires), you’ll need to purchase an adaptor. Adapters are commonly available on Amazon or other internet shops for roughly $30.

Install the Software After Downloading It

To connect your Alienware Graphics Amplifier to another laptop, you need to download and install two apps. The first is a free trial of an app called PowerDesk, which allows you 30 minutes of use every day. The second is a piece of graphics card-specific software from the manufacturer that enables your computer to determine the optimal way to use the graphics card.

FAQs – How to Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop?

What Is an Alienware Graphics Amplifier?

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier enables customers to experience actual desktop graphics performance on their new Alienware notebook today while also future-proofing their purchase by allowing them to add new generations of desktop graphics cards in the coming years.

Can You Use the Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop?

Currently, only the Alienware 13 laptops support the Amplifier; however, future editions of the bigger Alienware 14, 17, and 18 computers are expected to include an Amplifier connector. The Amplifier bypasses the Alienware 13’s onboard GPU (the GTX 860M) when connected.

How Do I Enable Alienware Graphics Amplifiers?

Connect the graphics cable’s other end to the external graphics port on your computer by pressing the release clips. The light on the graphics cable illuminates, signalling that the Alienware Graphics Amplifier has been connected and is ready to use. Connect the Display to the Alienware Graphics Ambulator, if Required.

Why Did Dell Discontinue Graphics Amplifier?

The business stated that the decision was because the eGPU would not have been able to utilise the latest desktop GPUs fully and would have provided just a marginal performance boost over the integrated graphics on the laptops. The primary cause for the absence appears to be the discontinuation of the Graphics Amplifier.

Are Alienware Computers Easy to Upgrade?

Numerous Alienware laptops are upgradeable to some extent. Typically, the RAM and storage drive is the most easily upgraded or replaced components. Their flagship model, the area 51m, allows users to replace the GPU and CPU. However, the alternatives are minimal.


While the Alienware Graphics Amplifier is an excellent method to experience the latest games on your laptop, what if you don’t own an Alienware? That is irrelevant. You can continue to use it with any computer, PC, or Mac that has a Thunderbolt 3 port and a suitable graphics card.

You need one of these cables to connect your gaming PC to your laptop: HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, or USB-C. We’ve included everything you need to know about How to Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier With Any Laptop? on this page, so don’t miss out.

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