How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number? Easy Guide

There is little you can do if your Laptop is stolen or lost for whatever reason. Even so, a few options are available, and we’ll explain How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number in this article.

If you know about the serial number of the stolen laptop, you can locate it. You may be able to get your stolen gadget back even though some events in the current situation happen so quickly that you cannot control them.

This article focuses on tracing a stolen laptop by its serial number. There are a few practical solutions to try.

What to Do if You Misplace Your Laptop?


Please report to the police department to which you belong, and leave the device’s data and all of its specifications within the report’s contents, including the serial number, color, kind, and size of the device. In addition, you will be able to follow up on the report from time to time.


Notify the computer stores of the specifics of the stolen item and the fact that you are attempting to return it. In addition, provide the computer retailers with all the equipment specifics above and leave a phone number for them to call if the device is recovered.


It is feasible to obtain the insurance amount by first ensuring the device, then going to the insurance company and explaining what occurred, and then receiving the insurance payment.


Sign up for an account on our website (Lost and Found) and enter all the information for the stolen device. After that, follow the instructions on the website to identify your item if someone else discovers it.


Send out a post on several social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, informing others about the missing item and providing details about its features.


You should look for and identify groups that are interested in the kinds of lost objects you are looking for, and then you should make an announcement offering a monetary prize to whoever finds the item.

Can Stolen Laptop Be Tracked With Serial Number Only?

Even though a laptop’s serial number is primarily numbers, it is a critical identification method. They serve as the device’s unique identifier. Even though they can only use them for the police report, insurance claims, and pawnshop complaints when physical contact happens, they can still be valuable.

The serial number of your stolen laptop isn’t enough to track it down. If you return to use tracking software, this data may be merged with others to locate the device.

How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number?

How to track a stolen laptop using Gmail

Your Best Laptop Thermal Paste has a unique MAC address comprising six sets of two numbers, all connected by hyphens. It would help if you retain this because it is also referred to as a serial number. Just in case something untoward occurs. To find out where it is located, navigate the utility menu and launch the terminal application.

“Command + Shift + U” can also be used. The MAC address of each network interface is shown. Notify your network administrator has a reasonable possibility of saving your laptop. You can’t do anything with your gadget unless you’ve registered it with a centralized network.

Contact the network administrator if you registered the device so you can designate your laptop for tracking or monitoring.

Important Point:

As soon as you tell the network administrator that your laptop has been stolen, they will be able to track it down when the IP address changes. They’d be able to tell precisely where the link is coming from if they could see it.

Step#1: Locating a Laptop Running Windows

The Find My Device tool included in the most recent version of Windows makes it simple to locate a Windows laptop. Using your laptop’s operating system, this capability begins tracking your laptop’s position the moment it goes lost.

Now, How Can the Laptop Be Traced?

To track your laptop, you must check-in using a Microsoft account, at which point the Find my device feature will activate. Here is how to proceed.


Start, then select Accounts. Click your account and navigate to “update and security” under the page titled “options.”


Your details are displayed, and you are connected. Otherwise, you must log in. When the update and security option loads, search for and select “Find my Device” from the menu on the side.


Please enable it to confirm that a Windows 10 operating system is required to access a Microsoft account. Sign in with your survive Microsoft account and navigate to the Devices tab.


Select the option “Lost or Stolen Device” and then click “Find My Device.” If your gadget is not powered on, it will be difficult to monitor; otherwise, an active internet connection is required to obtain its precise GPS location.

It allows you to begin tracking your stolen laptop if it is turned on and used.

How to track a stolen laptop using Gmail?

Gmail can assist you by notifying you of new logins and where they happened if the activity is questionable. You can use the last known position as a starting point when this happens.


Click on the web version of Gmail and scroll to the bottom right corner to see the information option. Click on it to view your account’s latest actions. 


To view the most current activity on your account and copy the appropriate link or IP address, tap Show Details again. 


While you won’t be an expert in pinpointing the device’s precise location, you will be able to identify the town, area, or even street where it is located.

Will It Be Possible to Track a Laptop After a Factory Reset?

Even if your Laptop was stolen after you did a factory reset on it, there is still a way to get it back.


It would help if you had the following apps installed on the device: (ThinkPad, MacBook, or Apple).


You will probably have to pay its administration costs until the event happens.


How long the following framework can remember your information, including your code number (distributed to just dynamic clients). Then, things start to happen depending on what you like to watch.

For example, when the cheat tries to use the Internet on your laptop, the system sends the request to a worker who is far away. Or again, a government operative programming takes photos of the hoodlum, sends them an admonition message, and even bypasses a few firewalls distantly, along these lines helping you pin an area to progressing exercises. With a production line reset, these things are possible.

How Do You Safeguard Data on a Stolen Computer?

If your personal laptop is lost or stolen then it must take two measures: the first is to attempt to recover it, and the second is to preserve the data on the lost device.

1- Install the Prey App:

This application can retrieve all the data from a lost device. Once activated, the application connects to the Internet server on the missing machine and extracts the IP of the geographical location where the device is located. One of the benefits is the ability to obtain a picture of the user of the device while being able to disable the device and prevent it from being used by anyone else.

2- Create a Backup of the Data:

Make a backup copy of essential files on an alternative storage location, and you must store this copy away from the office; you can keep it at home. Another option is to keep it on the Internet as a driver file; thus, download the Dropbox application to store Online backups.

3- Download the Covert Application:

This paid app is available solely on the Mac platform and its associated devices. In comparison to Find My Device, this program provides better security because it allows you to wipe data remotely and tells you exactly what the device user (the thief) is doing simultaneously.

When you can’t discover the lost gadget, you can ruin its user’s work and force him to sell or repair it. It increases the likelihood that you’ll find it if he goes to one of the computer retailers you previously notified of the stolen device’s data.

What to Do After Getting the IP Address of Your Stolen Laptop?

Once you have the IP address of your stolen laptop, you should not try to get it back on your own. You don’t know what kind of person stole your computer or what they could do to you if they got their hands on it. If your safety is important to you, you should call the police. They will get a warrant to ask the thief’s ISP for their exact address legally.

How to track a stolen laptop without monitoring software?

1- Find My Device on your Windows laptop will help locate your device.

2- Can track the IP address of your stolen laptop using Gmail.

3- When tracking down IP addresses of stolen Windows laptops, Dropbox comes in handy.

4- If your laptop has been stolen, you may watch it via Facebook.

5- You were able to track down my Mac using the Find My Mac Device.

FAQs – How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number?

How Do I Find My HP Serial Number?

Look for the serial number on the bottom of the laptop. If you can’t find it, you can launch HP System Information by pressing Fn + Esc. You can pick the serial number at the bottom of that screen.

Can a New Laptop Be Tracked?

It’s impossible to find a laptop that hasn’t been opened because it’s still sealed in its plastic case. A glimmer of optimism lingered had you submitted a registration form for the computer in the first place. Tracking apps like Lo-Jack GPS tracker would have given you a greater sense of security.

Can IP Address track a Stolen Computer?

You might use the IP Address to track down the culprit if your computer is stolen. Several software programs can identify when the thief has used your computer to get online. Still, it is easier to follow the computer through the Internet than to determine the real-world location of the machine.


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