How to Tighten Laptop Screen Hinges? Easy Guide

If your laptop’s hinges aren’t strong enough, it could cause various problems. Because the screen wobbles, it may be challenging to operate. When a hinge is unstable, it detracts from the overall quality of the product. Even when the laptop screen is opened and closed, the hinges exert significant force.

If an item is often used, it will eventually wear down and become more vulnerable to damage. The screen may jiggle a little more or shift back a little when you first open it, but you should be able to tell if something is amiss if you pay attention.

However, the laptop’s hinges will ultimately fail, rendering it useless. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can save money by repairing your laptop’s hinge yourself. But the problem here is How to Tighten Laptop Screen Hinges?

To keep the LCD screen from moving, screws that hold the bezel in place also keep the LCD screen in position. Two rubber bumpers cover the screen’s lower left and lower right corners. Use your fingernail to pry them off to remove the bumpers, then tighten the screws. We’ve corrected the issue with your monitor.

Is It Possible to Tighten Laptop Hinges?

If the screws holding your laptop’s hinge covers are anywhere but where they should be, check the bottom of your computer. Once the computer has been removed and the hinge exposed, You can tighten the hinge screws.

What Causes Loose Laptop Hinges?

Dropping a laptop while it is open is a common cause of broken hinges, although you can also blame material fatigue. People are more than prone to break their laptop hinges regularly. If the laptop’s hinge is ever broken, you may also harm the exposed display cable.

Signs That Your Hinge Is Loose

The hinge of your MacBook Pro can be easily detected if it is loose. When you adjust the hinge on a MacBook Pro, you’ll have a fantastic experience. A little extra time is required for the onset and termination of the process. To keep the display in place, the hinge needs a little friction.

If you notice that the display opens and closes without any control, it’s time to replace it. The hinges need to be changed if the door slams shut on its own or widen when you turn it upside down.

You should also inspect the condition of your door hinges if you’ve recently dropped your computer or been injured in any other way. Even if your laptop survives a decent tumble, it still risks losing non-essential components like hinges.

STEP BY STEP: How to Tighten Laptop Screen Hinges?

     How to Tighten Laptop Screen Hinges

Step #1)

Your laptop’s battery should be removed and the power cord disconnected. It’s because; before any laptop disassembly or repair, you should remove the battery. You could get electrocuted if you mess with a working laptop’s power source.

Step #2)

Find out whether any screws are holding the laptop’s keyboard cover down. A thin clear plastic strip covers the little gap between the keyboard and the LCD panel.

Most laptop keyboard covers snap into place; however, some models and brands require screws to hold them in place firmly. If you see screws, you’ll need to remove them before moving to Step 3.

Step #3)

Gently peel it off with a little flat-head screwdriver to remove the keyboard cover. Attachment is possible with the keyboard cover. To remove the plastic hinge cover that isn’t part of the laptop’s case, pry or unscrew each one once the keyboard cover has been removed.

Step #4)

On your laptop’s screen bezel, locate every screw. A laptop’s LCD screen is enclosed in a thin plastic frame known as the screen bezel. 

Rubber stoppers usually hide the screws that hold the laptop’s bezel in place. Using a flat-head screwdriver, pry out the rubber, and then a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the screws.

Step #5)

Tighten the screws on the laptop hinge. Under the freshly removed screen bezel, there usually are two screws, and under the keyboard cover, there are two more screws. Phillips-head screws are the most common type to be found in laptops. 

When the screws on the laptop hinge are tightened, the hinge should no longer wobble. Even though the hinge appears to be tight, it may have been damaged. Rubber cement can be used to fill in any holes in the hinge.

Step #6)

After tightening the screws and repairing any fractures in the hinge, reinstall the bezel and keyboard cover.

How do I Stop My Laptop Case From Breaking? 4 Pro Tips

#1) Avoid Low-Quality Build

Laptops in the “casual” price category often have poor build quality, even if they aren’t cheap. Hinge failure is familiar with these laptops after just a few years of constant use because of the thin metal casing.

It would help if you kept the equipment immobile to keep it in good working order. If you use your laptop at school or work, you risk harming the hinges. You’ll save money in the long term by purchasing a more expensive, higher-quality item.

#2) Correctly close Your Laptop

You’ve probably noticed how many students rush around with laptops if you’ve ever visited a university campus! Sometimes they would put the lid on their computer and leave a piece of paper or something else between their screen and keyboard. Damage to hinges can occur for a variety of reasons. When shutting the laptop’s lid, don’t rush. Laptops are fragile and expensive to replace. Having nothing in between is a decent rule of thumb.

#3) Never Carry Anything Inappropriately

Improper transport is a common cause of laptop hinge breakage. Keep your laptop in a bag when you’re working since you’ll need it if you need to move locations. Close the lid, put the bag on your computer, and then go where you need to. The hinges of laptops are strained when users run and carry them while holding the screen.

The hinges will eventually fail. For those who frequently find themselves in this situation, a larger laptop is a necessity because it’s practically impossible to tote around a laptop of this size casually.

#4) Transportation

A laptop is always taxed when traveling by bus, train, or plane. Make sure that your laptop is safe if you take it to school or work in a backpack. People bumping into your backpack while you’re riding the bus or train will exert pressure on your laptop, leading to the hinges breaking. You should leave your computer at home if you cannot escape the circumstance.

You should protect your bag or avoid traveling at peak periods if you can’t leave it at home. Alternatively, you might go for a more lightweight and long-lasting option. You’d do well with a MacBook Air!

FAQs –  How to Tighten Laptop Screen Hinges?

Why do laptop hinges get loose?

Usually, laptop hinges are damaged when dropped on a hard surface or when a large object strikes them. Because of Bad quality and cheap product materials utilized, if a laptop lid is opened with too much force, it can also cause damage to the hinges. As the hinges wear down, they eventually break.

Do laptop hinges get loose over time?

Shut off your laptop, pack it up, and go anywhere you need to when working. A lot of stress is imposed on the hinges when individuals run and tote their computers while gripping the screen. The hinges deteriorate with time and eventually fail.

How long should laptop hinges last?

However, if you take excellent care of your laptop’s hinges, you may expect them to last between five and six years.


Avoiding laptop hinge breakage is usually a good idea, so take care. To replace hinges, you have to remove the top cover, but you also have to open the display. However, the process is still doable, which means that even on older notebooks, replacing the hinges is a reasonable investment.

If the LCD bracket is also damaged, check to see if it has already perforated the display cover; proceed with caution. When a laptop is dropped, it may look like the hinges have been damaged. 

However, upon closer inspection, you can see that the display lid’s threaded sockets have been ripped out. Material fatigue may also be to blame for this issue. This problem is usually resolved by changing the housing cover.

After reading the above guide, I hope that you should know How to Tighten Laptop Screen Hinges?. Preventive measures are critical. Take good care of your new laptop if it’s a high-end one. You should be fine if you don’t let your guard down. Don’t worry about your laptop’s hinges if you invest in a good laptop bag.

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