How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop Easy Guide

VAIO is a Japanese brand of personal computers and consumer electronics that VAIO Corporation manufactures in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture. In 1996, VAIO was launched as a Sony brand.

While the laptop is not built for gaming, it can run casual games. Let’s have a look at our guide about How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop?

The system performs well for everyday computing, with no lag or slowness. Due to the SSD storage, applications launch quickly.

How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop?

Here are Different Ways for Taking a Screenshot on a Sony Vaio Laptop. The methods listed below demonstrate How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop? Depending on the screenshot needed, these methods help take a screenshot of the entire screen or a segment.

Therefore, evaluate each scenario carefully and select the most convenient one for you. While some methods use simply one key (Print Screen), others utilize you to save the screenshot individually, and each option has its advantages.

Take a Screenshot on a Sony Laptop With Function Keys

The first technique we’ll use to capture screenshots on Sony is keyboard shortcuts. A keyboard combination allows you to capture and retain your Sony screen easily. Are there steps to taking a screenshot on a Sony Vaio laptop?

  • Open the window you wish to capture.
  • Press the Windows Key+Shift+S combination.
  • Once completed, the screenshot is automatically copied to the snip and sketch software, where you can edit it.
  • Utilize the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut to save it.

Grape a Screenshot Using the Print Screen Key on even a Sony Laptop

The guidelines below clarify How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop by using the Print Screen key.

  • Open the tab at which you intend to take a screenshot.
  • Press and hold the print screen key (Print Sc, Print Scr).
  • Open Paint or a similar shot-altering application.
  • Once available, hit Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot.

There is another method: taking a screenshot on a Sony Vaio laptop, pressing the PrtSc / SysRq key once while continuing to hold the ALT key. Then, from the Start menu, choose Run, and type the following command, followed by the Enter key: MSPaint.Now, when the paint application opens, press CTRL-V. Finally, save the file in whatever format you like in Paint.

Take a screenshot of a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7

In this procedure, we will discuss, How to take a screenshot on a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7.

  • The Snipping Tool should now be open.
  • To bring a menu, enter Esc and then open whatever menu you wish to capture.
  • Ctrl+Print Screen (Present Ctrl+Print Screen).
  • Select Free-form, Rectangular, Window, or Full-screen, simply pressing the arrow next to New.
  • Snip a section of the menu.

Take a Screenshot of a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces a significantly simplified method for taking screenshots. Rather than using the Print Screen button and then pasting it into Paint (or any similar application), you may now save a screenshot to the Pictures folder as a png with the click of a few buttons. Here, we will discuss its different steps

  • Configure the screen in how you wish to capture a screenshot.
  • Press and hold the Windows pointer while printing the screen.
  • A new screenshot will appear in the Pictures area of your Library.

Take a Screenshot of a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 10

Screenshots are an enormously valuable tool for documenting and sharing what is currently displayed on your computer. Whether it’s a tweet you’re worried someone may delete, a bug you’re discussing with a tech support representative, or an amusingly auto-corrected piece of text, the option to record your screen for posterity is valuable knowledge.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods for capturing the screen you need to save. There’s the traditional Print Screen key, a technique that automatically creates a new file for you, Windows’ own Snipper Tool, and, if you’re constantly screen-capturing, there’s even a free and robust third-party tool we can recommend.

On your keyboard, press the Print display button. Your clipboard now has the screenshot, which you must paste into a graphics editor such as Windows Paint.

  •        In the search bar adjacent to the Start menu, type “paint.”
  •         Choose “Paint.”
  •         Click “Paste” to create your screenshot!

Make screenshots, modify them, and share them using Snagit

Numerous web-based snapshot apps are available. Snagit is one of them. Snagit is a screen recording and image editing application. It enables you to capture a screenshot quickly, tweak it using the full picture editing features included, and even shoot videos. We will discuss different steps to take a screenshot on a Sony Vaio laptop. 

  • Install Snagit on your computer.
  • Once the program has been launched and signed in, click the Capture button.
  • Begin the screenshot by dragging the pointer to the desired location. Alternatively, please hover your mouse over a window or area to automatically pick it, then left-click to capture it.
  • To save your screenshot as a picture, click the camera icon in the toolbar.
  • In the pop-up Snagit Editor box, make adjustments to your image. You can modify your appearance by adding shapes, text, and effects.
  • You can save the image or share it by clicking the Share icon in the upper right corner.

Take a screenshot of the Sony Vaio laptop with the Assistance of Third-Party Software.

A lot of third-party software is available that tells us How to take a screenshot on a Sony Vaio laptop at a more outstanding quality, allowing for additional flexibility not accessible in “MS paint.”

How to take screenshot in laptop Windows 7

Several examples include the following:

  • Software for Radeon AMD
  • Experiential Nvidia GeForce
  • iFun Screenshot 
  • Droplr 
  • Skopje-based Screenpresso

While these programs may offer superior and far more customizable options for altering your screenshots, they also tend to consume additional system resources such as memory RAM and hard disc storage space. However, these variables are insignificant if you possess a high-end laptop.

If you own a low-end laptop, you may want to avoid third-party software because it can clog up RAM that you may need for other tasks, ultimately causing your system to slow down.

What is the BIOS key for the Sony VAIO laptop?

  • While most VAIO-based laptops make the proper BIOS keyboard key visible, other laptop setups are less straightforward.
  • Allow your Sony VAIO computer to boot up or restart and display its initial splash screen or primary logo.
  • Enter the BIOS by using the “F2” key on your keyboard.
  • Adjust the necessary BIOS settings.

FAQs – How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop?

Is it feasible to record the screen on a Sony?

Drag the status bar downward twice and tap in the Quick settings panel’s (Screen Record icon). If you cannot locate the (Screen Record icon), slide left on the Quick settings panel. To begin recording the screen, follow the on-screen instructions.

How do you take a screenshot on a Sony Vaio Windows 7?

By striking the Print Screen Button on the keyboard, you may rapidly capture screenshots on your SONY VAIO or any other laptop or desktop computer. Click the Print Screen button to grab a screenshot, paste it into Paint or Powerpoint, and snatch it as a.jpg or.bmp or any other image file.

How do you capture and save the screenshot on your laptop?

To instantly capture and save a screenshot of the entire screen, press the Windows key + the Print Screen key. Your screen will temporarily dim to indicate that a screenshot has been taken, and you will save the captured image to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

Hold down the Windows key and click the Print Screen button to print the current screen. Now, run Explorer (Windows key + e) and navigate to the Pictures folder on your computer by clicking Pictures in the left pane. Here, open the Screenshots folder to locate your screenshot, which is named Screenshot.


After reading this article on How to Screenshot on Sony Vaio Laptop? you should be skillful in taking a screenshot on your Sony Vaio laptop. A professional application, such as Free Screenshot Software that integrates attractive features for taking, editing, and sharing, will be the obvious choice.

However, as I discuss numerous approaches with you, choose the easiest one to remember and use.

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