How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop? 3 Easy Methods

Gateway laptops are available in a broad variety of models and performance levels. The configuration and characteristics of each model are unique. Each Gateway laptop has the same keyboard or one that is quite similar. It’s common for laptops to snap a screenshot by combining the “CTRL” and “PrtScn” keys. 

On a Gateway laptop, the process is slightly different. Now we will talk about all steps of How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop?

What Is Their Purpose?

You can’t pick anyone in terms of what gateway laptops are used for and what they excel at. Because you can type a lot, play games with your friends, and do video editing on them, making them ideal for workplace use.

You can’t argue these computers aren’t good because they are! Even if Acer has taken them over, you can still see that it has dominated the market more than Apple’s brand. So, while we’re on the subject of their versatility, I thought I’d post How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop?

How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop?

How to take a screenshot on a Gateway desktop

The majority of new laptops sold by Gateway come preinstalled with Windows 10. Additionally, if you own an older version, it will still come packaged with the Windows operating system even if it was released later. 

That implies that if you are familiar with taking a screenshot on Windows, you will also be able to do so on the computer you have from Gateway. There are several ways to snap screenshots on Gateway, which is fortunate for you. Here, we’ll outline a handful of those techniques.

After reading this guide, you should already know how to take screenshots on your Gateway. 

Here we Go…

Method#1 Techniques for Making Print Screens:

The most common method is the first one. Third-party software isn’t required for this approach. Instead, Windows comes equipped with everything you’ll need to use this technique. The ‘Print Screen’ shortcut technique of getting screenshots is what we’re discussing.

Keep in mind that the entire screen is captured using this recording method. It’s impossible to snapshot a portion of the screen; you’ll have to crop it afterwards. To further understand this procedure, let’s dig a little deeper.

Step#1 Navigate the Page:

As a result, navigate to the page from which you wish to capture an image with your browser. Then, press your keyboard’s Print Screen button. This key is sometimes mentioned as the PrtScn or PS key on some keyboards. 

Step#2 Now Pressing ‘Snap’:

You can take a screenshot of the page or screen you’re now on by pressing the ‘Snap’ button on your keyboard.

Step#3 Open Paint on your Gateway:

The screenshot is now being saved to the clipboard. Consequently, it’s simply pasting it into an image editor. Open Paint or Paint 3D on your Gateway PC to get started. Can now paste the screenshot by hitting CTRL+V at the same time. Also, you can manually press the “Paste” button in the Paint app’s upper left corner.

Step#5 Resize or Crop the Image:

You can now make changes to the screenshot. You can, for example, resize or crop the image or add text to it. The next step is to save the image to your preferred location. Click on the File menu in the Paint app’s upper-left corner to access this feature.

Step#6 Click on the “Save as” Button:

To save the file, click on the “Save as” button. When doing this, a menu will display several alternatives; select ‘JPEG’ from the list. To save the screenshot, you can select a location for the file. 

Step#7 Click to Save:

Will save the snapshot once you click the Save button in the Windows Explorer window.

Step#8 Using Application For Saving Screenshot:

In the folder in which you have kept the screenshot, look for it. If you’re using Windows 7, the ‘CTRL + Print Screen’ keyboard shortcut will work just as well. To save the screenshot, you’ll need to use applications like Paint or Paint 3D, such as Photoshop.

Method#2 Using the Lightshow Application to Take a Screenshot:

Use the Lightshots programme on your laptop to take a screenshot if nothing else works. Useful for taking screenshots, this app is a must-have. Capturing, editing, and sharing screenshots are all made simple with the free LightShot software available for Mac, Chrome, and Windows users.


LightShot should now be open.


Take a picture by dragging the mouse over the area you want to record.


Then, on your Gateway laptop, copy and save the image. Before committing the image, make any necessary edits.

Method#3 Third-party Applications:

Third-party screenshot tools have probably been mentioned a lot. Snagit, Faststone capture, and Screenshot capture are among the best. Now that we’ve established that Snagit is the ideal tool for us, I’d like to discuss it with you.

Download and install Snagit from the link. Using it for 10 to 15 days will familiarize you with its functions. Using Snagit, you can now take your first screenshot.


The first step is to ensure that the screen you wish to photograph is set up.


Next, click the all-in-one tab on the capture window’s capture button and click “capture.” Pressing the print screen or ctrl and shift and C can also be used.


The screen will now display orange crosshairs. As a result, click and stage them on the screen to capture the specific areas of interest. To take a screenshot on Gateway laptop, follow these steps. You’ll notice an all-bar tool on your network when you open the programme. 


To take a screenshot of the screen, use the image capture button. To record a video, use the video capture button. Can active Panoramic mode by clicking on the option.


It is  How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop, and you can use similar tools or third-party applications like Snagit to take screenshots on Gateway computers and modify them. You may also use the Snagit editor to alter screenshots that you’ve already taken.

Video Guide:

How to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop Windows 10?

When using a Gateway laptop, use the windows+prtsc option in the upper right corner of the screen.

The game bar appears when you hit the Windows+G option, and you can now use the camera in the game bar to snap a screenshot and store it in the system on the gateway laptop.

To change the screenshot, you must use the editing option in Paint. A built-in painting option means you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

FAQs – How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop?

Why Is My Screenshot Not Working on Windows 10?

Check the Keyboard to see if there is an F Mode or F Lock Key. It’s possible that the Print Screen not working Windows 10 issue is caused by the presence of an F Mode or F Lock key on your keyboard, as these keys can deactivate the screencast key. If this is the ins, press the F Mode or F Lock key once more to re-enable the Print Screen key.

How Do You Take a Screenshot on Windows 7 Without a Snipping Tool?

Use your keyboard’s Alt + Print Screen shortcuts to take screenshots of the currently selected window. The screenshot is copied to the clipboard by the operating system.

Why Is the Screenshot Shortcut Not Working?

Check the Keyboard to see if there is an F Mode or F Lock Key. It’s possible that the Print Screen not working Windows 10 issue is caused by the presence of an F Mode or F Lock key on your keyboard, as these keys can deactivate the Print Screen key. If this is the instance, press the F Mode or F Lock key once more to re-enable the Print Screen key.

How execute I Turn on the PrtScn Button on My Laptop?

You can detect the Print Screen key on your computer’s keyboard. The “PrtScn” abbreviation is commonly found in the upper-right corner, above the “SysRq” button. While holding down the Windows button, simultaneously press PrtScn. I will take a snapshot of the current screen with this command.

Why Can’t I Take Screenshots on My Laptop?

The Function (Fn) key is positioned near the Windows key and may be found on most keyboards. You can test this shortcut by pressing the Fn and Print Screen keys simultaneously to check whether it works. Another option is to use the keyboard shortcuts Fn + Windows key + Print Screen.


Now you know all about How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop? Following the abovementioned procedures, you can now take a screenshot on your Gateway laptop. For now, you can use a 3rd party app or keyboard shortcuts, depending on your preferences.

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