How to Replace Charging Port on Asus Laptop? Easy Guide

This article will show you How to Replace Charging Port on Asus Laptop if yours has stopped working. Check out this instruction before taking harsh measures, like buying a new battery or replacing the charging device, and see if you can fix the problem.

This article will assist you in identifying the problem and determining the best course of action.

How to Determine the Issue?

Ahead of anything else, you need to figure out what’s causing the malfunctioning charging port to malfunction. Faulty batteries, damaged power adapters, and shorted cables are the most common causes of laptops that won’t charge.

Must use a multimeter to confirm that the charger is producing the correct voltage. If the charger is functioning correctly, then the issue is most likely with the laptop’s battery. The battery will most likely require to be restored if this is the case.

You can fix Power adapter issues by using option one below if they aren’t working correctly. If the adapter doesn’t power, it could have bad cabling. Second, we dig deeper into the issue of faulty cabling and how to quickly and economically fix it.

What to Do if the Adapter Is Faulty?

Connecting to the mains through a connector, the adaptor converts AC into DC. Should handle this electrical equipment with extreme caution as a result. Get a new charger, which is usually readily accessible at laptop repair shops, or have an electrician fix it if you can’t take the appropriate precautions.

You can resolve the adapter yourself if you take the actual measures and understand how electrical circuits function. Shut off the charger from the wall outlet and turn it off.

Most laptop power adapters are encased in a plastic container with a super adhesive. Pry opens the two plastics by placing them on a hard surface and using a lot of force. The seal can be broken by inserting a thin, sharp knife or screwdriver between the two plastic components. Carefully remove the charger’s internal components after it has been separated.

The motherboard, which contains transistors and capacitors, is visible inside. Swollen or ruptured capacitors are a sure sign of a lousy adaptor. Replacement of the damaged capacitor with a new one is all that is required to fix this now minor problem.

To make sure the cables are not broken, use a voltmeter to check their continuity. When the adapter is plugged into an AC outlet, avoid touching the PCB board at all costs. At this point, if the DC cable outlet has a problem, you can replace it entirely.

The laptop’s battery will not charge if the DC outlets for the positive and negative currents are switched.

Asus Laptop Charger Port Repair Cost

Whether you want to fix it yourself or take it to the shop to get it fixed is up to you. Depending on your location, most repair businesses will charge you anything from $75 to $150 for the service. That price takes into account both the labor hours and the new components.

The cost of the input port might range anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on your laptop type. If you have experience repairing laptops, you can purchase the necessary components and attempt to put them back together on your own.

You might also go to a store and have the parts fixed after purchasing them and bringing them there. If you buy the parts directly, you can save money instead of going through a third party.

In the following section of this post, I will present a brief tutorial, but if you search YouTube, you will find many additional videos. If you want to maintain your laptop and do not have any previous experience mending computers, then I would suggest you not attempt to fix it yourself.

In particular, if the charging port is located on the laptop’s left side, it will be directly linked to the motherboard, which could result in the motherboard becoming damaged.

BrandAverage Port Cost
Technician Cost

How to Replace Charging Port on Asus Laptop?

How to charge ASUS laptop without charger

Must replace the AC power input jack within the laptop to correct a loose charging port. Make sure the charging port is the problem before taking any action. The motherboard or the charging cord can have a loose connection.

The port may become faulty if you regularly squeeze the charger into it. Also, if you are confident that the charging port is defective, try the methods listed below to see if it helps.


The basic step is to find out the laptop’s SKU number so that you can quickly locate the service manual.


The lid can now be removed by undoing all of the screws.


Then disconnect your laptop’s keyboard from the rest of the device and remove all the wires and cables from the motherboard’s side. Slide the optical drive out of the way as well.


Flip the laptop over and remove any remaining screws keeping the shell in place after taking out the optical drive.


Open the laptop’s top and bottom shells using a thin yet sturdy device like a credit card.


Can carefully peel the bottom shell away.


Pay attention to the left laptop hinge because you’ll be opening the lid in a direction different from the one that points at the motherboard.


Remove the motherboard’s AC power input jack. Find the part number by inspecting thoroughly.


Ordering a new part will be a lot easier now. Your laptop is now ready to use again. Charge your laptop’s battery with an AC adapter before starting it up.

Video Guide:

How to Deal With Cables That Have Been Broken?

In the end, the cable attached to your laptop’s charger will become damaged. If something like that occurs, you won’t necessarily need to go out and get a new one. Several laptop adapters have LED lights that indicate that the device is receiving power.

If your adapter has such a mechanism and it lights up when the power is connected to the power supply, then the DC output cord may be the source of the issue.

The following are some quick fixes for cables that have become damaged:


A voltmeter can check the AC power cable for no output voltage if the adaptor does not brighten. If the electricity isn’t coming from the AC cord, you’ll know right away what’s wrong.

A blown a fuse, a faulty plug, or a chipped drill bit could be the source of the issue. We can resolve the problem above by changing the primary AC cord (they are cheap).


The adaptor or the DC outlet is more likely to blame if the AC cable functions correctly. The laptop charger can only be broken from the inside if you switch or place them in a specific corner. It is a clear indication of malfunctioning outlet cables.


HP laptops have L-connectors, which are less vulnerable to damage. Other manufacturers, such as Dell, require more durable cables. The length of the line connecting the power adapter to the laptop eventually fails regardless of the type. The mobile PC is to blame.


If the output cable or connection breaks when the DC power cord is wiggled or placed in a specific way to charge the laptop, it is likely the wrong product. The DC output cable is much easier to fix out of the two.


Once you’ve identified the problematic area, cut the thread, and don’t sweat the shock. The surprise will avoid only the laptop’s RF interference. Therefore it’s a reasonable compromise.


After that, carefully sheathe the two strings’ outer plastic layer with a thread length equal to around an inch. To get the best results, you can use solder, braid, or connectors to connect your wires to those of your competitors. 


Ensure you don’t touch the attached wires with tape so the link doesn’t get shorted out. Only the port or DC cable needs to be replaced if the problem is caused by a broken pin or a line too close to the connector.

Important Point: 

A long-term dust accumulation in the charging port can lead to this issue. Try cleaning it up on your own, or bring it into a shop for service.

How to Charge Asus Laptop Without Charger?

You must find yourself in a situation where you have no electricity, and your laptop is close to dying? It’s not the end of the planet if you know how to charge it. Various ways might work, such as using a power bank, having an extra piece of laptop battery, and more.

I’m sure that one of these methods will assist you! So, let’s get into this.

Method#1 Invest in a Power Bank:

Can now recharge Laptops without chargers most straightforwardly and conveniently possible. Portable power supplies for your laptop are known as power banks. Connect the power bank to your computer, and it will begin charging automatically.

The colors and shapes of power banks are endless. As a result, they all have different charging capacities built in. Recharging your battery more than once is possible with most power banks. It is essential if you’re trying to power up a powerful laptop.

In addition, it must recharge power banks. Charging your laptop with your power bank will become impossible after running out of juice. As a result, I recommend keeping a fully charged power bank in your bag so that you may use it whenever you need to leave the house without worrying about charging your laptop.

You should, however, make sure you use a power bank specifically designed for laptops, as those in the market only offer 5V USB output. High voltage outputs of 16V-20V are required for Laptops, depending on your device specifications.

Method#2 Using a USB Type-c Port to Power Your Laptop:

You will need a power bank and a USB Type-C connector to use this charging technique. It would help if you corked your laptop into the power bank’s Type-C USB port.

Laptops are often powered by eight to twelve volts, whereas most USB ports are limited to five volts. You’ll need a laptop-compatible power bank if you need to use your laptop while it charges.

Method#3 Battery Power From a Car:

If you travel a lot, you won’t Everytime have access to a wall outlet to power your laptop. If you don’t have a traditional wall outlet, conventional chargers won’t function. There is a reasonable risk that you May use your automobile battery to charge your laptop.

Using a power inverter to charge your laptop without a charger is widespread. Inverters plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. They can power 300-watt gadgets, plenty for your computer.

This technique requires a big device on the car’s floor. This option is still important because it’s straightforward to implement. Laptops lack a built-in voltage regulator, which complicates this method.

Most car-use electronics include built-in voltage regulators that alter battery voltage. However, computers’ AC adaptors regulate power, so charging your automobile with your car battery can be problematic. Can use AC adapters to set a laptop from a car battery. It would assist if you connected a USB Type-A and Type-C connector. Then, click the USB charger on your computer.

FAQs – How to Replace Charging Port on Asus Laptop?

Can Asus Run Without Battery?

First, make sure you’re using the laptop’s original power adapter. The battery can operate as a UPS to protect the laptop’s motherboard from damage caused by fluctuations in power.

Can We Charge Laptop Battery Directly?

The power bank may be attached to the USB-C port, and your battery will begin charging immediately. It’s Convenient and safe way to remove the battery from a laptop. The only way to set older computers using a power bank is to use a power adapter.

What Happens When Laptop Battery Dies?

When your laptop’s battery dies, you won’t have a chance to save your work since your computer will shut off without warning. In time, laptop batteries degrade, and the battery life when you first purchased the laptop diminishes.


Do you want to know How to Replace Charging Port on Asus Laptop? The cord, adapter, and outlet are part of the laptop charger. To find the fundamental cause of any problem, follow the same sequence of steps.

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