How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard Easy Guide

Before removing the key, most individuals will have to clean it and its area. When food or drink spills on the keyboard, it’s often essential to wipe under the key. The sticky material on your Spacebar may need to be removed from time to time.

Detaching the keys from the keyboard is easy, but reinstalling it is a different story. Let me show you How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard?

The function of Space Bar in Laptop Keyboard 

The space bar is a long horizontal key on the keyboard’s lower edge. It is always the keyboard’s most prominent and longest key. When the spacebar key is pushed, a space known as a space character or whitespace is created. 

This space character or whitespace helps separate words and other characters in a sentence. For instance, if this paragraph contained no spaces, the entire text would be condensed and extremely difficult to read.

How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard?

How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard

The following steps will help you in completing the process: How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard? 

Step 1: Disconnect the Keyboard and Any Other Accessories From the Mains

Maintain a comfortable working distance between yourself and the keyboard. Removing the larger keys, such as the Spacebar, can prove to be one of the most challenging chores, and you’ll want to go cautiously. The Spacebar and similar larger keys are equipped with stabilisers, which are more difficult to remove than standard keys.

Step 2: Remove the Keycap by Using Keycaps on Both Sides

When removing the Spacebar’s keycaps, two keycap pullers will be required. At each end of the Spacebar, you will insert a keycap puller. Ascertain that the keycap puller’s wires are correctly positioned and adjusted on both ends to provide a secure hold on the keycap.

If you lack two keycap pullers, you can use one and adapt the other with a paperclip. It can also make it into an effective keycap puller; however, using it properly may require some experience.

Step 3: Convert a Paperclip into a Keycap Puller

It would be best if you now unfolded the paper clip. We will need three paper clips. Two will comprise the keycap puller’s body, while the third will connect the two clips. To begin, we must straighten each of the three clips. With the two clips, create two puller body segments. 

Two identical 90-degree bends are required. Rep with the remaining footage. Ascertain that both are identical in size. At the outer end, make tiny 90 degree bends. These can be used as handles for your puller. It would help to wrap all of these pieces in a single piece. Can overlap Two bent clips to create a stack.

Step 4: Slowly Remove the Keycap

Gently pull the keycap with both pullers. Assemble the keycaps at both ends simultaneously. On a mechanical keyboard, the keycaps are generally kept in place by the three cross-shaped pegs on the switches and the three cross-shaped slots on the keycap’s underside.

That concludes the discussion. You should be able to peel the keycap off the Spacebar and then remove or clean the switch, depending on your intended use. However, dealing with the larger keys such as the Spacebar and Shift key requires greater caution than working with the other keys. 

The space bar may include a spring bar beneath the keycap to ensure the critical switch and keycap remain stable. A jerky movement can result in spring bar damage. Additionally, it may cause damage to the connection joints.

The procedures outlined above should assist you in determining how to remove larger keys from a mechanical keyboard. Apart from the Spacebar, which is the most important key on the keyboard, the preceding procedure will assist you in removing Caps Lock, Enter, the Plus icon, Shift, and Backspace. 

Additionally, your keyboard may contain a few larger keys, and the recommendations in this section may be helpful in this case.

How to Restore a Keyboard’s Spacebar?

As with removing the larger keys such as the Spacebar, reintroducing them may require some careful consideration. You must pay great attention to the springs and avoid causing any damage to them.

Indeed, it should be pretty straightforward to install the keycaps on the bare key switches. However, while using larger keys, you may need to exercise caution to avoid destroying any components. It’s best to install the support stems first and then position them with the switch holes. Verify that the spring is centred. It prevents an incorrectly positioned keycap from occurring.

FAQs – How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard?

Is It Safe to Remove Keys From Laptop Keyboards?

While removing your laptop keys is doable, it should do it sparingly to avoid the keys malfunctioning. However, if something is spilt on the laptop, it may be required to remove part or all of the keys to clean beneath them.

How Do You Clean Under a Spacebar?

With cotton swabs, clean the area surrounding the space bar. Roll the swab tip between your fingers to create a thin enough swab to fit around and beneath the key. Avoid using water on your keyboard since it may corrode the connection between the keys and the computer once the keyboard is connected.

Why Is the Spacebar So Long?

Its primary function is to quickly enter a gap, for example, between sentences when typing. A shared space bar key is large enough to be used with either thumb and nearly always located on the bottom row of standard keyboard layouts.

Is There Another Key for Spacebar?

As an alternative, you might add a second Space Bar to the Right Ctrl key (you may have as many as you like), or you could utilise both Ctrl keys as Space Bars and make the Spacebar a Ctrl key.


How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard? is rather basic and straightforward, but there are a few necessary safety precautions to keep in mind. Due to the stabilisers, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution when handling more noticeable keyboards.

If these tips assist you in locating the best accessible alternatives for using the Spacebar on a laptop keyboard, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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