How to Remove Laptop Case? Easy Guide

A vital computer invention is laptops. However, despite their many advantages, laptops still have a few downsides. If a computer’s owner sends it to a professional for repair, he is likely to pay a substantial sum to fix any problem, significant or minor. Today we talked about How to Remove Laptop Case?

There is a possibility that you will experience some difficulty whenever you attempt to put on or remove the case of your Laptop.

It can be a rather tight fit due to how they fit. However, this is done so that shockwaves will not damage your MacBook if you drop it, ensuring it stays in place. 

How to Remove Laptop Case?

How to Remove Laptop Cover | HP?

Before you Begin, Follow the below steps:


Have a screwdriver with a Phillips’s head and a prying tool that isn’t made of metal. Put the computer into sleep mode. 


Remove the Ethernet or modem cable from its connector. Remove the plug from the power source.


Move the computer to a clear, flat, and stable work area that is situated above a floor that does not have carpeting.


When working on a computer, HP suggests using a conductive foam pad and an anti-static wrist band to prevent the buildup of static electricity.


It is essential to wait until you are ready to install a component before taking it out of its protective packing.

Warning: Before beginning, ensure the computer is turned off and wait for the components to cool down. Only then should you begin these processes.

Caution: This product has components susceptible to damage when an electrostatic discharge is applied to them (ESD). Work on a surface that is not carpeted, use a static dissipative work surface (such as a conductive foam pad), and wear an ESD wrist strap attached to a grounded surface to lessen the likelihood of electrostatic discharge damage.

Removing Steps:

To remove the top cover, proceed through the instructions outlined in this section.


Take the battery out of the device. Put the optical drive away. Loosen the two captive Phillips-head screws to remove the service cover from the base enclosure. The service cover is attached to the base enclosure by two Phillips-head screws. 


Remove the service cover from the base enclosure by first releasing the retention tabs securing it there. Take off the corner covers on the back. The two rubber feet attached to the back corners on the notebook’s underside need to be pried up.


To remove the corner covers, unscrew the Phillips-head screws holding each one to the enclosure’s bottom plate. Remove the corner covers by carefully lifting them and releasing the tabs that hold them to the enclosure’s base. 


Remove the eleven Phillips-head screws that hold the top cover in place on the base enclosure of the computer. Remove the top cover’s Phillips-head screw from the enclosure’s base by removing the screw in the optical drive bay. 


Open the display panel by flipping the machine over. Separate the top cover from the enclosure by carefully prying it apart from the edges. 


You can access the touchpad ZIF connector on the system board by gently lifting the front edge of the top cover.


Lift the ZIF connector locking bar with minimal force. Disconnect the touchpad cord from the system board. Connect the keyboard ribbon cable. Lift the keyboard ZIF connector locking bar gently. 


Disconnect the keyboard ribbon wire from the motherboard. Lift the ZIF connector locking bar with minimal force. Disconnect the system board’s power button ribbon cable. Top cover off.

How to remove cover from MacBook Pro?

how to remove laptop cover  hp

Start at a corner when removing the hard case from a Macbook. Using a credit card or other flat and firm object, you may remove the rest of the corner.


The first step in removing a MacBook hardcover is opening up your MacBook, which is one of the easiest methods.


It is recommended that you place your thumbs approximately one inch apart on either side of the touchpad.


When you apply sustained pressure, the case will separate just enough so that you can slide your thumbs under it.


After you shut down your MacBook, remove the lower portion of the case.


Using a credit card is one of the most straightforward techniques available for removing the top part of the hard case that covers your MacBook.


Keeping your MacBook closed, take a credit card and work it under one of the corners on the bottom of your case. Do this while keeping your MacBook closed.


Should move the credit card along with it after that. Your cover must be easy to remove, requiring little to no effort.

Important Point:

Take your time, and don’t try to speed up the procedure. You run the risk of harming the case of your MacBook if you attempt to remove the case by merely pulling on the corners you have lifted.

How to Remove Rubber or Silicone Cases?

Silicone skins, which are also referred to as casings, are far simpler to remove. When it comes to these kinds of MacBook cases, removing the tough edges is as simple as using your fingers to pop them off if they are constructed from a more durable silicone material.

After that, Can move the gel lining with little effort; if the container does not have any sharp edges, then all that needs to be done is to stretch the material.

As soon as you get a couple of fingers under it, you can easily remove the case by pulling it off from the top and the bottom.

FAQs – How to Remove Laptop Case?

What Type of Screwdriver Do I Need to Open a MacBook Pro?

Precision Penta lobe Screwdriver with 1.2mm Head Size for MacBook Air and Pro Retina Laptop Opening Repair Tools.

How Do I Remove the Back Cover of My MacBook Pro 2020?

Pull the lower case firmly towards the front of the MacBook (away from the hinge area) to release the last of the clips securing the lower case. It might be helpful to start by pulling on one corner and then switch to the other. Instead of pulling up, pull to the side. It may demand a lot of force.

Can a Laptop Outer Body Be Changed?

If the body of your laptop becomes damaged, you may buy replacement parts for it and install them on your allow or have them located at a local service center. You can identify the body of your laptop on any online site that caters to any version. HP, Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Sony Vaio, or HCL; alternatively, check with a neighborhood store.

How Do You Fix a Plastic Laptop Case?

When dealing with minor cracks, you should push the plastic together as closely as possible and then use regular super glue to fill the gap. First, count to one hundred before removing the plastic, and then wait several minutes for the adhesive to cure before moving the case entirely.


Now, you know all about How to Remove Laptop Case? After reading the above Guide. If you are confused, you can ask me through the comments box. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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