How to Remove Keyboard From Dell Laptop Easy Guide

This post will explain How to Remove Keyboard From Dell laptops? First, it will outline the tasks that must complete before proceeding and the tools required to replace the keyboard. 

Following that, it will lead you through the process of removing your current keyboard and installing the replacement keyboard you received. Thirdly, it may be essential to return the keyboard to Dell; instructions are supplied. Finally, we’ve included some more resources if you have any additional queries.

Before Beginning

  • Always ensure that all data adequately backed up before installing or removing any devices.
  • Disconnect all telephone, network, video, and USB cables from the computer.
  • Undock the system if it is docking.
  • Unplug the system’s AC adapter.
  • Eliminate the system’s battery.
  • For 5 seconds, force and hold the power button to drain the system’s remaining power completely.

How to Remove Keyboard From Dell Laptop?

Now we will talk about How to Remove Keyboard From Dell Laptop?

Eliminate the Battery

  • Reverse the laptop.
  • To unlock the battery, slide the latches toward the outside of the Laptop.
  • Remove the laptop’s battery.

Eliminate the Keyboard

  • Reverse the laptop’s orientation.
  • Depress the locking tabs that secure the keyboard in place with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Pry the keyboard away from the laptop with a spudger, allowing access with your hands.
  • Eradicate the keyboard from the laptop body using your hands, leaving only the connecting cord that connects the keyboard to the laptop.

Unplug the Keyboard Cable

  • To detach the keyboard, locate the locking mechanism for the keyboard cord.
  • Gently pull up to unlock the locking mechanism.
  • Disconnect the keyboard cord from the interface to detach it from the laptop.

How to Repair the Keys on a Dell Laptop?

Dell laptop keys are notoriously tricky to operate with. However, You can resolve many issues at home. Because most expert repairs require replacing the entire keyboard, it’s worthwhile to spend a few moments identifying suitable alternatives. 

If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your laptop, contact Dell customer care to inquire about a possible free or discounted repair.

Restoring a Broken Key

  • Power Down Your Laptop 

Additionally, unplug it. While repairing a keyboard is not harmful, it is always prudent to follow these measures when repairing a Laptop.

  • Eliminate the key Cap

The majority of loose keys should quickly disengage from the retaining clip with just moderate wiggling. Lever out the critical cap from the corners using a flat head screwdriver if necessary.

Perform a visual inspection of the key’s attachment locations. The critical cap’s base should contain up to four connection points for attaching the key to the keyboard underneath. Keep an eye out for any indications of a ruptured attachment.

Depending on what you observe, go to one of the stages below. If in doubt, gently lever out each corner of a working key of the same size using a screwdriver. Contrast the two keys’ attachment places.

  • Replace a Broken Key Cap With a New One

If the attachment points are damaged, you will want a replacement key. Purchase one online, ensuring that it is compatible with your laptop’s model and position of the attachment points. 

To install the new key, hook one attachment point onto the keyboard and rub your finger across the key until two loud snaps are heading, one at each end of the key.

Alternatively, remove a similar-sized key that you use infrequently. Replace it in the previous key’s location.

  • On Large Keys, Secure the Metal Bar

A metal bar holds the spacebar and shifts keys flat. If this bar is not flat, it may need to reattach to the keyboard’s small plastic hooks. The bar should run down the key’s lower end, with the bar’s short arms flowing up both sides and onto the hooks. Once the bar is reattached, cover it with the critical cap and test it.

Once the bar is out of alignment, it frequently develops minor issues or creates a propensity to go out of alignment again. Consider purchasing a replacement laptop keyboard or getting your laptop fixed at a computer repair store.

If you’re replacing one of these keys, the replacement will include its bar. To begin, carefully lever upward on the old bar using a flat screwdriver.

  • Check for Further Issues

Loose keys are nearly always the result of damage to the keycap or metal bar on larger keys. If you’re confident that the keycap is in good shape, continue reading the section below on stuck keys. It protects against damage caused by spills, broken retention clips, or a damaged membrane.

How Do You Clean the Keyboard on Your Laptop?

It will only take a few minutes of your day, and your keyboard will appear brand new.

What to do is as follows.

Turn It Off

Before you begin, shut down your computer. You don’t want to hit a hotkey combination by accident and cause havoc. Additionally, unplug it to eliminate the chance of shorting something if any moisture gets inside. Further, ensure that you have a backup of anything crucial if something goes tragically wrong. (Of course, this is good practice regardless of whether you’re cleaning your keyboard.)

Remove Crumbs

Turn your laptop upside-down and allow any large crumbs, dust, or other debris to fall out. Gently tap the chassis’s bottom to dislodge any recalcitrant particles. Additionally, you can push cleaning slime between your keys, which adheres to and collects debris.

Dell laptop keyboard functions

If that does not altogether remove everything, vacuum the keyboard. Utilize a small attachment and the lowest power level possible. (The last thing you desire is for one of your keycaps to be sucked up.) Even better if you own a little portable vacuum.

Additionally, it can use compressed air. Spray the air in a zigzag manner to ensure that you reach all nooks and crannies and to ensure that you cover all sides of each key. If you do not have light air on hand, you can use another air-blowing instrument (such as a blow dryer). Avoid spraying air directly beneath the keycaps; this may cause damage to the sensitive electronics.

If you’ve followed all of these steps and still have gunk under your keys, you may need to pop them off. It may be possible to turn on the model of your laptop. In some instances, this will be impossible without damaging the keys, and you should see a specialist. If you need to remove your keycaps, check the model of your laptop and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Disinfect and Eliminate Studs

Following that, clean the keyboard’s surface to remove germs, smudges, and stains. To begin, sanitise everything using a disinfectant wipe. Avoid using bleach-containing wipes. If you do not have wipes, a gentle cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol will suffice. Wipe the keycaps and the regions between them one at a time to ensure you get every location.

You want to avoid getting any liquid under the keys; therefore, avoid using any damp cloth. Before using your wipes, rinse them out if necessary. Avoid directly spraying water or any other cleaning substance on the keyboard.

Following that, wipe everything down with a moist cloth (again: damp, not dripping). In an ideal world, you’d use a microfiber cloth. If you don’t have one, any fabric will suffice. Avoid using anything abrasive, such as a paper towel that could scratch the keys.

Finally, use another soft cloth to dry the spot. There you have it completely clean.

FAQs – How to Remove Keyboard From Dell Laptop?

How Do You Detach a Key From a Keyboard?

To delete a standard keyboard key, begin by pressing down on the key immediately preceding the one you wish to delete. As illustrated in the illustration, insert a flat object beneath the key, such as a small flathead screwdriver or a car key. Once the flat object is positioned beneath the key, twist or press down until the key pops off.

How Do I Clean Under My Laptop Keyboard?

Tear an inch of tape in half, with the non-sticky sides facing each other and the sticky sides facing outward. Rub the tape along the borders of the keys a few times. Remove the tape and brace yourself for revulsion. Continue cleaning your keys until all of them are clean.

Why Is My Laptop Keyboard Not Typing?

If the keyboard on your laptop is not operating correctly, the first step is to update the driver. Expand the list of devices until you see Keyboards. Select Driver > Properties. Click “Update Driver” and wait for Windows to do a driver scan.


I hope you know all about How to Remove Keyboard From Dell Laptop? To detach the keyboard, locate the keyboard cord’s locking mechanism. Gently pull up on the locking mechanism to unlock it. To separate the keyboard from the laptop, disconnect it from the interface. 

By following the steps above, you may resolve your laptop keyboard issue. If you have any questions, please use the comment box to contact me.

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