How to Remove Hard Drive From Acer Laptop? Easy Guide

When an Acer hard drive fails, most consumers remove it from the laptop and submit it to a data recovery center. To confirm that the OS is booted, the new drive-clone must be tested in the lab.

Acer laptops have hard drives that need to be removed. Your hard drive will be tucked away behind the computer’s little bottom cover if you’re lucky. All Acer 9300/7000 Series, TravelMate 8210/8200 Series, and Ferrari 3400 laptops are compatible with it.

It isn’t the case with all Acer computers, either. Disassembling most new ACER laptops is the only way to get at the disc. An Acer laptop model’s driving removal processes are shown in the following article.

However, this article shows How to Remove Hard Drive From Acer Laptop in a nutshell. Just the right screwdriver, a plastic (preferably) sharp tip, and a few helpful tips are needed now for quick and easy drive removal.

Some Common Acer laptop Hard Drive Problems

#1) The BIOS Does Not Recognize the Drive

If your Acer laptop’s internal hard drive isn’t showing up in System Setup, it could be because it has been disabled. The System BIOS or CMOS Setup is another name for it. As a result, you should ensure it’s turned on under System Setup.

The BIOS of some motherboards is set to disable the ports that are not in use. A look into the System BIOS will reveal the truth. System BIOS can be accessed in various ways depending on the manufacturer. If you have an Acer or a Dell computer, you can enter the System BIOS using the F2 key.

#2) The Driver That’s Out of Date or Damaged

You will not recognize the Acer hard drive if your driver is out-of-date or damaged. Because of this, you should check the driver in the Device Manager.

#3) Unplugged or Defective Data Cable

You should check the connections between your Acer laptop’s hard drive and motherboard. Be wary of cables that appear normal from the outside, as they might cause wires to break within the insulation if they are folded, creased, or crimped.

The BIOS will not identify the Acer laptop hard disk if the data cable is damaged or the connection is incorrect. It is not uncommon for serial ATA cables to come unplugged. Verify that your SATA cables are securely attached to the port connection by visually inspecting them. Replace the cable you want to test with another one.

How to Remove Hard Drive From Acer Laptop?

How to Remove Hard Drive From Acer Laptop

Remember that after removing the drive, you should carefully inspect it and save any attached Things.

  • SATA
  • MicroSATA
  • mSATA adapters
  • Connectors
  • Brackets and mounting screws

Or other items that are not strictly part of the drive. They are not required for the data recovery process but must retain the replacement drive installation.

  • First; Remove the battery from the laptop and turn it off.
  • Remove the keyboard by removing the two screws that secure it.
  • Two locking clamps beneath the battery secure the keyboard. To disengage the keyboard, use the sharp tip of a plastic tool.
  • Disconnect the keyboard’s four flexible cables:
    1. Cable for the keyboard.
    2. Cable for the keyboard light.
    3. Cable for the power-on button.
    4. Cable for the touchpad.

You must also remove four screws to disconnect the Power-On button and Touch-pad cables. Remove 18 screws from the bottom cover of the laptop and any memory SD Card from the Card reader by flipping it over (from the bottom of the computer).

Now, using the plastic opening tool, begin opening the upper cover. Raise the drive approximately 30 or 45 degrees and withdraw it.

Why is it Not a Fine Idea to Remove the Hard Drive From a Laptop?

One should not attempt to remove the hard disc drive from a laptop without the necessary tools and equipment. Typically, residential users cannot access these tools. As a result, the likelihood of computer or hard drive damages is significant. Once a hard drive has hurt, the data saved on it may be gone for good.

#1) Laptops Are Compact Machines

Replacing the hard drive on a laptop is far more complex than replacing the hard disc on a desktop due to the computer’s tiny and densely packed nature. Additionally, these components are delicate, and even a small amount of additional strain might cause damage to the rigid drive connector or any other part of the laptop. As a result, caution and foresight require.

You should contact your laptop maker for proper guidance on removing the hard disc from the notebook.

#2) Voids Warranty

In most circumstances, disassembling a laptop voids the manufacturer’s warranty. There are, however, some manufacturer-specific exceptions for specific laptop models. As a result, consult your laptop’s maker before disassembly. Additionally, they may aid you with updating or replacing your laptop’s hard disc.

#3) Static Charge

Never remove a working hard drive. If you choose to proceed, make definite to touch a grounded metal object first before connecting your laptop’s internal components with your bare hands. 

It helps prevent static charge transmission to your laptop’s delicate electronic components, including the hard drive. If the fixed amount is transferring, it can damage your laptop’s motherboard or hard drive, resulting in permanent data loss.

FAQs – How to Remove Hard Drive From Acer Laptop?

Does Removing Hard Drive Remove All Data?

No, removing the hard disc will not result in any data loss. You can reconnect the disc to another computer, and it will retain all of its contents. It is why the term “storage device” is used.

Should I Destroy Hard Drives Before Recycling?

Before recycling an old computer, ensure that your passwords, credit card numbers, and other private information are not accessible to identity thieves. As such, it is critical to remove and destroy your hard drive before recycling or donating your computer, but this is not as simple as slamming it with a hammer.

Will Soaking a Hard Drive in Bleach Destroy It?

No, in a nutshell. While bleach, like any other liquid, can cause damage to the hard drive, it does not affect the data contained on the disc. Additionally, bleach does not remove magnetic patterns or harm the hard drive’s glass or metal.


Now, you know all about How to Remove Hard Drive From Acer Laptop? Remove the hard drive from a laptop safely only if you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment; otherwise, you risk data loss or permanent damage to your laptop’s motherboard.

As a result, it’s critical to exercise extreme caution when attempting to repair, remove, or upgrade the hardware on your laptop.

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