How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Yoga Laptop? 2 Useful Methods

You will be delighted to know that it is feasible to do so regardless of whether the battery is located outside or internally in the laptop. To remove a few screws, you’ll need to work up a sweat and be extra cautious if the problem is internal.

It’s possible that you already know How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Yoga Laptop. However, if you’ve never done this before and aren’t sure where to begin, you may become frustrated and perplexed. There will be a more detailed explanation, whether it is the internal or external battery, so keep reading.

Is Lenovo Battery Removable?

Lenovo’s 2019 ThinkPad notebooks no longer support hot-swappable external batteries. These days, you must remove internal batteries in laptops by unscrewing the screws holding them in place.

How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Yoga Laptop?

Any laptop’s battery is critical. Without a battery, your laptop will be unable to function as a portable computer. Thus, you now realize the critical nature of a battery. Because the battery is an electronic component, it can fail at any time, which is a severe issue.

You must either perform the task yourself or engage a professional to change the battery. To perform this task alone, you must first understand removing a Lenovo battery. There are two primary techniques. We’ll go over each step in further detail below.

Method #1) Remove the Internal Lenovo Laptop Battery

Most current laptops include an integrated battery that the user cannot remove. As a result, people are forcing to spend money on essential battery replacements.

However, those days are over; this is the age of do-it-yourselfers. Thus, removing or replacing an internal laptop battery is considerably more straightforward than you may anticipate.

Batteries hide beneath the back cover of some Lenovo laptops. As a result, removing the battery from your laptop requires first removing the exterior casing. The following is the procedure:

Step #1)

To begin, unplug the laptop’s accessories. Additionally, reverse the orientation of your laptop. 

Step #2)

Remove all of the screws from the end of the laptop casing with a screwdriver (most likely a flathead for almost all models).

Step #3)

To peel the lid off, you’ll need some plastic prying tools.

Step #4)

On the top or bottom panel of your laptop, you’ll locate its internal battery. When checking the rear of the laptop, you’ll notice screws that secure the battery in place.

Step #5)

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove all of the screws one final time.

Step #6)

Occasionally, a cable may be visible around the battery. Remove the cable and battery with extreme caution.

Assume you’re considering how to remove the battery from a Lenovo ThinkPad or a Lenovo yoga laptop right now. In such a case, here is the procedure for removing the battery from a Lenovo ThinkPad and a Lenovo yoga, although not all yoga series models.

Method #2) Remove the External Lenovo Laptop Battery

The external Lenovo battery removal procedure is significantly more straightforward and essential than the internal. Sure Lenovo laptop batteries are located on the machine’s rear. Additionally, specific Lenovo models made battery removal relatively straightforward. You remove the battery with ease.

The steps are as follows:

Step #1)

Remove all power wires and devices to avoid electric shock. Additionally, flip your laptop over so that the bottom section faces you. 

Step #2)

Locate the battery clasp on the back of the laptop. 

Step #3)

There you’ll find a pick of the most frequently used laptop locks. 

Step #4)

Slide the latch switch to the opposite to remove the battery, then hold it in place until the battery is released before releasing the latch locks. 

Step #5)

To remove these batteries safely, slowly pull that out with your fingertips.

It is another method for removing the batteries from a Lenovo laptop. However, if you’re seeking instructions on how to replace a Lenovo laptop battery, immediately after removing the old battery, Return it with the new one and reassemble everything.

Lenovo Yoga Battery Not Charging? Reasons & Fixes

How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Yoga Laptop

Laptops manufactured by Lenovo are primarily utilized for corporate and educational applications, respectively. A computer with a fast-charging battery and effective power backup is the company’s goal.

When it comes to laptops and notebooks, Lenovo uses lithium batteries. The manufacturer also has chargers (power converters) that can charge the laptop at 35 W or 65 W.

It’s possible that the Lenovo laptop’s battery won’t charge even while the Charger (power adapter) is plugged into the laptop.

A Lenovo laptop’s battery won’t charge if the charger/power adapter is defective. However, if that isn’t the case, the Lenovo laptop may not be charging for other reasons.

  1. The charging cable is broken and has to be replaced (probably, burnt or damaged).
  2. The charging cable has a kink in it.
  3. The battery is out of order and needs to be replaced (Probably, the shells are dead).
  4. There is a problem with the charging IC.
  5. The Bios has disabled the plug.
  6. Other hardware malfunctions and problems with the operating system might cause a laptop to stop charging.

Several options are available if you want to fix the Lenovo laptop’s charging issues. Some are hardware issues, while others are software-related issues… So let’s talk about these options.

Fix 1) Fix a Hardware Problem

Checking your hardware problems is the first step to debugging after detecting that your laptop battery has been plugged in but isn’t charging.

Make sure the power cord isn’t damaged. If the cord is broken, your device will not be able to charge.

It is possible that a defective AC adapter could be the source of your battery charging problem, even if your battery is plugged in. So, if the problem persists, you can try a different AC adaptor.

Fix 2) Verify All Connected Devices

It’s first and foremost. When your Lenovo Yoga doesn’t charge, I’m willing to bet that 100% of PC users, including you, will resort to this tactic. To begin, look into the Charger’s connection. Check that the plug is firmly set in the corresponding socket. Ensure that the laptop’s Charger is firmly in position and not misplaced.

Fix 3) Reconnect Broken Charging Wire

It will not work if the DC connector (connector between the charging socket and motherboard) is damaged or shorted. You’ll likely encounter this issue if you have a Lenovo laptop plugged in, but it won’t charge.

You’ll need to solder the damaged wire back together again to fix this. After that, you should have no problems using it.

  1. Remove the power adapter from the laptop and turn it off.
  2. Unscrew the screws on the rear panel to remove it.
  3. Now remove all of the motherboard’s cable connectors. Remove the motherboard, as well, if necessary.
  4. Attach the cable connectors to the motherboard and connect the burnt wire to the dc connector.
  5. Set up the laptop’s motherboard, processor, and fan.
  6. Screw the back panel in place after it is closed.
  7. Add a battery and replace the laptop’s panel.

Now that you’ve connected the Charger, can you tell if your Lenovo laptop is charging?

Fix 4) Update the Driver for Your Battery

The “plugged in but not charging” issue can also be caused by your Lenovo’s lack of or outdated battery driver. Check to see if your battery driver has been updated, and if it hasn’t, you should do so.

Fix 5) Take a Look at the Charger

You may have harmed your laptop’s Charger. Some power fluctuations or external difficulties may cause the pin or wire to be burned or torn in the pin’s casing. 

Take a look at the little pins sticking out. Use a different line or laptop to test the Charger. A new charger will set you back a certain amount of money.

FAQs – How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Yoga Laptop?

Is Lenovo Yoga a Good Laptop Brand?

Lenovo’s greatest laptops are consistently placing near the top of this list of great laptops. Lenovo offers a variety of laptops for different consumers, from the excellent Lenovo professional laptop to that same trendy Yoga notebook and cheaper Chromebook laptops.

What Are the Problems With Lenovo Laptops?

Additionally, the built-in webcam may fail to function correctly. Keyboard and touchpad: The keyboard or touchpad may cease to function correctly, or keys may shatter. Occasionally, the laptop may overheat or slow to a crawl. You Present with a blank screen, a dark screen, a flashing screen, or something else.

How Long Does a Lenovo Yoga Laptop Last?

Lenovo laptops have an average lifespan of five to seven years. Numerous aspects, including the price, model, laptop category, including build quality, all affect the lifetime of your Lenovo computer. However, primarily the user’s maintenance and care will extend your device’s usable life.


After reading the above instructions, we’re very sure that you now understand How to Remove Battery From Lenovo Yoga Laptop? This method is suitable for removing the battery from any ThinkPad, Yoga, IdeaPad, or other series.

Please share this method with anyone you believe should be aware of it. We advise you to test these procedures at home before seeing a professional. As a result, you’ll save time and money over time.

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