How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop? Easy Guide

A battery is a physical component that powers a gadget and enables it to operate without using a power wire. Depending on the quantity of power consumed by the laptop computer, batteries can commonly run it for several hours.

However, the battery life on the Acer Laptops had been remarkable, lasting 6 hours and forty-eight minutes when exposed to the PCMark battery test, which simulates moderately to heavy use.

Let us ascertain your level of interest in How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop? We will guide you through the complete methods of extracting the Acer battery in this post. Continue reading this article to get the better knowledge on this topic.

How to Remove the Battery From an Acer Laptop?

Recently, your Acer notebook’s battery began to fail, and you opted to replace it with a new one. Therefore, we invite you to spend a few moments of your spare time reading and studying. we are convinced that you will better know whatever you need to accomplish afterward.


Switch off the laptop and unplug the power cord. Failure to unplug or close down the laptop properly may result in laptop damage or create a shock danger after that Reverse the laptop.


Unscrew seven ten-millimeter T7 screws. You should remove Six 6 mm T7 bolts. Release both rubber pads covering the last four screws using the significant plastic opening tool. Remove the residual four T7 screws with a diameter of 10 mm.


Carefully raise the cover. If the lid appears to be stuck, pry the sides out using a spudger tool. Determine the location of the battery ribbon connection. Carefully pull the ribbon cable from the batteries to the motherboard outwards. When using the spudger, take care not to harm the motherboard.


Undo the three 4.5mm Phillips screws that secure the batteries to the motherboard. Remove the four holding clamps from the battery. Lift the battery carefully away from the motherboard.

Insertion Technique

How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop

Insert a new battery into the slot on your computer and press it down until it snaps into place. As a reminder, we must always thoroughly clean the compartment and ensure no obstructing materials.

Now, if your Acer laptop has a battery latch, move it into the static position or insert this until you experience the iconic closing click. Finally, power on the machine and verify that there were no issues with displaying the items.

Otherwise, begin backing up or recovering the data you already stored for your work. Before removing the Acer battery, this process is required, so do not overlook it. Concluding:

  • Clean the battery pack and ensure that it is free of any materials or obstructions.
  • Place the battery in the container by sliding it in.
  • Install the battery only with a hook in the static position or until the closure click is heard.
  • Flip the computer over.
  • Switch on your computer and verify that there have been no issues.
  • Restart if you notice any issues or missing elements.

How Can We Remove the Battery From an Acer Aspire E15 Personal Laptop?

You’re asking how else to detach the Acer Aspire E15 battery; the technique is comparable to the one described above. Thus, all you have to do is power your computer and check for such a battery compartment. You’ll see a tiny hole here that you’ll need to squeeze to remove the battery.

A small suggestion. After removing the battery from your Acer, make sure to clean the compartment before restoring everything thoroughly. It is critical to avoid future issues and properly restore contacts.

FAQs – How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop?

How Can I Remove the Battery From My Acer Laptop Computer?

Using a PH0 screwdriver, take the two 4mm screws. With a spudger, depress the tabs that secure the battery. Using a spudger, detach the battery connections from the motherboard. To remove the battery, lift it off from the notebook.

Is It Possible to Operate a Laptop Without a Battery?

Yes. Laptops are capable of operating without a battery. If you disconnect the battery and attach it to the electrical supply, it will function. The only difference is that even if you turn off the supply, there would be no backup power, and the Acer laptop will shut down instantly rather than complete the shutdown procedure.

Why Does the Battery on My Acer Laptop Drain So Fast?

There may be an abnormally large number of operating systems. Additionally, a resource-heavy program (including gaming and any other desktop software) might deplete the battery. You may set your system to function at full brightness or with additional sophisticated features. Additionally, many internet and network connections might worsen this condition.


I hope this information helped you understand How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop? If your battery overheats and prevents your device from starting, you will notice an Acer laptop battery swap alert.

Therefore, you must either extract it for some time and re-insert it or purchase a new one. The best idea is to take your Acer laptop to a laptop technician to understand the problem better. 

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