How to Record Video on Lenovo Laptop? Easy Guide

Nearly one in ten people use a Lenovo laptop, such as a ThinkPad or another model. You can use the Lenovo computer to record online lectures to study at a later time or to create a tutorial video to help others. There should be an excellent Lenovo laptop screen recorder available at that time.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of Lenovo-compatible screen recorders on the market. Here, we’ll show you How to Record Video on Lenovo Laptop?

Does Lenovo Laptop Have Screen Recording?

Swiping down from the head of the screen will bring you to the notification panel on your Lenovo Idea pad. From there, you can access the quick toggle choices, where you will find the option to record your screen. You can initiate recording or perform a long press on the screen recording toggle by executing a single tap on the screen recording toggle. It allows you to complete either action.

How to Record Video on Lenovo Laptop?

Use the Game Bar on Your Lenovo Laptop to Record:

Game Bar was designed to record games you play directly on your PC or stream from your Xbox One. Nonetheless, using other software, it is straightforward to capture the screen on a Lenovo laptop. 

After recording the selected activity, the resulting video is saved as an MP4 file, which can subsequently transfer to your chosen location.


To access the Start Menu, press the Start button, then click the gear icon. If you’d instead access the Action Center directly, you may tap the notifications icon on the taskbar and then the Settings tile. They both launch the system preferences menu.


The Xbox Game Bar is a natural place for stacking. The following image shows the on/off switch that should be engaged under the central part. To turn it off, turn the switch to the “Off” position.


To view and modify other configuration options, select Captures captured on the left. Opportunities exist to allow recording while projecting your screen, limit your account’s maximum length, change audio and video quality, and more.


After you’re done, press Win + G to bring up the Xbox Game Bar via the console’s standard quick access method. You can find the Xbox Game Bar near the top of your screen. Of course, the Capture overlay from the Game Bar will be visible. Otherwise, you can access your webcam by clicking the Webcam icon on the Xbox Game Bar.


Select the Capture overlay and click the round Start Recording button. For account termination, like the purple Stop button.

Important Point: All recorded footage is stored on your Lenovo laptop as MP4 files in the following location.

File Explorer >> This Computer >> Movies.

How to Screen Record on Lenovo Laptop Windows 11?

How to screen record on Lenovo Yoga laptop

You won’t be able to take recordings on the Windows desktop or in File Explorer if you use the Xbox Game Bar tool on Windows 11. However, you can record anything else you want with this tool on Windows 11. When you are already within an appropriate app, you are free to begin recording, capturing screenshots, and doing other things right away.


Launch the program you want to record on your personal computer.


Once the program is running, you may access the Xbox Game Bar by simultaneously pressing the Windows button and the letter G on your keyboard.


In the Capture menu, select “Start recording” (or press Win + Alt + R). When recording a video, a pause symbol will display.


Once you’re done, go back into the menu and click the recording button again (or press Win + Alt + R) to halt the recording.


A window declaring “Game clip recorded” must appear.

Well, there you have it. The captured footage can be viewed later or used in a video editing software in the Captures subfolder of the Videos folder. The Xbox Game Bar has many valuable features, but Windows 11 provides simple screenshot-taking and other tools.

Video Guide:

FAQs – How to Record Video on Lenovo Laptop?

Does My Lenovo Laptop Have a Camera Switch?

A webcam, often located in the upper right corner of the LCD screen, is standard on several Lenovo ThinkPad models. Unlike a traditional camera, a webcam requires software installation and activation through the computer’s interface.

Which does Function Key turn on the Camera?

Should press the Fn + F8 or F8 keys together. Get into your Lenovo Vantage. See if the Camera setting is turned on in Quick Settings. Unless otherwise, allow.

Is a Laptop Camera a Webcam?

The primary distinction between a webcam and a laptop camera is that the latter is built directly into the device itself, while the former is an external add-on. The quality of the built-in camera usually suffers as a result of this integration.

Is Screenrec Safe to Use?

ScreenRec encrypts your screenshots and screen recordings before sending them through the private sharing link. Using the program, you can take advantage of free, safe, and private cloud storage.


Do you want to know How to Record Video on Lenovo Laptop? The above steps can solve all your problems related to this question. If you are confused, you can ask me through the comment box.

Once you’ve mastered the methods for taking screen captures on Lenovo devices, you should have no trouble getting clear, high-quality screenshots whenever you need them. Lenovo’s critical combination method for screen capture is the quickest and most straightforward option, but it lacks advanced editing features and commenting tools.

In most cases, Windows has all the fundamental tools you need to quickly capture the perfect screenshot, audio file, or screen movie.

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