How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop Helpful Guide

Sims 4 is a life simulation game where you can create a life according to your preferences, nurture the people you care about, and destroy those you despise. Would you want to know How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on a Laptop? The game is widely liked because it satisfies all human wants for an unhindered existence, unattainable in real life.

The most effective method of reducing latency in Sims 4 is to clean up your Laptop by eliminating unnecessary or obsolete files. Additionally, you can integrate custom content files to accelerate Sims 4 or alter the game’s settings to alleviate the burden on your Laptop.

SIMS 4 Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 64-bit operating system (at least Windows 7).
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon ensure that the processor has a clock speed of at least 1.8 or 2GHz.
  • RAM Memory: a minimum of 4GB.
  • At the minimum, 15 GB of free space on the hard disc (game files size is about 16GB after installation). If you wish to install the game in its entirety, including expansion packs, custom content, and other configurations, an additional 1 GB of space will be required.
  • Additionally, 128 MB of dedicated video RAM and a strong graphics processor are required.
  • You may also require 3.0 for both the Pixel and Vertex Shaders, although this is not required as we will focus on our proven methods for restoring your smile.

How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop?

We will talk about How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop?

Ascertain that your Laptop is clean

Cleaning your computer/laptop is considerably improves your navigation. You’re well aware that there is a myriad of worthless, transient, and garbage files available at all times, and they use a sizable amount of the storage space on your machine. 

They must be cleaned and disposed of properly. If you’re running Windows 10 and want to speed up The Sims 4, follow the steps below to free up some storage:

  • Under “Settings,” look for the “System” option.
  • You can view all unnecessary, short, or garbage files by ticking them.
  • Ensure that you collect and organize all rubbish.
  • They are, however, still on your laptop in the “Recycle Bin,” which you should empty as well.
  • After completing all of these steps, you should notice an increase in your storage capacity.
  • You may now proceed to the game’s main menu. If something isn’t working, consider other possibilities.

Install the most recent graphics driver

Your graphics processor’s age directly correlates to the amount of lag and delay you’ll experience. Thus, it is vital to keep it updated because it alters the gameplay.

  • Copy and paste “Device Manager” into the taskbar’s research box.
  • You’ll find a choice of alternatives in the pop-up box.
  • Select “Display adapters,” double-click it, and a drop-down choice for the desired graphics processor will appear.
  • If you right-click on it, an alternative to “Update Driver” will appear. Proceed by clicking it to continue.
  • There are two options. Accept “Repeated driver software tracking automatically.”

Enhancing the Game

Repairing the game eliminates bugs and problems, providing players with additional prompts, a better response, and astonishing speed.

  • Begin by researching the game’s history. Navigate to that directory because the “Origin” is by default saved in C: Program Files.
  • Select “Open” from the right-click menu for the “Sims 4” table.
  • Select “Repair Game” from the dropdown menu to initiate the procedure.
  • Take your time since it may take some time depending on the expansions, packs, and other things included with your game.
  • It will not affect any previous saves, configurations, or alterations, so there is no need to worry.
  • All are brand new and in every good condition. Give it a try; you’ll be grateful for the stress-relieving experience letter.
How to make Sims 4 less laggy

Pro Tips on How to Speed Up the Sims 4 Game on a Laptop:

While you’re here, keep these tips in mind to help optimize your laptop. In addition, here are a few additional ideas for running SIMS 4 smoothly so that you can enjoy streaming.

  • Reduce or eliminate any background tasks, such as antivirus software and other background programs.
  • Before beginning the game, close all other open applications.
  • Ascertain the proper operation of your laptop’s cooling system by vacuuming or using compressed air to remove dust from vents and fans.
  • Convert from wifi to a wired connection, if possible.
  • Eliminate any other inconsequential background programs.
  • Close any inactive tabs or windows (including social media sites).
  • Examine the remaining RAM and storage space on your laptop and determine whether you can free up additional memory for gaming by eliminating useless files or uninstalling programs such as antivirus software that may interfere with games.
  • If your desktop is cluttered, tidy it to make finding items easier.
  • Ascertain that Windows is not restricting performance due to power management settings; navigate to Power Options > Select what happens when the lid is closed and set it to Carry on as usual.

FAQs – How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop?

Can Sims 4 Run on Hp Laptop?

You Would be able to play SIMS 4 on the PC without any trouble, and since the screen resolution is 1366×768, you should be able to play in great detail. In addition, the graphics of the notebook incorporate Intel HD 5500. If you check on several boards, you can find that many individuals have dabbled with these specs.

How Do You Go to Jail in the Sims 4?

Sims with a criminal profession may be arrested if they are detected committing an illegal act. They will subsequently be transported to jail, where they will spend an unknown amount of hours, depending on the nature of their actions.

Is Sims 4 Still Free?

That’s right, thanks to our pals at Origin, you can now play The Sims 4 for free*. In addition, the Sims 4 is now available for download to your Origin Game Library, providing 48 hours of Swimming.

Is Sims 3 Better Than Sims 4?

Both games have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re studying for a game that gives a wealth of personality options and customization, The Sims 3 is the game for you. On the other hand, if you’re seeking Sim-specific customization, emotional growth, and a more fluid, faster-running game, The Sims 4 is the game for you.


Do you like to know How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop? Although the Sims 4 is a rather intriguing and captivating game, it occasionally acts glitchy and runs slowly on various laptops, even Windows 10. That is the game’s primary problem, and the majority of gamers are constantly looking and inquiring about how to speed up Sims 4 on their laptops or Windows 10 systems.

The page summarises all of the techniques that have been used or that can be used to speed up Sims 4.

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