How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop Useful Guide

You may be an ardent lover of both offline and online gaming. You may have played numerous games and encountered numerous issues while doing so. However, if your current objective is to learn How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop? You have come to the perfect place.

Everyone is aware that internet gaming has become popular in recent years. However, in this trend, one of the most popular games is Overwatch, an online shooting game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The graphics and specifications of the game are so impressive and robust that it retains players for extended periods.

However, if you have difficulties playing it smoothly on your laptop, this article is for you. I’ll assist you in optimising it for your gaming laptop. We’ll look for specific aspects and tips to help it operate faster on that particular laptop.

Where Are Overwatch Games Available?

Although it can play on any modern laptop, how efficiently it runs. The system you use should be compatible with the game’s standards, ensuring that the game runs properly. To that end, allow me to advise specific system requirements for operating Overwatch on your laptop.

Recommendations for Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 10(64 Bit), Windows 8 or 7 (Min)
CpuAmd Phenom Ii X3 or Intel Core I5
GpuAmd Radeon Hd 7950 or Nvidia Geforce Gtx 660 Above
Ram4gb (Min) 6gb Ram
Storage30gb Available Hard Drive Space
InternetBroadband Internet Connection
Resolution1024 X 768 Should Be Minimum Display Resolution

Apart from these minimum prerequisites, you can do a few critical things to speed up Overwatch. These are explained in greater detail below.

How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop?

Now we will talk about How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop?

Modify Your in-game Configuration

That is self-evident, but perhaps this simple piece of advice will suffice for you. The most helpful method of increasing your frame rate in-game is to organise your in-game video settings before you begin playing. After starting the game, you can begin in the “video” settings tab to access the title screen menu options.

There are various considerations to make in this case. You want to disable V-synchronisation, triple buffering, dynamic reflections, shadow information, local reflection, and ambient occlusion altogether.

Then you’ll want to configure the graphic quality, the texture quality, the filtering texture quality, the local fog details, the model details, the effect details, the lighting quality, the anti-alias quality, and the low refraction quality. You can either retain the render scale, the resolution at which textures are rendered in the game at 100% or reduce it to 75% for a significant performance increase.

Now, take note that you’re trading visual fidelity for outcomes here. These are the ideal overall settings if you’re concerned with maintaining a high and constant frame rate. Still, you can fiddle with various parameters until you discover the sweet spot for matching the visual quality of this game to your FPS.

In the Background, Close Applications Are Running

The absence of an open or running programme in the Windows taskbar does not mean that all applications on your laptop are locked. Numerous applications run in the background of your desktop without your knowledge.

To exit, click the button on the right side of the Windows taskbar that displays many apps running in the background. Please hover your mouse pointer over each software icon to reveal its name. When you right-click on each application icon and select ‘Quit,’ all unnecessary programmes are disabled.

Ensure that no graphic programmes such as Nvidia, AMD Radeon, or Intel HD run in the background. To exit, click the button on the right side of the Windows taskbar that displays many apps running in the background. (As depicted below)

Please hover your mouse pointer over each software icon to reveal its name. When you right-click on each application icon and select ‘Quit,’ all unnecessary programmes are disabled. Ensure that no graphic programmes such as Nvidia, AMD Radeon, or Intel HD run in the background.

Restore the Game’s Files

As with any modern game, the data contained in your Overwatch disc is not guaranteed. After frequent updates and a sufficient amount of time, you may discover that your game files have become corrupted, significantly impairing your game’s performance.

It is critical to resolve this, and it is a relatively simple repair. When you open the client and click the Overwatch tab, you can click the small gear at the top that says “Options” and select “Scan and Repair” from the dropdown menu. This process may take a few minutes, turn on the number of game files that need to be repaired and the state of your device and internet connection. This process may take up to an hour.

Overwatch laptop settings

And when we speak with players on the client, we learn that there is a remedy for their poor FPS: Voice. To connect you to your colleagues via VOIP communication, it appears as though Voice has not go out all of the bugs, preventing you from receiving the FPS increase.

Avoid Installing FPS Measuring Software

Numerous individuals install FPS measuring software to evaluate statistics performance. Unfortunately, the truth is that it is ineffective. If anything, it may result in your device lagging, which is counterintuitive.

Buy a Laptop Cooler

The cooling system on a standard or everyday laptop is laughable compared to the cooling system on a high-end gaming laptop. Even if you make the changes suggested above, your computer may still become warm. Additionally, a hot laptop will degrade gaming performance.

There are numerous laptop cooling pads available on, and similar to antivirus software, some are more effective than others. At the same time, some provide no actual performance and are just promotional.

I recommend the Havit HV-F2056 laptop cooler based on my own experience. A competent laptop cooler will assist in cooling your laptop by 5-7 degrees Celsius or more. On paper, this may seem insignificant, but lowering your laptop’s temperature by 5-7 degrees Celsius is significant.

Clean the Internals of Your Laptop

Dust is the number one enemy of electrical components, and your laptop suffers the most because it is strong for the average user to clean from the inside. Dust that collects inside the laptop’s hardware is difficult to remove, and the only method to do so is to open the computer.

If you’re unsure how to open your laptop, try Google or YouTube for several tips on opening it properly and a few on how to clean it. However, laptop hardware is more sensitive than PC hardware; therefore, handle it with care after you open your laptop.

FAQs – How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop?

Does Overwatch Run Well on a Laptop?

Fortunately, Overwatch is an all-inclusive game! Overwatch does not require a dedicated gaming PC to run. It runs admirably well on low-end and older PCs, lightweight laptops, and even integrated graphics systems.

Is 4GB Ram Enough for Overwatch?

Overwatch requires a minimum of an Intel i3, a GTX 460, and 4GB of memory, all of which your PC fulfils with 4GB RAM and 2GB VRAM. However, Overwatch’s suggested requirements state that you should purchase additional memory, as the game demands a total of 8GB RAM.

Is Overwatch a heavy game?

In comparison to many recent games, Overwatch is not particularly graphically demanding. You’ll still want a powerful graphics card to get the most out of the game’s aesthetics and boost your frame rate. With NVIDIA graphics cards, you’ll receive more performance for your money in Overwatch.


Now you know all about How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop? Slow performance and lag jeopardise the gaming adventure, regardless of how thrilling the game is. To get the most satisfactory experience possible, you should always pay attention to the game’s needs and crucial components. Only then will Overwatch run more smoothly on your laptop.

Carry out all of the adjustments outlined above. These will increase Overwatch’s running performance by 30% to 70%. I hope this was beneficial. If it does, do notify us via the comment area. Have a pleasant day.

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