How to Keep Laptop Cool in Hot Car Excellent Guide

In an ideal world, your laptop would be kept in a sterile chamber with a temperature never exceeding 70 degrees. That is not, however, the nature of the piece of equipment. It means to be portable. It was designed to accompany you on your travels. Now you are thinking about what I am going to discuss so let me tell you that the topic is “How to Keep Laptop Cool in Hot Car.”

Thus, your laptop travels with you precisely as planned. You’re in a different town, state, or possibly even nation. In this scenario, it’s important to remember that laptop computers are delicate, expensive, and compassionate pieces of high-tech equipment.

While it’s simpler to avoid obvious laptop destroyers like water and fire, severe temperatures, such as those found in a heated automobile, can sneak up on you and damage your computer without you even realizing it. While you should always avoid leaving your laptop in a hot car, there are a few practical measures you may take to preserve it.

Why is leaving your laptop in the car dangerous?

It will help if you value your laptop. It might be how you complete all of your tasks, occupy yourself, interact – or it could be all of the above. Leaving your laptop in the car on a hot day, on the other hand, can be troublesome for reasons you may not be aware of. If you are not careful, the heat in the automobile can cause damage to your computer.

  • Summer heat in a car can reach temperatures high enough to melt plastic, which means that delicate components in your laptop may melt. You risk damaging your hard drive, display, connector cables, and other parts just by leaving it in a hot car.
  • Another significant risk associated with leaving your laptop in the car is that someone will notice it and take it. Crooks have smashed into vehicles for much less.
  • Suppose you require immediate access to your laptop. In that case, you may be frustrated to discover that it is slow to boot up after being left in sub-zero temperatures for an extended period.

How to Keep Laptop Cool in Hot Car?

There are a few simple things that you can do to keep your laptop cool in a hot car.

Protect Your Laptop with an Insulated Bag

To begin, investing in a stylish laptop bag is a great purchase. It simplifies movement and, if you purchase one with an insulated pocket, it will significantly assist in keeping your laptop cool throughout the summer, especially if you must leave it in your car. 

Additionally, these compartments protect against road bumps and water. In addition, you must exercise caution when choosing a colour. Dark colours do not offer any protection against the sun’s rays. Similarly, utilizing a cooler bag without cooling cartridges is a good idea if you’re carrying multiple gadgets.

Keep Your Laptop in the Trunk

If you’re leaving your computer in a hot car, the trunk should be your first choice. The vehicle’s trunk will heat up much more slowly than the passenger compartment. It is because it is not directly exposed to sunshine.

The temperature increase in the trunk will probably lag significantly behind that in the passenger cabin.

Switch Off the Laptop

Under no circumstances should you keep your laptop running in your automobile. As you are probably aware, laptops create heat on their own. Your car will generate sufficient heat on its own; it will not require your computer to assist.

It would help if you shut off the laptop entirely shut off. Sleep mode will not suffice. Even when computers are in sleep or power-saving mode, they generate some heat. Additionally, it would help if you shut down the laptop properly. 

You may save two more minutes, but you risk damaging your computer by hard-shutting it down through the power button. A proper shutdown procedure gives the computer additional time to cool down safely.

Allow Ventilation for Your Device

Laptops typically have a ventilation system on the side or underneath. Whether in a car or indoors, you should constantly take care not to obstruct the airflow. If your machine turns off inside a vehicle, it will not emit any heat, and you can leave it in your bag pack at that time. If it is turned on, however, you must ensure adequate ventilation.


Utilize a Sunshade for Your Automobile

A parasol is a simple but effective technique to limit the rise in temperature inside your automobile on a hot day. They are reflecting, preventing sunlight from entering the vehicle through the windshield.

Park in a Shaded Area

Parking your automobile in the shade rather than in the sunlight will reduce the temperature increase inside the passenger compartment. Direct sunshine passes through the windows and warms the air within, swiftly elevating the temperature above the surrounding atmosphere.

Remove the Battery From Your Laptop if Possible

Lithium-ion batteries use in modern gadgets. While they are excellent in practice, they are also temperature sensitive. To elaborate, excessive temperatures might cause chemical reactions within the unit, irreparably damaging the battery.

A heat-damaged Li-ion battery will have slower charging times and degrade more rapidly. Additionally, it can quickly become a fire danger, putting both your laptop and your car at risk.

As a result, it is preferable to detach the battery from the laptop if the device permits. If not, keeping your portable companion out of direct sunlight and following these tips will help prevent mishaps.

Use an Ice pack

When purchasing an ice pack, ensure that it is leak-proof. Condensation caused by melting ice can be disastrous for electronics. These SoYoung ice packs guarantee that your ice pack will be “sweat-free.” 

No sweat is a positive development for your laptop. The ice pack is enclosed in a machine-washable ornamental polyester sleeve. According to one customer comment, the sleeve resembles a raincoat!

Nonetheless, to keep your laptop dry, wrap the ice pack in an absorbent towel and place it near your computer. 

Additionally, you can place the laptop and ice packs in a cooler or other insulated bags. Whether you believe it or not, a pizza bag will suffice! This unobtrusive insulated carrier from New Star Food Service is all about function.

Use a Solar Fan

If you’re highly concerned about the security of your laptop, you can call in the big guns. “big guns” refers to a modest solar fan in this context. A solar fan will not deplete the battery in your car. 

A solar fan, powered by solar energy, will keep air circulating on your laptop while you’re away. This ingenious solar fan designs to be attached to your window. Bonus: this fan will not only keep your laptop cool; it will also keep your car cool when you return!

Other Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re considering a beach vacation, keep in mind that you’ll encounter sand in addition to the heat, which is detrimental to computers. Therefore, it is better to leave your gadget at home while at the beach. If you intend to take it with you, be confident that you use it only when you are not near water and always covered while not in use.

Suppose you must use your computer for navigation purposes while inside a car; keep in mind that the area just behind the windshield might get quite hot. Additionally, the associated programmes place significant strain on the equipment. As a result, turn on the air conditioner and, if feasible, position it in the back seat, away from the windshield.

FAQs – How to Keep Laptop Cool in Hot Car?

Is It Ok to Leave Laptop in Hot Car?

Each additional degree of heat increases the threat to the laptop in a hot automobile. Even when in sleep mode, your laptop continues to generate heat, so switch it entirely off if you’re leaving it in the car on a hot day. Otherwise, you risk accidentally destroying your hard discs and motherboard.

How Is Hot Too Hot for Laptop in Car?

If the outside temperature is between 80 and 100 degrees, the interior temperature of an automobile parked in direct sunshine can reach 130 to 172 degrees. Significantly higher than the recommended working temperature maximum of 113 degrees. Heat is more likely to damage computers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets than cold is.

Does the Trunk Stay Cooler Than the Car?

A car’s trunk will be considerably more remarkable than the passenger area. The windows in the vehicle cabin are responsible for the dangerously high temperatures.


Finally, the most effective answer to “How to Keep Laptop Cool in Hot Car” is to use the technique to keep your laptop cool in a hot automobile is to become familiar with your device’s characteristics. 

In that instance, specific laptop models generate more heat than others. As a result, they create more heat and may require a unique strategy to operate within the ideal operating temperature range.

Taking the required precautions to keep your laptop cool in a hot automobile will pay you in the long run. This way, you won’t have to worry about the device or the car being safe.

In the long run, your portable tech pet care goods will prove to be not only affordable but also multi-functional. For that reason, early investment is the minor painful investment you can make to maintain the functionality of your laptop.

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