How to Get Toshiba Laptop Out of Sleep Mode? Step By Step Guide

Many of you put your laptop into sleep mode because you don’t have the time to close and start it back up. To save battery life, you always leave your computer in sleep mode because you have a lot of work to accomplish. 

Nonetheless, if you’ve put your laptop to sleep and are now attempting to wake it up to go back to work, don’t panic; because you are in the right place because today’s discussion will walk through this issue.

Today, We will talk about the solution of How to Get Toshiba Laptop Out of Sleep Mode? Users may confront an unexpected problem if they cannot exit the sleep mode. 

What Does Sleep Mode Mean?

All computer activity is halted in the sleep mode to conserve energy. The computer switches to a low-power mode and stores all open files and programs in RAM. In a way, it’s like putting a DVD in pause mode. The computer is still running but at a reduced level of power consumption. Other devices also use sleep mode, such as monitors, to conserve energy.

Causes of Laptop Sleep Mode

Cause#1 A software issue is more likely if this does not fix the problem immediately. 

Cause#2 Because of the blank screen, your laptop may appear in sleep mode when trying to start up if you shut it down wrongly before the sleep mode occurs.

Signs of Laptop Sleep Mode

To see if your computer wakes up, press the power button for a few seconds. It may have activated Hibernation mode rather than the laptop being stuck in sleep mode. Even if you can force a shutdown of your computer by holding down the power button, it will immediately return to sleep mode after you restart it. The power button may not be able to shut off the computer in this mode at all in some circumstances.

How to Get Toshiba Laptop Out of Sleep Mode?

Toshiba Laptop users have two options for resolving this problem. However, you will only see results if you correctly put these suggestions into action.

The best solutions to fix this problem have been outlined in this section. Use the keys provided here to see if they work for you.

Method#1: It’s Time to Shut Off the Laptop Completely

Step#1 Restart Laptop:

One of the most effective approaches to resolving this issue is shutting down the laptop and restarting it. To complete that work on the system, follow the procedures outlined below.

Step#2 Remove Battery:

Remove the battery from the laptop and close the lid of the computer. Remove the AC power adapter and other electric power sources from the wall outlet.

Step#3 Press Power Button:

Lifting the laptop’s lid and pressing the Power button for around 20 seconds will complete the process. (Please note that this step will completely deplete the laptop’s remaining power.)

Step#4 Replace the Battery:

Then wait a few seconds before replacing the battery and power in their original locations.

Final Result: Once you’ve completed these steps, the machine should begin to operate normally, with no indication of the Stuck in sleep mode issue.

Method#2: Safe Mode Should Be Activated

You must boot into Safe Mode if your system displays an error code or message while booting up to correct the problem.

To enter the system’s Safe Mode, follow the instructions outlined in this section.


It is Certain to reboot the system twice to access the Blue menu twice in a row. Alternatively, you can press the Recovery function key to enter the Recovery window.


Click on ‘See advanced repair’ options in the Recovery box to bring up the advanced repair options. I will display the Troubleshoot menu on the screen after this. Select the Advanced Options option from the drop-down menu on the Troubleshoot screen.


You will see the Startup Settings options; select one of those options to proceed. The Startup Settings window will appear on the screen due to this action. I will present you with the Advanced Boot Options menu.


Now, select the bootup option you want to utilize by pressing the Function key number corresponding to that choice.

Use the F4 key to broaden the Safe Mode boot option in most circumstances. To get in, you’ll need to press that key. Take a look to see if your Toshiba Satellite Laptop is still stuck in sleep mode.

On Windows 10, How Do You Change the Sleep Time?

How to turn off sleep mode Windows 10

Different Sleep Modes on Windows 10: 

Microsoft’s latest operating system offers a variety of sleep settings.

Power Saving Mode:

Basic to sleep is a power-saving mode that allows you to pick up right where you left off with your PC. It puts an end to the ticking of your CPU, pauses tasks, and gets your device ready for the next time you wake it up. Your papers and other charges are saved to your system’s RAM while your computer is running.

Hibernate Sleep Mode:

It is common for computers to go into hibernation mode. Open apps and documents are stored on your hard drive rather than in your computer’s volatile memory. As a result, you can shut down your notebook completely while being able to pick up right where you left off quite quickly. It’s the most energy-efficient option.

Hybrid Sleep Mode:

When it comes to computers, “hybrid sleep” refers to mixing both sleep modes. When your computer switches to a low-power mode, all open documents and programs are stored on the hard drive and RAM, and If your Laptop goes into hibernation and the power goes off, your work will not be lost.


If you’re wondering how to prevent your computer from napping, you Can find the solution in the settings menu, which is true of many things on Windows 10. Over the years, Microsoft has refined the procedure to were setting the sleep timer is virtually flawless.

Step#1: Open Settings:

Click Start, followed by the settings cog above the power button.

Step#2: Search “System”

Search the system option from the setting menu and Select ‘System.’  

Step#3 Change Sleep Time:

Click “Power & sleep” in the left sidebar to access your power options. There are two drop-down menus for the screen and the PC in this section.

Basic Instructions:

The screen’s sleep mode regulates how long it will remain on when you’re not using it. The screen is one of the greatest power drains, so your PC will still function normally in the background, but you’ll see a huge improvement in power use.

In contrast, the sleep setting dictates when your PC enters into deep power saving mode, which will take longer to jump back into and conserve even more power.

Step#4 Adjust Setting According to Preferences:

To get the most out of these options, if you’re on battery, you’ll see them twice: once while you’re plugged in and once when you’re not. The Settings windows can be closed after configuring them to your liking. They won’t have to reapply for the position.

Final Result:

To ensure that your emails are available when you lift the lid, you may wish to disable login after sleep or activate network connectivity under standby.

Is It Ok to Put the Laptop in Sleep Mode Overnight?

According to the United States Department of Energy, if you are not going to be using your computer for more than 20 minutes, it is recommended that you put it into sleep mode. When not planning to use your computer for more than two hours, it’s also good to turn it off completely.

Is Sleep Better Than Shut Down?

If your computer is fast enough, waking up from sleep can feel like a direct experience. All desktops and laptops, however, consume more power while sleeping. As long as the machine’s power source remains steady, it will preserve all of its memories while it sleeps.

FAQs – How to Get Toshiba Laptop Out of Sleep Mode?

How Do You Exit Sleep Mode?

Move the mouse or click the key on the keyboard to wake up a computer or display that has gone to sleep or hibernation. Try pressing the power button to reawaken the computer if the previous method does not work.

How Do I Wake My Laptop With the Lid Closed?

Allowing your gadget to wake up your computer is the most basic setting you need to configure. Open Device Manager and look for your external wired or wireless mouse under Mice and other pointing devices. Tick the box that says Permit this device to Start the computer in the Power Management section of the Control Panel.

What Is the Procedure for Changing the Sleep Mode Timer on a Laptop?

Click or press the “System and Security” icon in the Control Panel to change the sleep timer’s configurations. The “Power Options” symbol can be tapped or clicked on to access the menu. Select “Change plan settings” from the drop-down menu to change your power plan settings. You can put the computer to sleep by altering the “Put the computer to sleep” setting to the desired number of minutes in the System Preferences.

Why Does My Laptop Stay on a Black Screen?

Having a faulty system file that prevents the operating system from loading can be a major source of this problem. A reboot may be all that’s needed to resolve this issue if it’s only a temporary one. If the problem persists, try a clean install of Windows from scratch.


Following the above tutorial on How to Get Toshiba Laptop Out of Sleep Mode You should now be able to gain the best knowledge to drive an issue for your problem. Hopefully, you have cleared up all of your ambiguity over this problem.

Our article has given you enough Solution on the Toshiba laptop locked in sleep mode problem. You only need to follow the Method in the order laid out. 

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