How to Get Ants Out of Laptop? 3 Easiest Way

Have you ever returned home & may notice a few ants moving in and out of your laptop on multiple occasions and began to wonder if there was an ant nest inside the laptop or beneath the keypad?

Yes, ants live in your laptop, and we’re never quite sure why (though eating while using the laptop is usually the main cause lah). It is a widespread issue that we are all too embarrassed to discuss, at least until we discover a fantastic and simple method for removing ants from your laptop. 

Do you want to know about How to Get Ants Out of Laptop? Given that these obnoxious ants despise water, water is an excellent technique to eradicate them permanently. Of course, avoid washing your laptop in water. Water is used to catch these ants, not to drown them.

Are Ants Capable of Causing Damage to Your Laptop?

Ants can cause damage to your laptop, but only in severe infestations. While ants do not feed on the plastic insulation or any of the hardware in your laptop, this does not mean they cannot do damage. 

Occasionally, they are simply attempting to nest there. Ants can cause harm to a laptop by obstructing critical wire and relay routes. Ants can damage the mortar and bearings that spin the fan in computers. 

However, the likelihood of this occurring is remote, as they would have to be in extremely large numbers. Negative variables such as heat will keep their infestation in laptops under control, as the laptop may overheat if the fan fails. 

If that occurs, the surrounding environment will become too hot to survive, and they will flee. Additionally, these can cause a laptop’s power supply to fail by destroying or obstructing the point at which the laptop is plugged in. 

In most cases, it is because that location is constantly warm due to its position as the primary power inlet. They will focus exclusively on one location, causing long-term damage.

Signs of Ant in Laptop

Ants in a laptop can be difficult to detect unless you are familiar with the telltale indicators of an ant infestation. And what exactly are they?

#1) Keyboard Failure

When an infestation is severe, ants will prevent the laptop’s keyboard buttons from reaching the lower side, sending commands as you type. It means that if there are many ants beneath a letter or function key on a keyboard, the operation may fail.

You’ll find that you’ll have to press harder on the keyboards as you type. In rare instances, the keyboard may cease to function entirely.

#2) Bad Odor From the Laptop

If your laptop is infested with ants and begins to overheat, you will notice an immediate stink emanating from it. The heat may have an effect on the crushed ants on your keyboard. Generally, the stench is picked up when the laptop overheats due to heavy use.

Additionally, the heat may kill certain ants buried deep within the laptop, which emit a strange odor when heated. Even if the laptop is not overheated, certain ants emit an unpleasant odor when destroyed. If they’ve invaded your laptop, you’ll notice a distinct odor while using it.

#3) Ants Crawling Across the Keyboard of a Laptop

An unexpected apparition of ants on your laptop, particularly if the table is clean and you were unaware they were crawling on it. Small ants may enter the laptop via the keyboard or the ventilation holes on the sides and crawl onto the keyboard or the laptop screen.

They will appear out of nowhere and crawl onto the screen of your laptop as well. Ants will also nest in the joints of your laptop and at the base.

They continue to appear even if you crush them while working on them. If more than two ants appear at a 5-minute interval, this is a strong indication of an ant infestation in your laptop.

How to Get Ants Out of Laptop? 3 Simple Ways

How to Get Ants Out of Laptop

Now that you understand why ants enter your laptop and how to identify them, it’s time to begin the process of eradicating them.

It’s so simple that a five-year-old can do it. Thus, let us examine the Below methods necessary to eliminate ants from your laptop permanently.

#1) Utilize Electronic Wipes to Remove Food Stains From the Laptop’s Surface

Electronic wipes are extremely effective in removing food stains off laptops and other electronic devices. They disintegrate the stains, making them easy to remove with a few swipes.

To begin, begin by wiping the laptop’s screen. Then go to areas like your keyboard, mouse touchpad, and the back of your laptop. Use a separate wipe for each section of the laptop.

You can use the same wipe to transfer stains from one area of the laptop to another.

Electronic wipes leave no marks on the laptop’s screen or surface. Additionally, they dry quickly. Electronic wipes do not leave a sticky residue from food stains behind.

#2) Lean the Interiors of Your Laptop to Eliminate Ants

To initiate the process, you must first open your laptop. Some individuals are concerned about opening a laptop, but it’s simple. All you have to do is remove the battery from the laptop and unscrew the screws on the laptop’s bottom panel.

Once you’ve opened the laptop, you’ll notice ants crawling away. Now is the moment to act. Utilize the vacuum cleaner to clean the open area of the laptop. However, exercise caution. Would you mind avoiding using it near the laptop’s inside?

The vacuum cleaner’s strong suction can cause the capacitors and circuitry within the laptop to dislocate. Vacuum an inch or two away from the laptop’s surface. Vacuum the laptop for a good 7-10 minutes to ensure that all ants have been removed. 

Perhaps some ants have taken up residence inside the laptop. However, do not despair; there is a remedy for it as well.

#3) Utilize an Ant Bait to Distract Ants From Your Laptop

Now is the time to behave a little more intelligently than the ants lurking inside the laptop. Reassemble the laptop but do not reassemble it. Take a handful of ant baits. Keep them two or three inches away from your laptop.

Squish a few ants from the previous stage to boost your game. Maintain them near the laptop, near the ant bait. Leave the dead ants and ant bait near your laptop for one night. Ants are nocturnal, with the majority of their activity occurring at night.

The pheromones released by the dead ant, together with the ant bait, will draw the ants away from your laptop. The Next morning, you’ll notice a large number of ants on the ant trap.

FAQs -How to Get Ants Out of Laptop?  

Can Ants Stay Inside a Laptop?

Ants are drawn to warm circumstances inside as well as food waste on and around your laptop. Maintain a clean environment around your laptop and perform routine maintenance on it. It should be opened and cleaned once a year; this is a useful weapon for battling an ant infestation.

Do Ants Like Salt?

According to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ants with limited access to salt are more drawn to salt than sugar. Salt aids in the maintenance of normal body functioning in all species.

How Do You Get Rid of Ants in Electronics?

Ant bait is a highly successful means of eradicating an ant infestation. Numerous grease baits, fat-based baits, protein-based baits, and sugar-based baits are commercially available to remove ant colonies. There were no products discovered. You can place the bait near electronic gadgets and ant access points.


Hope after reading the above post on How to Get Ants Out of Laptop? You understand steps about how simple and painless it is to remove ants from a laptop.

All that is required is that you –

  • Vacuum clean the exteriors of your laptop.
  • Remove food and oil stains from the laptop’s surface using electronic wipes.
  • Clean the laptop’s interior.

Additionally, you learned about the care that must be taken when cleaning the laptop. Taking these procedures can help you avoid laptop damage. Ants on your laptop indicate a major ant infestation in your home.

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