How to Get a Stripped Screw Out of a Laptop Attractive Guide

Laptop screws have small heads that require a specific screwdriver size. If the screw is Overtightening or the screwdriver is the incorrect size, the pilot can strip, preventing the screw from being controlled or turned. It is a significant annoyance because removing the screw is not always straightforward. 

Would you want to know How to Get a Stripped Screw Out of a Laptop? Numerous methods exist for regaining control and removing a stripped screw from computers.

How to Get a Stripped Screw Out of a Laptop?

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Size of a Switch Screwdriver

When the screw begins to strip, immediately stop attempting to remove it. Laptop screws are brittle, and the situation might quickly deteriorate. After you’ve reached a halt, turn to a little larger screwdriver. The more considerable screwdriver may firmly grasp the head and extract the screw.

If the more significant screwdriver breaks, go to a flathead screwdriver. When a screw strips, the indentations on the head no longer fit precisely and switching to a simpler screwdriver can assist in regaining a grip on the head. Adjust the screwdriver’s size until it grasps and spins the head.

If this procedure is unsuccessful, the screw is most likely completely stripped, and a screwdriver alone is unlikely to solve the problem. Additional precautions are required to grip and turn the screw adequately. Only a few turns are often needed to expose enough of the head to absorb and remove with pliers.

Utilizing a Damaged Screw as a Screwdriver Bit

If the screw is stuck and the head is entirely stripped, you can also use an electronic screwdriver to disengage it. If you’re lucky, this method may be significantly more manageable than the elastic band method, as your electrical device will perform all of the work.

Attach your screwdriver to the damaged screw head and tighten firmly, as this will contribute significantly to the screw loosening. Start cautiously with the machine in the unscrewing position.

 Avoid going too quickly since the screw head may turn in the chuck. Usually, the screw should come free from the slot screwed into it. If there is a lack of grip, the elastic technique can also increase the friction between the mandrel’s jaws and the head.

Using a Penetrating Oil Spray

At your local hardware store, you may easily purchase penetrating oil sprays such as WD-40. Among the WD-40’s many mystical and practical applications is its ability to allow travel across rooms.

It works by including a solvent that dissolves any material obstructing the screw and producing a heat shock upon application. Leave it on for at the minimum 15 minutes; however, the best results are obtained by leaving it in a cold (about 40 F) or warm (roughly 85 F) environment overnight. 

I accomplished it by chilling the area with ice cubes and heating the screwdriver’s shaft. Once the temperature transmits to the screw, it will contract (cold) or expand (hot) somewhat, providing additional “play” between the screw and the bracket to unscrew.

Laptop stripped screw superglue

Use the penetrating oil only if you know that your screw is steel and that the motherboard contains no steel. It cannot work unless the materials are unique. What could be easier than spraying a little WD-40 on the screw, ensuring that it penetrates thoroughly between the support and the latter, waiting a few minutes, and attempting to unscrew the thing? In most circumstances, this should suffice. Otherwise, I Must take one of the more drastic measures outlined later in this article.

Utilization of an Elastic Band

Occasionally, all required to remove a stripped screw is a little additional caution. An elastic band’s sticky surface can assist in securing the screwdriver in place and snagging any available grip inside the broken cross. 

Any elastic or rubber band will suffice, including a piece of a bicycle or automobile tyre tube, as long as it permits the screw head and screwdriver to make maximum contact.

Attach the elastic to the end of a screwdriver and press firmly enough to cause the flexible rubber to adhere to the screw. If the screw head is partially damaged, the rubber band will help fill in the damaged areas and provide the necessary contact.

FAQs – How to Get a Stripped Screw Out of a Laptop?

How Do You Remove Super Glued Screws?

Put on gloves and dampen a cotton ball or pad with acetone or nail polish remover. For 5 to 10 minutes, place the cotton on the extra glue. Scrape off the glue with a razor blade, plastic scraper, or putty knife as soon as it appears to be loosening. To avoid scratching the surface, take care not to drag your fingers across it.

How Long Does It Take for Super Glue to Dry?

An excellent super glue, such as LePage Super Liquid Pro, dries and hardens in a matter of seconds. After 24 hours, the bond has completely healed. Once unsealed, super glue vials degrade rapidly.

Hot Glue Gun Better Than Super Glue?

Both types of glue have a variety of applications, but super glue is stronger and more durable due to its widespread use. In comparison to superglue, hot glue has restricted applications. Additionally, super glue is simple to use and convenient.


Do you want to know How to Get a Stripped Screw Out of a Laptop? In most circumstances, once the screw has removing, you’ll want to replace it immediately. You don’t want to repeat this procedure with the same screw; a stitch in time saves nine, so once it’s out, remove it and replace it with a nice screw. 

While a stripped screw head on your prized laptop may induce worry, it is unnecessary. Confidently, this article has guided you in the best direction toward successfully opening your machine. Best wishes.

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