How to Get a New Graphics Card for Laptop Easy Guide

Buying a new graphics card has been challenging for a long time now. And in 2022, it sure isn’t simple, or for the weak of heart or wallet. Fab-capacity bottlenecks for cutting-edge manufacturing silicon are shaking the tech industry. The resulting supply crisis has affected the graphics card world the hardest. Would you want to know about How to Get a New Graphics Card for Laptop?

The result? It’s nearly impossible for the Standrad person to take part with bitcoin miners and scalpers in the contest to see who can get the latest graphics cards the quickest. These days, new cards, issued in limited quantities, sell out in an eyeblink at debut. Soon later, some of those very same cards turn up on eBay or Craigslist at multiples of their manufacturer suggested retail prices (MSRPs). Existing cards, meanwhile, fall out of stock almost as quickly as fresh inventory is placed online or put on retail shop shelves.

What Exactly Is a Graphics Card?

When you switch on your computer, a graphics processing unit generates the pictures that appear on-screen, whether it’s a simple Word page or a complicated 4K gaming experience (or GPU). These chips can range in size and power from tiny “integrated graphics” incorporated into the motherboard or processor to more giant, more powerful expansion cards.

These expansion cards, often called “discrete” or “dedicated” graphics cards, are typically more potent than integrated graphics, capable of performing activities such as enhanced 3D gaming, accelerated video rendering, and even some non-graphical functions such as bitcoin mining. 

This added process comes at the cost of increased power consumption, increased heat, and additional space in your computer, which is why dedicated graphics cards are rarely seen in ultra-thin laptops.

Types of Graphics Cards Available for Laptops

There are numerous graphics cards for laptops, each with a unique set of capabilities for gaming or entertainment. Although some graphics cards have their VRAM for increased performance, graphics cards work in conjunction with the CPU and GPU.

Integrated graphics cards are integrated into the laptop’s motherboard and are adequate for watching YouTube videos and occasionally light gaming without 3D, such as Among Us. While discrete graphics cards, or dedicated graphics cards, are more powerful and high-end. These cards are optimised for high-intensity gaming.

AMDRadeon RX 6700mHigh End
AMDRadeon RX 5600mMedium Range
NvidiaGeforce RTX 6000High End
NvidiaQuadro P5200Medium Range
IntelIntel HD SeriesLow End
IntelIris XELow End

AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA manufacture most laptop graphics cards on the market today. NVIDIA and AMD make the most incredible graphics cards. The NVIDIA GeForce (GTX) and AMD Radeon series, in particular, are among the best. Intel frequently produces integrated graphics cards, although they are not on a par with NVIDIA or AMD.

How to Get a New Graphics Card for Laptop?

Now, we will talk about How to Get a New Graphics Card for Laptop?

Maintain Inventory Control at Local Retailers

When locating a graphics card in stock, physical shops have a few advantages over their digital counterparts. The fundamental reason is that competition is diminished. While everybody can shop on Amazon, not everyone has access to a Micro Centre. (Pro tip: Micro Centre is better than most retailers at securing a GPU in person if you reside in an area where the chain has locations.) Why compete with bitcoin miners, scalpers, bots, and everyone else looking to purchase a new graphics card online when the same product is available in stores?

Here are some pointers for purchasing a new graphics card at your neighbourhood electronics store:

  • “Nice” Can Work at Times

Maintain a courteous demeanour toward store staff. They are not responsible for the chip scarcity, have no say over when graphics cards are supplied and are frequently unable to assist customers in obtaining the products they desire. However, if you are kind to them, they are more likely to use whatever wiggle room they have than if you are harsh to them. Take the golden rule into consideration.

  • Call to find out when days of the week certain products are refilled

Stores frequently receive new shipments of a particular device or piece of equipment consistently. (Or as predictable as it can be in light of today’s global supply constraints.) By picking up the phone and gently enquiring when graphics cards are refilled, you may maximise your chances of snagging a new GPU as soon as it reaches the shelves.

  • Monitor in-store inventories using online technologies

Shoppers can check whether a product is in stock at a local store by checking retailer websites. We couldn’t think of any stores that have real-time inventory updates, but these ways can be helpful.

Skipper Purchases

Purchase of a new graphics card from a scalper in 2022 would probably be the easiest option. Sadly, it’s also risky.

Laptop graphics card

What if it’s a scam? What if the graphics card fails? What if it’s used and appears to operate, but it’s more prone to failure due to being overworked to mine cryptocurrency? Video cards don’t have odometers or firmware like vehicles or SSDs to track cumulative usage. Buyers are protected on platforms like eBay, but buying from a scalper exposes them to these hazards.

Note that some of these issues also apply to legal (or at least apparent) customers on these platforms. Even if someone isn’t charging an outrageous cost for a new graphics card, they may be selling one that isn’t performing optimally or is on the verge of failing. 

As with a second owner selling a used automobile to a possible third, they may not know the vehicle’s entire history. These issues are also difficult to detect during the purchase process, especially if you weren’t planning on bringing your system with you to put the card through its paces before purchasing it.

Why Can’t Most Models Replace Graphics Cards?

The laptop industry began integrating the graphic card (also known as the Graphics Processing Unit) into the motherboard in the 2010s. It implies that you must return the entire motherboard to replace the graphic card on a typical laptop. In that situation, you’re better off purchasing a new laptop.

The motherboard is the giant circuit board in a laptop or desktop computer. It is the primary component that facilitates communication and supplies power to the device’s other critical elements: the processor (chip,) memory (RAM), and storage (Hard Drive.)


The graphic card on the latest generation of laptops includes a GPU. The GPU refers to the Graphics Processing Unit, which is analogous to the CPU or Central Processing Unit (Chip Processor). Both are inextricably linked.

If you want to upgrade your graphic card and your laptop has a GPU, you will experience an improvement in your display only if you also upgrade your CPU, and this upgrade includes a GPU upgrade.

As you can see, replacing a graphic card can be inconvenient and costly. Nonetheless, there are circumstances in which an upgrade is conceivable.

Certain hardware manufacturers, like Eurocom, offer Upgrade Kits for select models. This Kits will contact the CPU and GPU, which are located at the very bottom of your smartphone. The user should notice a remarkable increase in performance after updating the CPU and GPU.

FAQs – How to Get a New Graphics Card for Laptop?

Can You Place a Graphics Card on a Laptop?

There is a method for adding a graphics card to a laptop, but it is not intended for gaming. You can connect one to a USB port as strange as it sounds. If your computer already has a VGA, DisplayPort, or HDMI output, adding a USB graphics card enables you to drive a third display: you are no longer limited to two.

Is There Any External Graphics Card for Laptop?

An external GPU, abbreviated as eGPU, is a relatively innovation that enables laptop users to experience desktop-quality graphics via an external hardware dock. When considering boosting your pictures with an eGPU, it’s critical to research enhancing your gaming experience.

Can You Buy External Graphics Cards?

The finest External Graphics Card/External GPU enhances your computer’s graphic settings. It’s highly beneficial for watching high-definition videos and playing games that require high-end graphics cards. There are numerous External Graphics Cards on the market.


Now, you know all about How to Get a New Graphics Card for Laptop? By now, it likely appears as though there is no viable method of purchasing a graphics card in 2022. And it is a somewhat accurate perception. 

Each of these ways requires a certain amount of luck, time commitment, and a willingness to work more than the average person would anticipate acquiring new hardware. The most straightforward approach to get a graphics card, at least for the time being, is to wait for supply to increase shortly.

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