How to Fullscreen Undertale on Laptop? 3 Methods

However, even though Undertale is an enjoyable game, many gamers are having trouble playing it since they are locked in windowed mode on their laptops or cannot figure out how to make the game fullscreen. That’s why a lot of Undertale Players are in the search of How to Fullscreen Undertale on Laptop?

Fortunately, there are remedies for the problem of Undertale fullscreen not working. Even if the fullscreen button is missing or greyed out on the window, you can still use various keyboard shortcuts to increase the size of Undertale to your liking.

About Undertale

Undertale is a Role-playing video game. When a child falls over a magical barrier into the Underground, players assume control of the child.

Mainly through fighting, players encounter various creatures, including monsters that can be pacified or subdued rather than killed. The player must navigate through mini-bullet hell attacks to go back to the surface. In the game, the conversation, characters, and scenario all change depending on the outcomes of these decisions.

How to Fullscreen Undertale on Laptop? 3 Methods

How to Fullscreen Undertale on Laptop

Research shows that there are different ways to go from the miniature screen version of Undertale to one that takes up the entirety of the screen.

If none of these ideas work for you, try a different approach. Please feel free to leave a comment if none of the above options work for you. We’ve developed different ways to make the most of your screen space in Undertale.

Method #1:

The quickest and most straightforward way to make the game take up the entire screen is to press F4.

Method #2:

Press FN + F4 at the same time. Some HP laptop users have reported that pressing the F4 key does not display the entire screen, but rather, a menu appears on the computer asking if you want to “project.” If that’s the case, give this approach a shot.

On the left-bottom side of the keyboard, the Fn key, which stands for “function,” acts as a modifier key, temporarily altering the normal function of another key when pressed with it.

Method #3:

To combine Alt and Enter, do so. You can activate Undertale’s full-screen mode with this command. Using this technique, you can play Undertale and other MMORPGsin either full screen or windowed mode.

One of those Method should suffice to convert your Undertale game from bite-sized to full-screen mode on your laptop or computer screen.

How to Full Screen Undertale on Mac?

Like the Windows computer, the MacBook has three ways to display Undertale in fullscreen Mode.

Method #1:

For MacBook Air and Pro users, locate and press the green fullscreen button on the computer to go into fullscreen Mode.

If you don’t have this button on your MacBook, check out the other options below.

Method #2:

You can use the “F4” key – Your Mac’s function key, F4, can also be used to access the menu. Your keyboard’s top row contains this key.

Method #3:

Press “CTRL” and “Enter” at the same time – Because Macs lack the “Alt” key, you must use the CTRL-key.

Finally, you can use other controls in the game to enable various settings. You’ll find a list of them listed below.

  • Confirmation of action is accomplished by pressing Z and Enter simultaneously.
  • You can undo a previous action by pressing X + SHIFT simultaneously.
  • You can get to the menu by pressing C + CTRL.
  • By pressing and holding the ESC key, you can close the window you’re in.
  • You can access fullScreen Mode by pressing the F4 key. 

How To Full screen Undertale On Windows 10?

In contrast to previous versions, pressing F4 in Windows 10 does not maximize your game. Rather than that, it automatically opens the Project window.

Thus, to enable full-screen mode in Undertale on Windows 10, you must simultaneously press ALT+Enter.
After clicking F4 on Windows 10’s Project screen, Undertale is a video game about a child accidentally transported into a monster-infested underworld.

By contrast, instead of evading magic bullet strikes, you can FIGHT or ACT your way through combat. Each monster has its special attacks and personalities, and they’re all out to get you. You have the option of exhibiting MERCY.

Perhaps you’ll even meet some new people. However, what if you come upon a ruthless assassin? Numerous gamers appear to be having issues with the fullscreen mode in Undertale. When they run the game, it will be in windowed mode, utilising only a portion of the available screen space.

Simple Fix 

There is a straightforward repair available depending on the computer you are using. Here is one of the ways that will enable you to play Undertale in full-screen mode! Regardless of where you purchased the game, whether through Humble Bundle, Steam, or via keyboard shortcuts. If the fullscreen key on the window is greyed out or not there, the following commands will power the game to run in fullscreen mode.

Fix: Undertale Full Screen Not Working?

The settings for either your game or your graphics card are likely responsible for this issue. If you’re playing a full-screen game and the taskbar won’t disappear, you may hide it manually.

Issues with the game’s resolution on Windows 10 – Sometimes, all you need to do to fix a problem with your game is raise your screen’s resolution to 1024 by 768 and give it another shot.

FAQs – How to Fullscreen Undertale on Laptop?

Is Undertale Kid Friendly?

Undertale is ideal for children, as it does not require players to kill anything to win. There is the ability to “flirt” with monsters and a few “dates,” although they are more comical than romantic. Omega Flowey and the True Lab are the only frightening elements in the game. Thus, yes, excellent for children; but keep away from the fandom.

What Does G Stand for in Undertale?

The Underground’s primary currency is GOLD (abbreviated in-game as G). The protagonist acquires GOLD primarily through victories in encounters, whether by killing or sparing the monsters.

Who Is the Real Villain of Undertale?

Flowey is the protagonist of Toby Fox’s role-playing video game Undertale. He seems like an innocent, sentient flower with a sadistic and psychopathic personality for most of the game.

Is the Undertale Movie Real?

Undertale is a live-action computer-animated film scheduled for release in 2021. It is based on the successful 2015 video game of the same name. Steven Spielberg produces the picture, which Andy Muschietti and Toby Fox direct. Warner Bros. released the film.


That concludes our discussion of How to Fullscreen Undertale on Laptop? Numerous people confirmed that Undertale’s fullscreen mode does not work, which is a typical occurrence. In any case, I’ve provided the working shortcuts for playing Undertale in full-screen mode on your operating system. Make sure that you carefully follow each of the fed tricks to resolve the issue quickly.

I hope this fact was helpful, and if it did help you make Undertale fullscreen, please hit the like button.

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