How to Fix Weak Wifi Signal on HP Laptop Easy Guide

A weak Wi-Fi connection is highly inconvenient and can occur with any brand of laptop, even those listed brands like Apple, Acer, Microsoft, Samsung, MSI and so on). How are we to resolve this issue?

Do you want to know How to Fix Weak Wifi Signal on HP Laptop? We will go over the various actions you may take to resolve weak Wi-Fi on your HP laptop in this article.

How to Fix Weak Wifi Signal on HP Laptop?

The following summarises some of the more straightforward fixes you might attempt to resolve the issue regarding How to Fix Weak Wifi Signal on HP Laptop?

  • Restore your router and laptop to their default settings.
  • Bring yourself closer to your router.
  • Adjust your laptop’s Wi-Fi antenna/card.
  • Ascertain that your network drivers are up to date.
  • Enable the highest possible performance from your Wi-Fi card.
  • Instead, use ethernet or a powerline adapter to establish a wired connection.

We’ll discuss various solutions, such as replacing or altering your gear, software, or network settings. Additionally, powerline adapters are a type of home networking gear that you can utilise to address Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Unfortunately, while using laptops or other devices, Wi-Fi signals might become poor, resulting in slower page loads, longer download times, and buffering movies. 

Occasionally, this is due to hardware or software malfunctions on the laptop; other times, it is due to the inherent nature of wireless networks. Thus, we must distinguish between the two.

Adjust Your Laptop’s Wi-fi Card/Antenna

Occasionally, the laptop’s Wi-Fi card or antennae are not appropriately placed or have become damaged or misaligned due to dropping or striking the computer. It is most likely to occur if your Wi-Fi signal is weak, even when you are directly next to the router, and if your laptop struggles to detect any wireless networks, even neighbouring ones.

See the video below for an intelligent solution to this problem with the Wi-Fi antenna, in which the technician essentially changes the cabling on the Wi-Fi card from the auxiliary or “Aux” connection to the “main” connection and disconnects the additional or “Aux” connection.

Contrary to popular belief, this indicates the Wi-Fi card is no longer performing Wi-Fi balancing (i.e. it is not picking up the best signal from the laptop’s many antennae), yet the movement improves.

Driver Updates

Another thing to take is to ensure that your laptop’s drivers, particularly the network drivers, are appropriately updated to ensure that your Wi-Fi runs at peak performance. Driver updates are frequently issued, and they can significantly improve the performance of some computer components, including the Wi-Fi; therefore, it is critical to have the most up-to-date network adapter drivers possible.

Optimizing the Performance of Your Wi-fi Card

Another quickly resolved cause of weak Wi-Fi is that your laptop’s power settings are adjusted so that it does not maximise the performance of the Wi-Fi card when it is powered on or plugged in. 

Laptop wifi signal suddenly weak

Navigate to your laptop’s power choices and ensure that both the battery and plugged-in modes of your wireless adapter setting to maximum performance. How to do it on Windows 7 and 10 is as follows:

Accessing Power Options on Windows 7:

  • In the bottom left, click the Start Menu, then Control Panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound, followed by Power Options.
  • Change Your Settings by clicking Change Your Settings, and then Change Advanced Power Settings by clicking Change Advanced Power Settings.
  • Select Wireless Adapter Configuration.
  • If not already, ensure that both the On and Off Battery power settings are set to Maximum. Decide anyhow there is a difference in the performance of the wifi.

Accessing Power Options on Windows 10:

  • Start, Settings, System, Power and Sleep, and Additional Power Settings.
  • Change Plan Settings, then make the necessary changes to your Wireless Adapter Settings as described above.

FAQs – How to Fix Weak Wifi Signal on HP Laptop?

Why Does My Laptop Have Weak Wifi Signal?

If the WiFi card not securely connects to the PC or dust has gathered on the card and connecting ports, a poor WiFi signal may result. Reconnect the WiFi card and check whether it resolves the issue. Additionally, an outdated WiFi card could be causing your PC to receive an insufficient WiFi connection.

Why Is My Wifi Weak All of a Sudden?

Obstacles that reduce the signal’s intensity. Interference from other radio-transmitting devices. Signals sent by older, less efficient wireless devices are weaker. The wireless router’s power supply is insufficient, resulting in a weaker signal.

Why Does My Laptop Keep Losing Wifi Connection Windows 10?

If Windows 10 continually breaks the Wi-Fi connection without notice (and you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with the router), the issue could cause by the power management settings on your network adapter. You must revoke the permission that allows Windows to power down the adapter to save energy.

What Affects Wifi Signal Strength?

Whether there is drywall, a wooden door, brick walls, or concrete in the way, it will impact your WiFi signal as it must pass through these various materials. Another factor affecting the strength of your WiFi connection could be the wireless channel used by your router.


Now, you know all about How to Fix Weak Wifi Signal on HP Laptop? Press the Windows logo + X keys on the keyboard and then select the Device manager option from the context menu. Expand the Network adapters option, right-click the adapter, and update this programme.

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