How to Fix Sound on Toshiba Laptop Useful Guide

Is the sound on your Toshiba laptop not working? At times, there is no sound at all, and at other times, the sound cuts out completely. It might be pretty infuriating. However, do not be alarmed. You may quickly resolve the sound issue.

It could be a problem with your audio device, audio driver, or computer’s sound settings. Now, we will discuss How to Fix Sound on Toshiba Laptop?   Before you begin, you’ll need to troubleshoot and determine the source of your problem.

Why Is the Speaker on My Toshiba Laptop Not Working?

“Start” should be clicked. “Control Panel” will appear. “System” is double-clicked. You should select “Hardware”. Double-click “Sound, Video, and Game Button” in the device manager. Select “Properties” from the context menu of “Audio Codecs.” If it is functioning correctly, it will indicate as such. If not, re-download the driver from the Toshiba website.

How to Fix Sound on Toshiba Laptop?

Now, I’ll tell you everything about How to Fix Sound on Toshiba Laptop?

  • Ascertain that You did not accidentally mute the sound. To open the “Volume Control” window, double-click on the “Speakers” icon in your taskbar (referred to as “Volume” in Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows). 
  • Ascertain that none of the lines on your sound card are muted or completely turned down.
  • Ascertain that any external speakers you’re utilising with your laptop are correctly connected. 
  • If you’re utilising an external speaker system with your Toshiba laptop, ensure that the wires connecting the speakers to the sound card inputs on the back of the computer’s chassis are correctly connected. The blue wire, for instance, should be inserted into the blue information.
  • Reinstall the sound card driver. Consult the handbook that came with your Toshiba laptop and then visit the company’s website. 
  • Conduct a search for your sound card’s specific model number and then download and install its driver. 
  • If your sound card driver becomes corrupted, your computer will have no idea what to do with it, and you will be unable to hear any audio. You can resolve it by reinstalling this driver.
  • “Windows Update” should be launched. Select “Start” followed by “All Programs.” If any updates are available, click “Windows Update” and then “Download and Install.” 
  • Suppose a Windows problem causes any sound difficulties with your Toshiba laptop computer. In that case, they are likely to be resolved simply by obtaining and installing the latest operating system software updates directly from Microsoft.
Toshiba Satellite Laptop Speakers

How Can I Upgrade the Sound Quality on My Toshiba Laptop?

  • Trace your hand down the notebook’s front, right, and left sides to discover the volume control.
  • To access “Start | Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Sound,” click “Start | Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Sound.” Select “Speakers,” followed by “Properties.”
  • Select “Improvements.” “Loudness Equalisation” should be deselected, and then click “OK.” Click the “OK” one again.

Why Are Toshiba Laptops So Slow?

After prolonged usage, these laptops often become slow, and application performance becomes sluggish. Several strategies for optimising your system’s performance include removing apps, defragmenting the hard disc, and increasing available memory.

FAQs – How to Fix Sound on Toshiba Laptop?

Where Is the Speaker on My Toshiba Laptop?

A small speaker icon should appear in the lower right corner of your screen, next to the clock. If you have many heroes, you may need to enlarge that area. Double-click the sound icon and verify that the volume is set to the maximum setting and that your speakers are not muted.

Why Is the Sound So Low on My Toshiba Laptop?

Go to Speaker control (far right speaker icon in system tray), right-click and pick “Playback Devices”, click the “Playback” tab and select “Speaker/HP” or something similar, select “Properties”, click the “Enhancement” tab. If a checkbox for “Disable all sound effects” exists, select it. It resolved the issue for me.

Why Are My Speakers Crackling on My Laptop?

Popping, crackling, and other audio issues can occur for various reasons. It could result from incompatible drivers, wrong audio settings, or interference from another piece of hardware. It can be assumed if it induced water into the speakers or if the laptop fell.

Can Laptop Speakers Be Repaired?

While it can resolve some laptop speaker issues without specialised gear or experience, others require more extensive diagnostics and repair work. If you wish to attempt to resolve your issue at home, follow these steps in order: Ascertain that your sound is not muffled.


Now, you know all about How to Fix Sound on Toshiba Laptop? By following the above guide, you can resolve your problem. If you have any questions about this topic, then comment below for the answer of your question.

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