How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop Step By Step Guide

If your laptop’s charger port is defective, this guide will rapidly show you How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop?

Before you take any harsh measures, such as purchasing a new charger or replacing the charging system, be sure to read through this lesson and determine whether you can resolve the issue.

This tutorial will help you in resolving the source of the problem and the most cost-effective solution.

Why Does My Charging Port Get Loose?

There are several primary reasons for a loose laptop charging port. The first reason is that the charging plug must be removed and reinserted repeatedly. When you regularly insert and remove your charging plug, it becomes loose.

You’ve probably noticed that little pins surround your laptop’s charging port. When the charging port’s pins are forced together, the charging port becomes loose.

Then you begin having difficulty charging the laptop as a result of this.  And your laptop begins plugging in and unplugging repeatedly. As a result, your laptop is not fully charged. Ultimately, there is a risk of burning a motherboard component. And you become enraged by this issue.

Furthermore, this does not mean that there is no solution. In this essay, I will explain How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop? follow the steps mentioned below about resolving the issue.

How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop?

To repair a laptop’s loose charging port, you must replace the AC power input jack from within the machine. Before taking any action, verify if the charging port is at fault. Additionally, a loose connection could be caused by the motherboard or the charger cord.

If you continuously force the charger into the port regularly, the port will eventually become faulty. And if you’re certain it’s the charging port that’s malfunctioning, try the actions outlined below to see if they assist.

  • First, you must ascertain the laptop’s SKU number to locate the service manual for your laptop quickly.
  • Now unscrew all of the screws and lift the lid.
  • Then detach the keyboard from the laptop and unplug all the wires and cords from the side of your laptop’s motherboard. Additionally, slide the optical drive out.
  • After removing the optical drive, flip the laptop over and loosen any remaining screws keeping the shell in place.
  • Now, using a thin yet sturdy tool such as a credit card, pry open the top and bottom shells of the laptop.
  • Separate the bottom shell very gently now.
  • Concentrate on the left hinge since you’re about to tilt the laptop lid open in a direction away from the motherboard.
  • Disconnect the motherboard’s AC power input jack. Conduct a thorough inspection and ascertain the part number.
  • It’s now simpler to order a replacement part.
  • Once the replacement part arrives, reverse the preceding steps and reassemble your laptop.
  • After charging the battery with your AC adapter, turn on your laptop.

Occasionally, a long-term accumulation of dust in the charging port can result in this type of issue. Consider cleaning it yourself or bringing it to a service shop.

Can I Repair a Loose Laptop Charging Port?

How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop

If you have the necessary skills, you can, but you must attend the service center immediately if you do not. If it is the plug or cable that is faulty, you can replace it. Because even if you successfully repair the power adapter, it will not last long.

If it isn’t that power adapter, it could be the internal jack on the laptop, which you should also put back. If the power jack has come unattached from the motherboard, you will need a soldering iron to reattach it. 

However, replacement is a viable choice if the power jack has become loose and damaged. Numerous solutions are possible based on the core cause of the problem, which is why you must first ascertain the cause and determine whether it is the charging port or something else.

Cost to Repair a Laptop Damaged Charging Port 

The cost of replacing the charging port on a laptop is entirely dependent on the brand and model of your computer. While some components are easily changeable in a single or two-hour session for less than $8, others are directly attached to the motherboard. 

As a result, any damage to such components may need the replacement of the complete motherboard. Similarly, some charging connectors are inside the laptop, so that the entire laptop must be broken up to replace or repair the port.

As a result, labour costs will be increased only to the extent that they exceed the cost of replacement. Generally, the cost of replacing the jack or port is roughly $100, but it can rise to $350 depending on the situation.

Even certain models’ charging ports are always failing. It occurs because the port or jack is connected to numerous issues, which might cost up to $65.

FAQs – How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop?

Can a Laptop Charger Be Fixed?

To resolve a problem with a laptop charger port, you must first determine the root of the issue. If the power jack is attached to the motherboard, it is simple to remove and replace. On the other Side, if the power jack becomes soldered to the motherboard, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

How Do I Know if My Laptop Charger Port Is Broken?

Suppose the power plug is faulty or does not connect securely. The adaptor’s plug is defective if the power plug becomes hot to the touch or sparks appear. I’ve witnessed carbonising and burned traces near or on the logic board where the power port was soldered in. Occasionally, soldering can be used to rectify this.

Can I Charge a Laptop With HDMI?

If your laptop has an HDMI connector, this is the best approach for you because it requires a few additional accessories. You’ll only require a few items to charge your laptop using an HDMI wire. A laptop, as well as a notebook and Chromebook, can be charged in this manner.

Why Is There Black Stuff in My Charger Port?

Severe blackening is caused by water or excessively high humidity on the cable or in the iPhone port when it is plugged in. Additionally, you may see minor blackening caused by the cable being plugged into electricity while being plugged into your device.


Are you curious to know about How to Fix Loose Charger Port Laptop? The charger for a laptop is composed of the primary AC power cord, an adaptor, and an outlet. 

To resolve any issues it may have, proceed in the same method as you did while attempting to determine the source of the issue. It is pointed out which can save you hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

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