How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering? Easy Guide

If you’re a college student or small business owner, chances are you use your laptop to perform the majority of your job, whether it’s writing your latest paper or crunching data for your business. 

And, while owning a laptop is a privilege for which we should be grateful, this does not negate the fact that portable computers have a variety of advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, if you’ve recently observed that your laptop isn’t charging or performing poorly, this could be the result of a defective DC power port. Not only do power plugs provide electricity to your computer, but they also assist in charging the computer’s battery, which helps keep your laptop in working order. 

Therefore, if you have a malfunctioning power jack, you may be asking how to repair it. This post will demonstrate simple methods for How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering? that do not require any prior knowledge or soldering skills.

To be sure, there are numerous methods for repairing a broken power jack, some of which need engineering abilities such as technical understanding and soldering.

However, if you lack knowledge of these crafts, alternative methods for repairing your laptop do not require special tools. Therefore, if you’re looking for How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering? You’ve come to the perfect place.

Therefore, if you are prepared to repair your computer without the assistance of a professional, we have everything you need to get started.

What Is the Purpose of a Power Jack and How Does It Operate?

A power jack appears similar to an additional slot in your laptop. Technically, though, it is the energy source for the entire system. While you may assume the battery to be the source of power, the jack helps the battery operate more efficiently and charge to its maximum capacity. It is even ethical to run a laptop without a battery.

A power supply, or PSU, is an electronic device that converts electrical energy into the current for use by an electrical load. A power supply’s principal duty is to transform electrical energy from one form to another. As a result, power supplies are occasionally referred to as energy converters. Currents plain themselves in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Pulsating
  • Direct
  • Variable
  • Alternating


The current flowing through your wall is alternating, which means it reverses direction frequently throughout the second at regular intervals.


A computer power supply transforms alternating current to direct current, which flows in a single direction.

Modular or Non-Modular

At some time, you’ve probably heard the terms modular or non-modular. These are pretty critical when it comes to PC construction.

A non-modular power supply comes with a predefined set of chords and is connected directly to the power source, which means that not only are your options limited, but if you desire more VGA or SATA chords, you will be unable to do so. At times, it may sustain damage, in which case we must restore it.

A DC Power Jack Can Be Damaged For One Of The Following Reasons:

  • Lack of strengthening in the case and motherboard is the most typical cause. To deal with such stress, you must insert the plug.
  • A laptop’s internal components can loosen over time. An extended usage period, such as more than two years, increases the risk.
  • The power jack can become loose if the plug jerks. When the charger is dropped, or the charger cable is pulled, it can happen. These circumstances can be caused by people, a vacuum cleaner, or even dogs.
  • We’ve found that the power jack on some laptops isn’t soldered correctly.

Is It Possible to Fix a Laptop’s Power Jack Without Soldering?

It is determined by how a DC jack is attached to the motherboard. It might be possible if the connection is made using a wire connector. However, it is not possible if it is directly soldered to the motherboard. Without soldering, it is impossible to repair a wholly detached or lost power jack in this instance.

Keep a cool head. Soldering does not require the expertise of a professional electrician. Soldering is a simple process that everyone can perform. This article will assist you if you’re on a business trip, travelling, or don’t want to spend money on a repair facility but need to resolve the issue immediately.

How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering 3

Here Is A Solution For Fixing Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

AC Tools for Your Laptop

  • Iron solder
  • Stripper Wire
  • Electrical tape
  • Hole Maker – You can select a combo between laser, hammer & drill, nails and screw & screwdriver.
  • Multi-meter
  • Solder
  • Clamp
  • The Pliers

If you don’t want to employ a specialist or are unable to do so due to a business trip and a need for a quick fix, we’ll demonstrate how to do it right in the next section. However, keep in mind that this problem is practically impossible to overcome without solder.

Physical Damage Related Issues

As previously said, if a pin or the entire jack on your laptop destroy, there is no treatment; replace it. Some may even advocate sticking it or doing something else, but I strongly advise against it. A loose connection on a laptop charger port will emit heat and not provide a constant current. 

Excessive use might cause damage to the laptop’s charger pins and perhaps the motherboard. Therefore it’s preferable to replace it. A DC-in jack for your computer can be located by Googling for “[your laptop model] dc jack.”

Disconnect the DC-IN jack from the body by releasing the screw and unplugging the connector from the motherboard. If the jack is soldered directly to the board, remove it carefully and gently to avoid damaging the circuit wire. 

Motherboard, Wires, and Pin Issues

I will fix the DC jack if it is functional and physically looks good to restore power to the laptop. Can solve the issue in one of two ways.

The Motherboard Has a Separate Connector on the DC-in Jack

Connect the adapter to the DC jack first, then unplug the jack’s connector from the motherboard. Now check the voltage on the power jack connector; it should be significantly different than it was previously.

Locate the damaged wire or the disconnect pin on the DC jack, correctly joined and solder. If you have some heat shrink PC Cooling Tubing on hand, you may also use it for reinforcement. Recheck the voltage; it should be present once the connection is made. Reassemble the laptop by reattaching all of its components.

Soldered DC-in Jack on the Motherboard

You’re now interested in learning how to repair a laptop’s power socket. Because you’ll be working on the motherboard to replace the power jack on a computer, you’ll need to pay close attention. As a result, the situation has devolved into a state of emergency.

It results from dry welding, and our constant force aggravates the situation. To safeguard the jack, apply flux to all of its pins and re-solder properly. Due to the possibility that the incorrect link would render your laptop unusable, this repair will require professional abilities. 

Determine which track burned first, i.e., +VE, GND, or inductive signal, before attempting to remedy the issue. Then solder the wires directly between the jack pins and the track’s location. Use hot glue or an epoxy combination to avoid additional harm. 

When connected to the adapter, it creates a robust connection to the motherboard that is resistant to movement.

Note: To avoid burning, use thick copper wire and allow adhesive to penetrate the DC-IN connector.

Factors When Hiring Technicians Laptop Charger Port-repair Cost

If you cannot patch your DC power jack on your own, your final alternative is to contact a repair shop and employ a technician. Although it may seem unusual to replace the motherboard rather than the power jack, it is possible.

Rather than repair or replace the power jack, many repair/service centres opt to replace the motherboard. It will cost between $300 and $700, including repairing or replacing the jack. 

Additionally, the extensive nationwide network of laptop repair shops/centres and manufacturers impacted. Typically, they lack the necessary equipment, resources, and training to conduct such repairs.

Therefore, if they recommend replacing the motherboard, seek a second opinion from another specialist before completing the jack repair service. Throughout the United States, there are numerous respectable repair shops.

FAQs – How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

Why Is My Laptop Charger Not Working?

A defective charger’s adapter cable may not be supplying enough power to the laptop; The charger and battery are both old; A problem with the computer’s power supply; The driver of the battery is out of date.

Can a Laptop Power Cord Be Repaired?

Laptop, phone, and tablet cables will ALWAYS fray. Replacing the battery on a high-priced new laptop may seem like an unjustified additional expense, but you may easily avoid it. Sugru Mouldable Glue may repair it as long as the cores are not destroyed or exposed and the cable continues to function.

How Much Is a Charging Port Repair?

Expect to pay between $50 and $90 for a professional Samsung charging port replacement, depending on the model and provider you choose. It’s a good idea to inquire about any warranties offered by your repair company on parts and labour.


Soldering was the most dependable means of addressing power jack irregularities in laptops for several years. However, people sought out better but not necessarily more reliable shortcuts as the era progressed. Now, you know all about How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

To return to the matter at hand, iron soldering requires your laptop’s power jack to be permanently attached. If not, you can use the methods above to repair your computer quickly.

I’ve attempted to explain everything in-depth, but you may contact us in the comment area if you have any further questions. We appreciate your time.

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