How to Factory Reset LG Gram Laptop Easy Guide

Have you discovered that your LG Gram laptop has been attacked with a strange virus? Furthermore, every software you install on the computer is inoperable. You also have no idea how to get rid of these viruses, but the only apparent remedy is to restore the laptop to factory settings, so now you want to know How to Factory Reset LG Gram Laptop?

Nowadays, all branded laptops that come with a preloaded Windows OS have a recovery sector on the disc that enables you to restore your computer to its factory default settings (Factory State) following a system crash.

The recovery partition is often hidden, as it stores all of the possible recovery options and necessary data for quickly restoring your laptop to its factory default condition if you have difficulties with its functionality. (For example, you cannot ordinarily boot into Windows.)

To boot your computer from the restoration partition and utilize the various recovery options, you must press a specific key or mixture of keys (referred to as the “Recovery Key”), as specified by the manufacturer of your laptop.

How to Factory Reset LG Gram Laptop?

Before going towards methods for How to Factory Reset LG Gram Laptop? You must install AVG to scan your entire PC. Then, boot in safe mode and start a complete scan to find viruses on your machine. If that doesn’t work, try the other method.

1- Reset an LG Gram Laptop Using the F Key


Turn off your PC. Wait ten seconds before re-energizing. Keep pressing F8 while the power comes back. It brings up the Advanced Boot Options (On specific devices, the Advanced Boot Options page is accessed by pressing a separate “F” key. During the power-up screen, you could see which “F” button is correct.)


Select “Repair Your Laptop” and press ENTER. It brings up “System Recovery Options.” Select “Restore App.” It is the last choice. Select “Full Factory Recovery” from the “Recovery Options” menu. Also, you Must install any factory-installed software.


When prompted, select “Next” then “Yes.” Shut off your computer. Wait thirty seconds, then restart. Your laptop should now be factory reset.

2- Online LG Gram Laptop Reset

All LG Gram laptops use Windows 10, a new sign-in option. With Windows 10, you may use a Microsoft account to log in. And Microsoft highly encourages this method since it centralizes the management of all Microsoft services. In this case, you may easily reset your Windows password using Microsoft’s online service.

  • Start by visiting the Password Reset page.
  • Enter your Microsoft account email or phone number.
  • Verify your identity by entering the account credentials. Then, reply to the security queries to proceed.
  • After confirming your identity, you will get a confirmation code by email or phone. Please copy & paste it into the blank space below. Then you may change your Windows login password.
  • This is one of the quickest ways to restore an LG Gram password. It just works if you log in with a Microsoft account. 

3- PassGeeker for Windows

PassGeeker for Laptop is an easy-to-use password recovery program. It simply takes 5 to 7 minutes to secure an LG Gram laptop with some clicks and no command line. It is currently the most acceptable program to reset Windows local account passwords. PassGeeker for Windows is a complete program, so you won’t need to install any 3rd party applications.


Get a new computer to download PassGeeker for Windows. Insert the USB device and run PassGeeker for Windows. On the main screen of this credential recovery program, choose between DVD/CD and Flash Drive devices. Then click on Burn USB. The burning process begins and takes around 2-3 minutes to complete.


Replacing the USB drive on the LG Gram Laptop In the BIOS settings, choose USB as the first boot device. You will soon see the PassGeeker for Window primary interface with few settings. So, first, choose your Windows version. Then go to the user accounts area, select the restricted account, and click “Reset Password.”


Change the password and restart the machine. Was circumvented the old passcode in the previous step, so you may now use the new one.


PassGeeker for Windows includes an ISO burning program that helps remove Windows 10 passwords. In addition, it may reset administrator and user passwords. The utility has been thoroughly tested to ensure uninterrupted service. The latest version has no glitches, and the reset password speed is too quick to unlock the LG Gram Laptop instantaneously.

4- Use NT Password Registry Extender for LG Gram

LG laptop Boot menu key

Offline NT Account Registry Editor is a free command-line tool that allows users to reset or maintain the Windows password. This tool’s password reset method is unique since it uses command-line ideas.


Get a functional computer and get the newest NT Password Registry Operator Bootable CDs File from the official website. The package is in a zip file, so after downloading, unzip it and retrieve the ISO file.


Now transfer the ISO file to Flash drive using the burning program. Removing and reinstalling the USB drive mostly on LG Gram Laptop Reboot your LG Gram laptop from the USB device, and press Enter to run the command-line software.


Select an account from the list. Then, select the Reset Password option and input the number 1. Reset Password. Next, choose Edit user info and passwords by clicking Enter. Now, choose the locked user profile and enter if it is an admin account. To maintain the password box blank, write one and hit Enter.


Type! Then enter the updated user data interface to the end. It will soon take you to the NT Password Registry Editor’s main screen. To exit the program, enter q. Tend to your laptop and remove the USB drive. Will require No passcode this time.

Free and powerful Portable NT Password Registry Editor reset Windows 10 password. However, the operative procedure and algorithm are sophisticated, making it difficult for most people. So, before you begin, carefully read the steps!

FAQs – How to Factory Reset LG Gram Laptop?

Which Function Key Is Required to Revert to Factory Settings?

Rather than reformatting your discs and restoring each application separately, you may use the F11 key to restore the whole machine to its factory settings. It is a global Windows restore key, and the technique is compatible with any Windows-based PC.

How Can I Use the Keyboard to Return My Laptop to Factory Settings?

On the keyboard, hold down the “Control” and “Alt” keys and then click the “Delete” key. If Windows is operating normally, the dialogue window will have numerous alternatives. If the dialogue box does not appear after a few seconds, you can restart by hitting “Ctrl-Alt-Delete.”

Is LG a Decent Manufacturer of Laptops?

The LG Gram 2021 laptop is a powerful laptop with a large display and an all-day battery life of 80Wh. However, the LG Gram 17 is reasonably costly and weighs about as much as other 13-inch laptops. The LG Gram’s primary flaw is that its design compromises its ergonomics.

Is It Essential to do a Factory Reset on Your Laptop?

When selling or disposing of a computer, whether it is a Mac or a Windows PC, it is recommended to factory reset it. It makes no difference if you’re using it daily for critical tasks or perhaps for photo viewing. Your gadget is almost sure to include a variety of sensitive data.


So, this guide was all about How to Factory Reset LG Gram Laptop? It’s not tricky to factory reset an LG Gram Laptop. Various techniques have been discussed in this article to factory reset your LG laptop. The easiest of all the methods mentioned in the article is by using the F key.

As for this, no tool is required for factory resetting the LG Gram Laptop. I hope this article will prove beneficial for you.

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