How to Factory Reset Iview Laptop Helpful Guide

Occasionally, with PCs, you will encounter an issue that can resolve by just wiping the machine clean. Traditionally, you’d use your Windows (or another operating system) CD and perform a CD boot with a new installation. This article will demonstrate How to Factory Reset Iview Laptop?

What if, though, you don’t have the disc? Laptops, on the other hand, can be returned to factory reset. Essentially, the computer will delete everything on the hard disc you are now using and then reinstall the computer system and pre-installed programs.

Create a Backup

Before following the guide on How to Factory Reset Iview Laptop? Create a backup of most of the documents you wish to save. Nothing will be backed up once you clean erase the hard disc; therefore, make a backup to an external hard drive. When you’re doing a hard reset on your laptop to remove a virus, keep in mind that the virus may be tied to your backed-up documents and settings; thus, scan and eliminate the virus before restoring your settings.

Things to Do Before Doing a Hard Reset on Your Iview Laptop

Before doing a hard reset of your iView laptop, ensure the following items.

  • Disconnect any external devices from your computer, including USB and HDMI cords.
  • Make a backup of all the data on your hard drive.
  • Create a list of the software that is currently installed.
  • Save all of your data, such as photographs and papers.
  • Verify that you have the original software CDs for your Iview laptop before doing the reset.
  • Save the configurations of all your browser.
  • Keep a copy of all serial key information in a secure location.
  • Verify that you have a copy of the original Operating System.
  • Make a backup of your mailing list if stored on the iView laptop.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s handbook to determine the appropriate approach.

Factory Reset Iview Laptop

Follow these step-by-step steps to reset your iView Maximus laptop.

1. Setting

Launch the start menus and go to settings on the iView laptop’s bottom left side; however, you can open the settings application by inputting settings in the left-hand search box.

2. Maintenance and Security

Locate and click on Update & Security in the settings area at the bottom.

3. Recovery

Following that, locate Recovery on the left side of the iView laptop and click on it.

4. Three Distinct Alternatives

Once you press on it, three alternative options appear in front of it.

5. Select Reset this Computer

You may select Reset this PC and then click Get started.

6. Select an Option

Choose “Keep my files” or “Remove everything,” depending on whether you wish to keep or delete your files.

How to Factory Reset Iview Laptop

7. Additional Configuration Options

After selecting one of the options, either retain my file or delete everything, you will see different settings, which you may modify or hit on Next.

8. Click on One of the Following Options

If you choose to Erase Everything in the previous step, more options will appear, including Just removing my data, Removing files, and cleaning the disc.

However, keep in mind that selecting the Remove data and wipe the disc option will take longer to reset your iView laptop.

9. Warning and Following

If you have updated your iView windows, you will receive a warning message informing you that you cannot revert to the prior windows version. Click next if you accept the notice that you will not access the preceding version.

10. Reset Your Laptop

Following that, you would see the Reset option in the window; click on it, and your laptop will restart in a few moments. You may now access the same items on the iView laptop you selected in the previous stages.

FAQs – How to Factory Reset Iview Laptop?

Is It Safe to Perform a Factory Reset or Formatting on My Iview Laptop?

It’s important to know that it will wipe out any data and configuration on your iView laptop if you conduct a hard or factory reset. To be safe, make sure your iView laptop’s battery is fully charged and connected to a charger before you begin formatting; otherwise, you risk damaging it.

If something goes wrong during the reset, you can typically fix it by starting over and making sure you follow the procedures strictly. If you’re not sure you want to take the chance of damaging your iView, you should take it to an expert rather than conducting a factory reset on your own.

Without a Password, How Can I Factory Reset My Iview Laptop?

Press the Switch on your smartphone to turn it off. Hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time. Select your preferred language by pressing the Volume Up or Down buttons, then the Power button to confirm your choice. Select “Wipe and Reset.” Select the option to “Wipe All Data.” “Yes” is the only option. That’s it!

Is It Possible to Restore a Computer to Its Factory Settings Without User’s Permission?

May restore Windows 10 to factory settings from the start screen if you don’t have enough administrator passwords. Then, while pressing the Shift keyboard shortcut, you may begin the process of wiping your PC clean. Next, select the Restart option in your power menu while holding down the key.

How to Speed Up an Iview Laptop?

There are various ways to speed up an iView laptop before buying a new one or resorting to severe measures. First, perform a pointless app cleansing. Delete any downloaded software you don’t use. Delete pre-installed apps. Your Iview laptop includes pre software that takes up memory.

Get your iView laptop upgraded to the newest version of the software. More recent versions may offer performance enhancements. Restart your iView computer. Run antivirus or cleaner. Finally, you may format, factory reset, or hard reset your iView laptop.


The iView laptop is an excellent choice for everyday use. You may effortlessly complete your assignment and stay current using this. The instructions outlined above will assist you in resetting your laptop. However, you should carefully observe and maintain the directions. So, this guide showed you all about How to Factory Reset Iview Laptop?

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