How to Disassemble Asus Laptop? Easy Guide

Today we will go through How to Disassemble Asus Laptop? Like any other laptop, Asus laptops require regular maintenance and upgrades. Key hardware components begin to deteriorate if kept uncleaned for a lengthy period. 

You may also require to upgrade your Asus laptop components from time to time. You can’t do either of these things if you don’t know how to disassemble a laptop properly. Because Asus laptops are designed to be compact, there isn’t much interior workspace for users to work with.

Asus laptop disassembly has become a significant problem for many people. As a result, the following information will help you develop How to Disassemble Asus Laptop.

How to Disassemble Asus Laptop?

Step#1 Shut Down the Laptop:

Shut down the laptop and remove the power cord and all other laptops’ peripherals. Close the laptop’s LCD screen and set it face down on a flat surface. Flip the computer around, so the display is facing you. 

Step#2 Remove the Battery:

The laptop’s bottom case has a battery cover, which you can find at the top. Remove the battery cover by pulling on the locking tabs. It’s time to get rid of the battery pack, so take it from its container.

Step#3 Disconnect Laptop Hardware:

Make that all of the laptop’s bottom casing’s hardware covers have been removed. Disconnect the laptop’s bottom-mounted hardware components. Depending on the computer, this task can be very different. 

Important Point:

The majority of the computer hardware on some Asus laptops is located at the bottom of the laptop. Other laptops have only the RAM, modem, and wifi cards accessible from the bottom.

Step#4 Screen Should be Fully Open:

The LCD screen should be fully open when you’ve flipped the laptop upside down. You can disagree with the keyboard’s locking tabs c behind the first row of keys.

Step#5 Arrange the Keyboard:

Arrange the keyboard face down on the palm rest by gripping its top edge and tilting it upwards. 

Step#6 Remove the Keyboard:

Remove the keyboard from the laptop by removing the ribbon cable from the motherboard and connecting it to the keyboard connector on the keyboard.

Step#7 Removing the Metal Cover:

Removing the metal cover from the motherboard will require removing the screws that hold it to the laptop. You may find and remove the trackpad cable from your motherboard by looking for it near the trackpad assembly itself. 

Step#8 Using a screwdriver:

Near the bottom of the laptop, under the trackpad buttons, put a small flat-head screwdriver. Using a flathead screwdriver, begin to remove the laptop’s top casing, working your way around the computer. 

Step#9 Expose the Motherboard:

Remove the laptop’s upper shell by removing the LCD hinge clips. Remove the laptop’s upper casing with care and place it in a safe place. Will expose the entire motherboard.

How to Disassemble Asus K Series Notebook Laptop?

How to open Asus laptop battery

Step#1 Disconnect the power cord:

Firstly Disconnect the power cord. Remove the bottom cover by removing the one screw holding it in place. The bottom surface can be slid in the direction illustrated. Remove the bottom panel. 

Step#2 Access to the Memory Module:

The way into the memory module, hard drive, CMOS battery, cooling fan, DVD drive, wifi card, and heat sink with the processor are all simple to find under the bottom shell of the laptop or notebook.

Step#3 Remove the DVD:

Remove a single screw from the DVD drive’s mounting bracket. Remove the DVD drive by sliding it to the right. To detach the hard drive, remove four screws. Slide it to the right to unplug the hard disc from the motherboard’s connector.

Step#4 Swap HDD:

Should remove a rigid drive assembly. You’re free to remove the HDD from the caddy and swap it out for another one if necessary.

Step#5 Carefully Remove Latches:

Once it has popped up at a 30-degree angle, carefully remove it from the slot using the latches that have been spread out on both sides of the memory module. There was only one memory slot on this laptop. 

Step#6 Inbuilt Memory:

The motherboard appears to have some inbuilt memory. All Asus K series laptops may feature only one memory slot. However, I don’t know for sure.

Step#7 Unscrew Screw:

Unscrew three screws holding the cooling fan in place. Remove the motherboard’s fan cable. I can now remove the fan.

Remove Keyboard:

It isn’t essential to disassemble the laptop to remove the keyboard.

  • Use a sharp object to press on the latch to release it.
  • Pull the keyboard upwards at the same time.
  • Lifting the keyboard is possible after all patches have been released.
  • The palm rest is the perfect spot for your keyboard to rest when it is upside down.
  • Unlocking the connector is the first step in removing the cord.
  • Finally, if necessary, remove the keyboard and buy a new one.

Video Guide

Your Laptop Requires Repair or Not?

Is your laptop displaying error warnings, taking a long time to open apps, or abruptly shutting down? Even though there could be a variety of causes, some are more dangerous than others. The following are the most prevalent red flags that indicate the need for a laptop repair:

1- There is no charge in the battery.

2- Unexpected shutdown of laptop.

3- Death by a thousand cuts.

4- Slowly starting or running programs is a common occurrence.

5- Touching the laptop causes it to heat up.

6- There is a lot of noise coming from the laptop’s fan.

7- Connectivity difficulties with WiFi and Bluetooth.

8- As soon as you press any key, nothing happens.

9- There is a crack or a break in the display.

10- Malware or a virus has infected your laptop.

Laptop repairs don’t always necessitate the services of a tech expert; the average person can resolve some issues.

How Do I Fix a Slow Asus Laptop?

Viruses and other malware can cause a Windows machine to malfunction and slow down. Running an antivirus scan and removing any dangers it identifies is the best action. 

To protect your computer, you can use the built-in Windows Defender security software or use a well-known antivirus program such as Bitdefender or Norton, or Kaspersky.

Method#1 Remove Viruses and Malware:

Viruses and other malware can cause a Windows machine to malfunction and slow down. Another easy fix is conducting an antivirus check and eliminating any dangers discovered.

Method#2 Clean dirty fan/heat sink:

You may notice that your ASUS laptop freezes and becomes unresponsive if it overheats frequently. We should check the fan and heat sink for dust in this situation. Open your computer with a screwdriver or similar tool, then use a vacuum cleaner or can of compressed air to undo the dust from the vents. ​

Method#3 Increase C Drive Space to Speed ASUS Laptop:

The hard drive is like as the blood that carries information between the CPU and the rest of the computer. If your ASUS hard drive is nearing capacity, your entire computer will slow down. What should I do next? It’s possible to clean out your computer and free up more space on your C drive.

FAQs – How to Disassemble Asus Laptop?

How complete I Open the Back of My Asus ZenBook?

The first step is to create the back cover. Remove the ten screws listed with a T4 Torx screwdriver. Add the screws to a container so that they don’t go lost. Must carefully slide the iFixit Opening Tool between the rear panel and the case. It’s time to remove the back plate from your ASUS ZenBook UX31E.

Where Is the Ram in the Asus Zenbook?

RAM is usually housed on the back of your laptop and can be accessed through a flip-open hatch on the back of your computer.

Are Asus Laptops Upgradable?

On the ASUS Official Website, you may check the model specifications to see if your computer hardware supports an upgrade to the RAM, HDD, or SSD and the complete upgrade specs for each type of storage device.

Can We Change Graphic Card in Asus Laptop?

Can switch a sound graphics card for the suitable application between an integrated graphics card and a standalone graphics card in some ASUS Notebooks. NVIDIA Optimus Technology and AMD Switchable Graphics Technology allow this to be accomplished.


The above guide will help you with How to Disassemble Asus Laptop?. These straightforward instructions and tips will aid Asus Laptop disassembly. Great lengths to ensure that I included all relevant information.

Reverse each process to rebuild your laptop. Connectors and wires should be inserted correctly, with no kinks or stretches, and should return all screws to their proper holes. 

Avoiding screw cracking can be accomplished by alternately tightening screws on a part. To prevent a twist in the keyboard ribbon cable, the lighter side of the line moves up.

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