How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Easy Guide

Laptop keyboards have been shrunk to save weight and bulk to make them more portable. Compared to using an external keyboard on a desktop, typing on a laptop has become more complex.

You may now disable the laptop keyboard on your PC and use an external keyboard instead. All you have to do is go following the advice on this page.

Are You Curious to Know How to Disable Laptop Keyboard? Even though carrying an external keyboard is cumbersome, it has some advantages over a laptop keyboard, including a durable construction, better typing, ease of replacement, and a lower cost.

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard?

Different Linux, Ubuntu, and Mac OS implementations are among the operating systems available. For a short period, it’s easy to disable the keyboard in Windows. Disabling it permanently, on the other hand, is more complex. Because we discussed them thoroughly, you don’t have to worry about it.

Temporarily Disable the Laptop’s Keyboard

Just deactivate the keyboard till you restart your computer, and everything should be OK. Uninstalling the device’s drivers is all you need to do in the Device Manager. Simply rebooting your laptop each time to disable the keyboard is a straightforward and quick method if you’re searching for a short-term cure.

It is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  • To begin, go to the Start Menu Search box and type “devmgmt.msc.”
  • Expand the Keyboards section now.
  • Uninstall the Netbook Keyboard Device by right-clicking on it and selecting Uninstall.
  • Restarting your laptop will re-enable it whenever you need it.

You will be asked to confirm your resolution to remove a device several times. When accepting any of the recommendations, do not restart your laptop. Restarting the computer will bring the keyboard back to its original operating state.

Disable the Laptop Keyboard for Forever

It is possible to prohibit Windows from taking any action using the built-in Local Group Policy Editor. As a cosequence, when you turn on your laptop, the keyboard driver won’t be installed automatically when it starts up.

Identifying the laptop’s hardware ID is required to complete this task. Use the Group Policy Editor to halt anything connected to that ID when you’re done. Here’s a step-by-step instruction to permanently disable a laptop keyboard. As a result, let’s go to work.

  • Device Manager -> The Keyboard Driver -> Get the Device ID Right-click “Corresponding Device ID” and select “Properties” from the context menu.
  • This figure can be used as a starting point for your own.
  • Remove the driver from your computer.
  • Navigate through the left panel of the group policy editor. Admin Templates -> System -> Device Installation -> Device Installation Restriction in the Computer Configuration.
  • Make sure you select “Prevent installation of devices corresponding to any one of these device ids” in the policy editor.
  • Cn finds the Device ID in the “Options” menu.

Cn uses the Group Policy Editor to reactivate the laptop keyboard by setting its status to “Not Configured.” Remember to reboot your computer after making any changes.

Disable a Laptop Keyboard on a Mac

How to disable laptop keyboard Windows 10

Mouse Keys or a third-party keyboard utility tool can temporarily deactivate a laptop keyboard on a MacBook.

Mouse Keys to Disable a Laptop Keyboard on a Mac

In older versions of macOS, you can disable the laptop keyboard via the Mouse Keys setting. The trackpad is the only input device that is no longer supported in the latest versions.

Enabling Mouse Keys disables the keyboard, allowing you to move the mouse pointer with specific keys. The general purpose is to prevent accidental typing or not intended input.

Note: macOS Big Sur has a Mouse Keys setting. However, you cannot use it to disable the keyboard.

Using a Third-party Tool, Disable a Laptop Keyboard on a Mac

Using the Mouse Keys setting temporarily disables other keys on your keyboard. However, it is only compatible with earlier macOS versions.

Using a third-party program such as Karabiner-Elements, you may disable your keyboard without locking the screen or your laptop. You can disable the built-in keyboard while another device is attached via the Advanced settings.

Reasons for Using an External Keyboard With Your Laptop

1- Significant Travel Distance

The majority of laptops have extremely short critical travel distances. The distance between the keys on your laptop’s keyboard when you press down the key is frequently less than one millimeter. Because of the small travel distance, you’ll have to push harder to initiate the switch, which will result in the key bottoming out more often. 

Dropping your keys to the bottom of the keyboard frequently impacts your finger joints and tendons, which can result in repetitive strain injuries. Use an external keyboard with a greater critical travel distance to avoid this. You can avoid bottoming out your keys when typing on an external keyboard since the larger switches allow for more space between the keystroke activating and the key hitting the floor.

2- Trackpad Misclicks

When typing on a laptop, it’s easy to move the cursor or click objects accidentally if your palm brushes against the trackpad. Re-positioning the cursor slows down your work. You’ll save time and aggravation by not having to constantly clean the trackpad with your hand when using an external keyboard.

3- Strain on the Neck and the Eyes

An external keyboard allows you to raise and distance yourself from your laptop more quickly than you would if you used the laptop’s built-in keyboard. To reduce eye and neck strain while working, You may position your laptop screen at the ideal height and distance.

Your screen should little away from you. It will be close enough to read yet far enough out not to strain your eyes if you do this. Ideally, you should be able to see the center of the screen without tilting your head down.

Using the laptop’s built-in keyboard is usually not an option. When using an external keyboard, you can keep the laptop screen in the best ergonomic position while still being able to text comfortably.

4- Maintain the Value of Your Laptop

Are you one of them who want to buy the latest MacBook Pro every year? As soon as new graphics cards are released, do you enjoy upgrading your gaming laptop? If you plan to sell your computer at some point or frequently upgrade your computer, you must take good care of it to receive the most money for it.

Using an extra keyboard with your laptop can significantly minimize the wear and tear on the machine. The keycaps of laptop keyboards wear down over time, resulting in a shiny surface. There’s no harm to the keyboard’s functionality, but the shine detracts from its attractiveness.

If you use an external keyboard, your laptop is less likely to get the buildup of filth and grime familiar with older equipment, so you or the buyer won’t have to conduct the intensive cleaning required to make it look newer and ensure continuous functionality.

FAQs – How to Disable Laptop Keyboard?

Why Does My Laptop Keyboard Automatically Type?

One of the keys on your keyboard may be stuck, causing it to type automatically. If this is the case, remove the key carefully and re-evaluate. Replacing the key in its slot should resolve the problem if it doesn’t.

How Do You Fix a Frozen Keyboard?

To uninstall, right-click your keyboard and select “Uninstall.” Make a right-to-left motion with your mouse and click the Settings charm. Select “Power,” then “Restart,” to reboot your computer. When your computer is restarted, Windows will automatically install the keyboard.

Is It Good To Use a Laptop Keyboard?

There is no doubt that the investment is worth it! With an external keyboard, you’ll enjoy a better typing experience, less strain on your hands, neck, and eyes, and the ability to keep the value of your laptop intact if you plan to resell it.

Should I Use Laptop Keyboard or External Keyboard?

According to experts, keep your distance from a screen at a minimum of 40cm. The built-in keyboard doesn’t allow you to do this. You can maintain a healthy distance between your eyes and your laptop by using an external keyboard.

Is a Laptop Keyboard Good for Gaming?

Because of the repetitive and often intense pressing of particular keys on most laptop keyboards are not suitable for gaming. Most laptop keyboards use sensitive membrane keyboards that are not meant to endure the demands of gaming.


When it comes to disabling the laptop keyboard, you have various options. If you want to disable your keyboard permanently, you should utilize the Group Policy Editor, which is hazardous. It only takes one error to bring your PC to a halt. The post above contains comprehensive information on the subject of How to Disable Laptop Keyboard

I hope this article was beneficial in deactivating your laptop keyboard. Sharing this with others looking for the same thing can be helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comment box below. We’d love to hear about your experience.

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