How to Connect Ps3 to Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only Easy Guide

Gamers may be familiar with a wide range of gaming hardware, from consoles to portable docks like the Nintendo Switch. If so, good for you. There are franchises exclusive to each platform, but it doesn’t matter which one you’re playing.

That’s because it all comes down to how much fun you’re having while enjoying the time of your life. Now we will talk about How to Connect Ps3 to Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only? However, exclusives like God of War and the Uncharted series may be a pain and make you feel confined when playing your favorite games.

Isn’t it possible to link your PlayStation 3 to a laptop so that you may play it on the Windows operating system with a mouse and keyboard without any cross-platform constraint or cutback? Even so it may sound like a joke, let me tell you that it is doable but a bit difficult via HDMI connectivity.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the steps in this brief tutorial on How to Connect Ps3 to Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only? So that you can show off your esoteric knowledge to your friends.

What Is the Purpose of Connecting a Ps3 to a Laptop?

One of the many reasons why one Could Connect a PlayStation 3 gaming console to a laptop computer is to play games on the go. It is possible to communicate wirelessly between your PlayStation 3 and your phone. 

It is possible to access your computer’s hard disc and its images, sounds, and pictures using the PS3’s menu system. If you connect the console to your computer, you could potentially utilize it as a TV display for gaming purposes. These two types of relationships are opposed to one another.

1- For File Sharing

  • Navigate to the Settings menu in the PS3’s main menu and then scroll down to Network Settings. In Internet Access Settings, select your wireless router from the possible connections to connect to it. 
  • If your router is password-protected, you will be prompted to enter your password. Internet Connection will appear in the Network Settings section as “Enabled when you’ve successfully connected.”
  • If you have a router, you can use it to connect the laptop and PS3. Ethernet connections are recommended to be used to connect the console and monitor to the router. 
  • It is required for a PS3 with 40 gigabytes of RAM but does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The machines are connected using a USB cable. When attaching your gaming controller to one of the PS3’s USB-style ports, you’ll need a USB cable with two small connector connectors to make the connection.

2- Monitor Connecting

  • Purchase an external video capture card for your laptop. This system connects to the computer through USB and features composite and S-video outputs.
  • Connect your laptop to the capture card through the USB cable. Load the program on the accompanying CD-ROM into your disc drive. This program assists the device in recognizing the card’s drivers and provides a video viewing/editing feature.
  • Connect the PS3 to the capture card using the RCA composite wire included with the console. Launch the video application and turn on the console to view it on the program’s machine.
  • Enlarge your game’s application by activating the “full screen” button to fill your entire screen.

Does your Laptop have this Compatibility?

If you want to play PS3 games on a laptop screen through HDMI, the first thing you need to know is whether or not your laptop has an HDMI in port. Instead of accepting input, most laptops only contain a single input meant to be used to output a signal. “HDMI In” is the name given to a laptop’s HDMI port when it does have one.

However, this is extremely rare, and you’ll need to explicitly search for a laptop with this capability to find one on the market. It’s easy to accomplish your goal if your laptop has the feature; if not, you probably can’t.

If It Doesn’t Work?

If you don’t have an HDMI-in connection on your laptop, you’ll need to figure out the best way to accomplish your goal. However, capture cards can be pricey and have several drawbacks, so it may be best to find an alternative solution. Purchasing a used TV or monitor with an HDMI connector may prove more cost-effective and time-saving than figuring out a fix for your laptop.

Steam, Epic Games, or direct downloads are more options for PS3 games. PlayStation 3-era titles are playable on many laptops. Making this new purchase is likely to be less than the cost of devising an alternative solution.

How to Connect Ps3 to Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only?

To carry out the deed, here are some instructions.

Step By Step Guide

How to connect PS3 to laptop with HDMI cable Windows 10
  • On your laptop, locate the HDMI port.
  • A video adapter may be required to work with your PlayStation because most laptops do not have an HDMI IN connector.
  • To set up a link between your laptop and your PlayStation 3, connect one HDMI cable to the video adapter and the other to your console.
  • Boot both devices and make sure they recognize each other’s connectivity.
  • To avoid any malfunction or anomaly and it’s advisable to update your laptop and install all necessary USB drivers in advance.
  • Refresh rates and resolution, for example, are tinker able to meet your specific requirements.
  • Certain laptops may not have the correct HDMI port depending on the model. If you want to do this, you’ll need to acquire a wire with HDMI ports. 

How Do I Connect My Ps3 to My Laptop Using HDMI Windows 10?

Connect your PS3’s HDMI output to the capture card’s input. You may find the PS3’s HDMI port on the console’s back panel. Make sure you’re connecting the other end of the HDMI cable to the capture card’s “In” port so that your PS3’s information may be transmitted to your laptop.

FAQs – How to Connect Ps3 to Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only?

Why is an HDMI Cable Used in a Laptop?

An HDMI cable is one of the reliable (and the simplest) ways to connect your television and computer. An HDMI cable connects two HDMI-enabled devices and carries audio and visual signals. It doesn’t matter which end of the HDMI cable is plugged into the TV or the laptop.

Laptop HDMI Input or Output?

HDMI or VGA are the two video output options available on all laptops. As a result of this, the only input the laptop screen has is connected to the chipset of your laptop. Consequently, as far as connectors go, unless you dismantle your laptop and attach the screen directly, your laptop is solely an output-based device.

Can You Use HDMI 2.0 on Ps3?

If you use HDMI 1.4 connections, your PS3 will work on a TV with HDMI 2.0 ports as long as you don’t upgrade to HDMI 2.0. If you try to use HDMI 2.0 cabling, your results may vary.

Why Is My HDMI Not Working on My Ps3?

Unscrew the power cord from the outlet. Ensure the PS3’s HDMI out is connected to the TV’s HDMI in using an HDMI cable. It’s best if PlayStation 3’s red standby light is on. If you hear another beep, release the On/Off button.

Are Ps3 and Ps4 HDMI Cables the Same?

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 have identical HDMI ports in size and form. Any HDMI cable that meets industry standards will work. The HDMI cable that comes with the PS4 isn’t very special. PS3 cable and this TV will both support 4K resolution.


Playing Sony games on a laptop rather than on television is the most efficient method of displaying the game’s display on another screen. It may appear Hard at first; after reading my post on How to Connect Ps3 to Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only, you will be able to do it yourself without any difficulty.

As a result, I wish you all the best in your gaming endeavors and wish you a wonderful day.

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