How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop Easy Guide

Xiaomi Mi Box comes pre-installed with Google Chromecast, enabling you to cast entertainment from your mobile devices to your Mi Box. You can do so using your smartphone or your laptop. It is a straightforward process that does not require installing any third-party software, which ensures your security and your private data security.

Before you begin How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop? There are a some things you should check. To start, ensure that your Mi Box and the device used to cast the media are both powered on. Now, ensure that the display attached to the Mi Box is powered on and linked to the same Wi-Fi System as the Mi Box.

Mi Box Configuration

Although a screen animation prompts you to press a remote button, some accompanying text will benefit. (After all, why are the two thumbs moving in unison to hit a single button? Is your index finger positioned above or below the circular home button? Perhaps the diagram is more precise).

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You’ll then navigate through a very standard set of Android TV options, including language, Wi-Fi, and location on Oh. Are you comfortable with Google accessing your data and downloading updates as needed? Great.

To ease configuration, you can use an Android phone or tablet or visit a URL on your phone and enter a code. (Though the webpage was not functioning correctly on my iPhone. You may enter the code, but refrain from clicking.)

Otherwise, you can sign in to your Google account immediately on-screen. Anyone who uses two-factor authentication requires you to re-enter your Google account’s email and password after Mi Box detects that you need a new authentication process.

How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop?

On the other hand, the built-in volume controls are pretty fantastic—additionally, a new power off button is included. I frequently leave my Roku set to the stunning backdrop images. 

You may like to know, though, that your cube will sleep when not in use. Caution is necessary. I accidentally pressed the power button when my attention wandered due to Roku’s top-mounted home button. The experience was enjoyable. It was enjoyable.

  • Following that, you can cast media from your PC or smartphone to your Mi Cube.
  • Open Google Chrome on your laptop and navigate the media you wish to view.
  • Now, open the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner and pick Cast.
  • Select the Mi cube from the list and begin playing the video.
  • I hope that clarifies your confusion about How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop?

How to Resolve Buffering Issues With the Mi Box 4?

The most frequently used reason for buffering is hardware compatibility. 4K video streaming demands a robust hardware configuration to process the data quickly. If your hardware were not designed for 4k video, you would have difficulty playing 4k video on your device. 

Connect to Mi

Always examine the hardware configuration requirements when purchasing a 4K monitor or any device that supports 4k video quality. You can enable 4k video on your device by addressing the hardware issue.

A power constraint may potentially be a factor in Mi Box 4 buffering issues. If your device connects via a low-power modem, it will distort the image on the screen. You will experience buffering while watching television. 

Check the PowerPoint to ensure that everything is working correctly in terms of electricity. The power output should be sufficient to power the 4k videos on your TV screen. The output voltage is critical. Therefore, have an electrician inspect the electrical outlet to determine a problem with the power supply.

FAQs – How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop?

Can I Connect My Android Box to My Laptop?

You may utilise a USB HDMI capture device, but it will not function if the HDMI out of the box is HDCP. In any case, it’s pretty costly. It’s more cost-effective to get a television or monitor with HDMI and use it as a second screen for your laptop when not using the TV box.

Can I connect the Set-Top Box to Laptop?

Yes, any brand and type of set box may easily connect to any laptop. Install an EasyCap TV Tuner Device that converts the set-top box’s RCA cable to USB and transfers video and audio to the computer.

Is Mi Box Useful?

Regrettably not. MI TV stick is nothing more than another Android TV. It’s similar to how your phone connects to a television display. Although the UI is sleek and elegant, no free content is available save for YouTube.

How Do I Watch Free Movies on Mi Box?

Users of the Mi Box may use Crackle to stream an infinite number of movies, television series, and originals. It is an ad-supported over-the-top video streaming platform available for free in perpetuity. As a result, you may access its entire library of on-demand material, including new and vintage films and premium television shows, at any time.

Is Mi Box S the Same as Mi Box 4k?

The newly disclosed Mi Box 4S is identical to the Mi Box 4 released in 2018. In global markets, the latter market is the Mi Box S and Mi Box 4K. It is powered by the same 64-bit quad-core Amlogic S905X chipset, featuring four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and a Mali 450 GPU.


You’ve arrived here looking for information on How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop? Thus, you can cast into Mi Box from your phone or laptop in this manner. These procedures are also applicable if you own an integrated Android TV equipped with Google Chromecast.

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