How to Clean Laptop Motherboard Useful Guide

Numerous issues can result in a laptop malfunctioning. Dust will ultimately penetrate inside a laptop and adhere to the motherboard, which is effectively the machine’s brain. 

Dust accumulation might cause harm to the motherboard. These particles can corrode the circuitry on the motherboard, resulting in slowed or even frozen Laptop operation. Do you like to know How to Clean Laptop Motherboard?

How to Clean Laptop Motherboard?

Now, we will talk about How to Clean Laptop Motherboard?

Using Compressed Air, Clean the Motherboard

Compressed air is the simplest and safest approach for cleaning the motherboard on a general basis. You can purchase compressed air in a container or use an “air blower” to compress air without heating it.

Once the computer has been totally shut down and removed, use compressed air to remove any remaining dirt or dust particles. You may notice that certain dust particles are particularly difficult to remove at times. To assist with this, Can use a soft bristles brush. Gently brush the dust particles loose and then use compressed air to eradicate them.

Clean Your Motherboard With Alcohol

There has always been considerable controversy among computer builders and enthusiasts regarding the optimal method for cleaning a motherboard with alcohol. Some may advise you not to do anything, while others will advise you to pour the alcohol on the motherboard and give it a “bath.” Others may advise you to apply the liquid precisely using a cotton swab.

The truth is that there is no “correct” way to accomplish it, as it varies according to the type of dirt/stain. Apply the alcohol with a cotton swab to remove anything sticky or thick and tough to remove. This procedure ensures that all dust particles are completely eradicated.

In rare instances, particles may stay on the motherboard because the surface is not always entirely smooth. Applying an alcohol bath to the motherboard is time; we recommend doing so only when essential.

Additionally, you can use this procedure if the motherboard is fully dead and unable to function correctly due to excessive dust. It occurs in places undergoing development or following a fire.

Clean a Motherboard in Simple Steps

  • Completely shut down the laptop to avoid being electrocuted or causing any harm. It includes disconnecting all mains power and unplugging all wires, including connecting the laptop to the power source. It may appear to be excessive, yet it is necessary.
  • Dismantle the laptop and gently remove the motherboard. You should not be required to dismantle or force anything; otherwise, you risk causing substantial harm.
  • Can make use of Compressed air or a blower to take off dirt and dust particles that are more easily removed. If necessary, use a soft-bristled brush.
  • Deep clean the motherboard with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. This step should be performed using a low-shed cotton swab. Gentle and continuous labour will remove all of the sticky and tough particles from your motherboard, including those that we cannot remove with compressed air.

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  • If the motherboard is still not clean enough, you can wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol. You may bathe it if you believe it is in need. However, it would help if you exercised prudence.
  • Allow the motherboard to dry before reinstalling or powering up your computer thoroughly. If you’re in a hurtle, you can even use part of the compressed air to dry it off.
  • Reassemble the laptop and verify that everything works properly.

Is Washing the Motherboard Safe?

It is dangerous to wash the motherboard. It has the potential to cause short circuits and thus an accident. Even worse, it may result in computer damage. However, an alcohol-based solution will still clean it. 

However, Should never use water to clean the motherboard. The presence of water will harm the components on the motherboard. The following methods will allow you to clean the motherboard using isopropyl.

First, you may need to ensure that the isopropyl alcohol is at the proper concentration. Isopropyl alcohol should make up 99 per cent of it. If isopropyl is 99 per cent pure, it conducts less. Anything less may contain an excessive amount of water, resulting in motherboard damage.

Occasionally, a small amount of alcohol may be required to remove specific stains off the motherboard if any sticky items are resistant to removal, dab isopropyl on a cotton swab and wipe away the filth. 


However, it is advisable to clean the motherboard with a cotton swab rather than just pouring the alcohol. It ensures that the isopropyl is not poured in excess.

The following is a synopsis of the procedures: 

  • Before cleaning the motherboard, check that the Laptop is turned off and disconnected from the power source. 
  • Disconnect the laptop motherboard. 
  • Should blow Compressed air across the board to eliminate dust and air. 
  • Remove any stubborn particles with a clean bristle. If you apply isopropyl alcohol to the motherboard, let it thoroughly dry before attaching it to a power source. 
  • You can utilize a cotton swab or a cotton ball dampened with isopropyl to clean it. Must then reassemble the computer.

However, it would help if you never wiped your laptop with water. It will result in motherboard damage and may result in an accident.

Caution Before Cleaning a Motherboard

Before performing a full cleaning, ensure that you test your motherboard. It may not be essentail if the system operates normally and there is no apparent debris.

Always use isopropyl alcohol that is 99 per cent pure. The purer the liquid, the better for your motherboard. Under no circumstances should any other liquid be used to clean it. While 99 per cent purity may be difficult to get, lower purity levels will perform less well and have a greater possibility of inflicting damage. Purity indicates how much water is in the mixture.

If a warranty still covers your motherboard, it is best to contact the warranty company before attempting to clean it with isopropyl alcohol. They may give complimentary expert cleaning. At the very least, they can advice you whether or not doing so will void the warranty.

Wetting your motherboard, even with isopropyl alcohol, can cause it to fail to function. Should use the deep cleaning approach only on highly unclean motherboards that cannot function normally. When working with significant amounts of isopropyl alcohol, wear gloves and goggles. Ascertain that you are working in a well-ventilated location.

FAQs – How to Clean Laptop Motherboard?

Can I Clean a Laptop Motherboard With Sanitizer?

If your motherboard is dusty or covered with grime, you should always wipe it with rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) and a cue tip. Ensure that the system is switched off and the power is disconnected for at least 10 minutes before beginning and that the alcohol is completely dry before reapplying power.

Can You Soak a Motherboard?

If only a tiny section of the motherboard is unclean, perform this procedure. Place the motherboard on the lint-free towel and smooth it out. Examine it to identify the areas that require the most attention. If only a portion of the motherboard is unclean, you should not be required to soak the entire board.

How Do You Clean Liquid Damage From Motherboard?

Cleaning is as simple as using cotton swabs and a cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol, baking soda and water, or even vinegar. Gently wipe the solution across the afflicted area until the corrosion is eliminated. Allow some of the solution to remain on the corroded area and wipe it away later if necessary.


Cleaning a Laptop is critical if you want it to continue operating efficiently and providing you with high-quality service. Ensure that the motherboard is cleaned every 3-6 months.

A moist cloth may produce better results. However, it is critical to avoid contacting the motherboard with water while cleaning it. Because water droplets conduct electricity, they can quickly destroy the motherboard. Cleaning spills and other sticky things, regularly remove them.

Now you know all about How to Clean Laptop Motherboard? You can clean the motherboard with compressed air. Finally, Can use a dust buster or vacuum cleaner. However, vacuuming can generate static electricity, which might damage the Laptop.

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