How to Clean Alienware Laptop Keyboard? Easy Guide

Alienware laptops are among the best computer industry thanks to their impressive functionality and unique aesthetics. They’re one-of-a-kind and perfect for gaming and other tasks that require a lot of processing power. 

But laptop itself and specifically keyboard can cause some sort of failures due to accumulation of dirt and debris inside it. So, for this every Laptop owner should be aware of the importance of cleaning their laptop regularly. This is only possible if they have complete understanding about How to Clean Alienware Laptop Keyboard? 

Here are the steps you need to do to maintain your Alienware laptop keyboard clean. To clean your laptop’s keyboard, follow the Below instructions. We will also discuss how to maintain the cleanness of the keyboard, by this you can decrease the chance of ill-functioning that may cause by dirt.

How to Clean Alienware Laptop Keyboard?

The process will take a few minutes of your time, and your keyboard will be returned to its former splendour in no time.

Step#1: Disconnect the System

Before you get started, switch off your laptop. You don’t want to hit a hotkey combination that leads to calamity accidentally. Unplug it, as well, to limit the chance of shorting something if any moisture gets inside. And make sure you have everything crucial backed up if something goes wrong. (This is, of course, good practice whether you’re cleaning your keyboard or not.)

Step#2: Rotate your laptop 

For the time being, you must turn the laptop upside down to allow any loose particles to fall out of the keyboard naturally. If you have a pressurized air can, it is time to use it to clear away any leftover debris. 

To clean the keys on your laptop, turn it upside down and allow the crumbs, dust, and other accumulated things to fall out. Gently tapping the bottom of the chassis will help to dislodge any obstinate particles in addition to being pressed into the spaces between your keys with cleaning slime, which attaches to the trash and collects it.

Step#3: Make Use of Clear Tape

To catch any remaining debris, use the adhesive side of clear tape; it’s also a good idea to connect the tape beneath the keys and slide it around to give the keys a complete cleaning. Apply the cleaning slime by pressing it into the cracks between the keys and lifting it, collecting filth as you go.

Step#4: Using Compressed Air

You can also utilize Compressed air to clean the inside components of your Alienware keyboard. Your keyboard will not be damaged by the high-pressure air that comes out of the container. It is possible to use an optional straw to direct the nozzle to specific keyboard regions to remove difficult trash.

Step#5: Using a Paper Towel and Isopropyl Alcohol

It is the part of how to clean a keyboard that takes the least amount of time, but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel great. Dip a piece of paper towel into the isopropyl alcohol and shake off the excess. Wipe the surfaces in between the switches with force. The alcohol will eliminate the stickiness, so you Can use a paper towel to wipe away the dirt.

What Is the Fine Way to Clean Under the Keys on a Laptop?

Cleaning tools that can reach around the keys may be useful, but the best and most complete cleaning method is to remove them from the keyboard. Find out if and how to remove the keys from your laptop’s keyboard by looking up the model number.

Take a photo of your keyboard advice you remove them, just in case you lose track of where you put them. Using any instruments that could bend or scratch your keys is likewise out of the question. For less than $10, you may buy a professional “pry tool” repair kit.

Infection Control for Laptop Keyboards: What You Need to Know?

Cleaning for the primary purpose of removing dirt and grime is an excellent use of the methods listed above. To prevent germs from spreading, you should follow up your cleaning with a disinfection step (always clean before you disinfect).

There are only a few precautions to take when sanitizing a laptop keyboard with your preferred disinfectant product. Keep liquid cleaners away from your laptop’s internal components. Instead, use a cloth saturated with liquid disinfectant to provide the required surface contact time, as mentioned on the product label.

Tips to Maintain a Laptop Keyboard

Alienware keyboard

Maintaining a laptop keyboard is a piece of cake. The problem is that most people don’t give a rat’s behind about properly caring for a laptop keyboard. How do you grow the life of your laptop’s keyboard and make it more resistant to use and break?

#1) Make Use of a Keyboard Protector

The keyboard cover is essential to its use. Dust and liquids are no match for a keyboard cover when safeguarding a laptop’s keyboard. The cost of a keyboard cover varies based on the laptop keyboard you have.

There are many low-cost options for laptop keyboard coverings, including those available online. In the long run, it’s quite beneficial to keep your keyboard free of dust buildup under the keys.

Thanks to this feature, keys won’t get trapped or lose touch with the PCB. Additionally, keyboard coverings often remain in place while typing, allowing for a more pleasant and less tiring experience.

#2) Shouldn’t Press the Key Too Hard

while it turns out, the laptop keyboard has a lower pressure limit than specialized mechanical keyboards. Avoid pushing the keys too hard to keep your laptop keyboard in good working order. It is a common problem for gamers, whose attention is constantly drawn to the screen. 

Some professional typists develop the negative habit of typing too hard when attempting to type more quickly. Using an excessively harsh laptop keyboard might wear down more quickly, resulting in a decrease in its lifespan.

If you just hit the keyboard in a normal method and avoid using excessive force while using the keyboard, this is no longer an issue.

#3) Don’t Put Heavy Objects on the Laptop Keyboard

It’s not just the keys and springs that will put under strain if you place a hefty object on top of a laptop keyboard. Coffee mugs and textbooks are included in this category. Most laptops’ internal components are housed beneath the keyboard in this location.

It can be a problem, as laptop keyboards lack firm plastic on the top of the keyboard, like the sides and the bottom. It is a rare cause of laptop keyboard malfunction. However, it is prudent to bear this in mind in an emergency.

#4) Handwashing Before Typing

It is almost universally overlooked. Even if your hands appear clean, there is more than meets the eye. As the keyboards get a few years old, their tactile surfaces wear away. A keyboard’s painted writing begins to fade quickly if the most frequently used keys are often typed on.

Most of this results from finger wear and oil and dirt being wiped away from your fingertips. When typing for lengthy periods, wash your hands with soap before beginning. It will help keep the keyboard in better condition.

Even though you won’t notice a difference when you’re typing, it’s worth it. To begin with, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your keyboard’s cleanliness and wear.

#5) Avoid Cleaning the Laptop Keyboard With Liquid

The portion of the laptop gets the most attention when it gets dirty. The initial step is to use a moist rag to wash most people. It is a bad idea because many screens cannot withstand wetness in most circumstances. The possibility of water damage to the keyboard persists. 

FAQs – How to Clean Alienware Laptop Keyboard?

How Long Does a Keyboard Usually Last?

When used properly, mechanical keyboards can endure for ten years or more. When used regularly, mechanical keyboard switches have a life expectancy of 50 million keystrokes or more. Mechanical keyboards can survive much longer if you’re prepared to fix the pieces that break.

Are Laptop Keyboards Durable?

Laptop keyboards aren’t built to last as long as desktop keyboards. It is because laptops are designed to be lightweight and compact. On the other hand, desktop keyboards are not constrained by their weight or size.

Why Do Laptop Keys Get Damaged?

Liquid spills frequently cause keyboard failures. It might permanently damage the laptop’s keyboard if the liquid is spilled. In some cases, once the water has dried up fully, you may be able to use the item as normal.


There’s nothing difficult about that, is there? Now that you know How to Clean Alienware Laptop Keyboard? you don’t have to go online and search for “keyboard cleaning instructions.” It should be done regularly so that the buildup doesn’t get too bad. Keep in mind that too much grime can damage the keyboard, so make sure you keep it clean.

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