How to Check if a Laptop Is Stolen or Not? Easy Steps

Today we will talk about How to Check if a Laptop Is Stolen or Not? Many burglars see laptop theft as a lucrative business opportunity. Selling a stolen machine can be done in various places, including Craigslist, pawnshops, and even on the street. Computer theft is a heinous crime, but many of us would not hesitate to buy a good computer at an excellent price. However, at what cost?

What’s worse is that the implications of buying a stolen laptop are unwelcome, no matter how innocent the transaction may have been. Could bring Possession of Stolen Property charges against you if you purchase something from a shady person, even if you know it’s stolen.

What responsibility do you have if that laptop included sensitive data (personally identifiable information from customers’ data, privileged or secret corporate data) that may track back to a company?

If you can verify that you purchased the laptop legally, you will still be without a computer. You will return the machine to its rightful owner and lose the money you paid for it.

Before You Buy a Used Laptop, What Do You Need to Know?

Consider your options carefully before making a purchase, even if the offer seems irresistible.


Investigate the motivation behind the sale. The question is why the vendor wants to get rid of the laptop. What sorts of things did they do with it in the past? Keep an eye out for stumbling answers or explanations that lack coherence.


Inquire about where the laptop was initially acquired and request any original documentation the vendor may have, such as receipts, manuals, etc.


Request a purchase receipt. A trustworthy vendor shouldn’t have any issues with this at all.


Think about what a reasonable price would be. Is the PC price below what one would consider a reasonable range?


You can check with online theft registries or the local police department using the serial number of the laptop to determine if the device has been reported as stolen.


Request to test out the laptop first. Establish a connection to the online network. If the computer were stolen while protected by Absolute, this would cause an automatic delete and lock. At that time, a notification detailing the following actions to recover the stolen laptop would show on the screen.

Important Note: 

Absolute offers continuous visibility and control for endpoint devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Because it was programmed into over one billion gadgets while still manufactured, our protection cannot be removed or turned off. 

If you are in the retail shop for a Brand new gadget for use in the business world, you should make it a point to buy only brand-new models equipped with self-healing endpoint protection from Absolute.

The last thing you want is for offender to get their hands on your brand-new smartphone, along with all the private information it contains.

How to Check if a Laptop Is Stolen or Not?

How to track a stolen laptop with serial number

#1) Documentation

A receiving from the original transaction should be provided as proof of purchase by the buyer. Prey points out that a laptop’s pass pass is rarely stolen. Thus, the thief won’t have any evidence of ownership. In addition, you should insist on receiving a ticket for your peace of mind. Please add the seller’s phone number to this receipt. Many trustworthy sellers are more than happy to provide you with a receipt.

#2) Inspect the Damage

Inspect the laptop for any signs of being removed from an anti-theft device by force. A lock slot, which take after a little rounded rectangle and is about the same size as a connection port, can be set up on some Laptop or computer. This port was damaged if Removed from the anti-theft cable without a key.

#3) Personal Information and Usernames:

Request that the person selling the laptop turn it on. If the computer requires a password to log in, you should ensure that the vendor is aware of it. Criminals won’t. Even if there isn’t a password, you should look through the document, photo, and video directories just in case there is any data inside. 

Because most vendors are concerned about protecting their privacy, they will wipe this information from the computer before selling it. Do not be hesitant to inquire with concerns about any data that is still available. It’s possible that the stolen item is if the vendor tells an unusual narrative or doesn’t appear in any of the images.

#4) Numbers of Production and Branding:

The laptop’s serial number should be easily readable and show no signs of having been tampered with. You might also ask the seller for the serial number before making the purchase and then use that number to inquire with the local authorities or the original manufacturer about whether or not that particular serial number is listed as stolen in their databases. 

Look for any indicators of branding that could indicate ownership, such as a company logo in the background image or screensaver or stickers or etchings on the laptop cover that could identify the device’s first owner.

How to Trace a Stolen Laptop With a Laptop Serial Number?

On condition that you remember the laptop’s serial number or if it’s tied to a Microsoft account, you may be able to locate it if you search for it using any of those methods. Using the device’s serial number, your network provider will be able to track it for you, or you can use the find my device service that Microsoft provides to follow your laptop using your account.

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FAQs – How to Check if a Laptop Is Stolen or Not?

Can a Stolen Laptop Be Tracked After Factory Reset?

You might already installed the necessary tracking software on your laptop. Most major manufacturers incorporate the LoJack for Laptops code developed by Absolute Software into the BIOS of their laptops. Your computer will be able to be located this way even if the hard disc has been deleted after it has been stolen.

Can Manufacturers Track Laptops?

There isn’t Ample that one can do to find a brand new, unopened laptop. If you had registered the computer, there might have been some chance. Tracking apps like Lo-Jack GPS tracker would have given you a greater sense of security.

What Do Thieves Do With Stolen Laptops?

Once your laptop has been taken, the crooks will do anything to get rid of it swiftly. Alternatively, they may sell it on the street to anyone willing to put up the money and take the risk.


Finally, How to Check if a Laptop Is Stolen or Not? We’re here to help and would be honored to do so. When purchasing a used laptop, check to see if the previous owner’s data is still on the device.

It’s a good plan to check with your local police department to see if they have any information on stolen or lost laptops if you have any doubts. If you purchase a new laptop from a reliable retailer, you shouldn’t be concerned.

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