How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop? Useful Guide

If you’re a techie or a gamer, you’re probably familiar with an MSI laptop. MSI laptops have never failed to deliver the greatest specifications and features in a stylish package. Several fantastic features are included with an MSI laptop, one being the RGB backlight keyboard.

With the aid of RGB keyboards, you can create the ideal atmosphere for your hard gaming sessions. In addition, these keyboards allow you to customize the RGB lighting to your liking or convenience.

Suppose you’re unsure How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop? Fear not. We’re going to walk you through the process of accessing the settings and changing the color of your laptop’s keyboard. Therefore, let us not spend any more time and start to work.

What Is the Keyboard Color on an MSI Laptop?

The color of the keyboard on an MSI laptop is sometimes known as an RGB or rainbow color that may be activated or altered to brighten your MSI keyboard. You may use the keyboard color to brighten your MSI keyboard in full darkness, allowing you to text more clearly.

Some people refer to the keyboard color as the backlit light, essentially the same thing. A backlit keyboard only assists in the illumination of a random keyboard in a single color, which might be white, red, blue, or any other random color. While the MSI keyboard’s color or RGB light gives a wider variety of colors to choose from and personalize to your unique desire.

When gaming, the color of your MSI keyboard may be incredibly beneficial when you need to quickly identify specific keys for better gameplay or whenever you want to snap a picture. You may set custom colors to individual keys, which is extremely beneficial for gamers looking to increase efficiency and pleasure. In general, the keyboard color on MSI laptops is an incredible feature that may help writers and gamers boost their performance.

Why Should You Change the MSI Keyboard’s Color?

There are various reasons to consider changing the illumination on your MSI keyboard. If you’re wondering why you’d want to manage or alter the color of your MSI keypad light, consider the following.

1- Type In The Darkness

It is the most self-evident explanation, yet it bears stating. With a keypad that illuminates plainly, you’d undoubtedly have an edge in the dark. You’ll be ready to see the keys you’re typing more clearly, which means you’ll make fewer errors than you would if you were typing straight in the dark.

Although most individuals have learned to type without glancing at their keyboard, this does not imply they would not be able to type more efficiently if their MSI laptop’s keyboard could glow in the dark. Certainly, this is a benefit for both novice and experienced typists, as it will help them enhance their typing quality and overall experience.

2 – Comfortability

The relaxation that uses MSI keyboards that support color display is quite enjoyable. Gamers can connect to this sense of fulfillment, whether gaming or utilizing the keyboard daily. While the keyboard is in use, the colors it emits positively influence you, encouraging you to use it more frequently.

If the keyboard’s color genuinely motivates you to utilize it more, you will spend significantly more time functioning than usual.

3 – Convenience

The simplicity of using an MSI keyboard with color displays is the selling point. When gaming, you may designate a special color to certain keys to aid hand placement. In a video game like Call of Duty, its default movement keys on the MSI keyboard are the w, a, s, and d keys. If you are not accustomed to tapping such keys, you can benefit from color-coding those keys, which will cause you to spend a little less time glancing at your keypad and more time focusing on your screen.

While this is a self-evident beginner’s suggestion, expert gamers find it beneficial overall playing experience and quality. 

4 – Alternate Colors

Apart from the ability to switch on and customize the color of the MSI keyboard, you can also pick any keyboard color and set it as your default. It implies that if you assign a blue color to your MSI keyboard, you may change it all to green and make it your default color.

This function includes a quick and versatile method for customizing the keyboard on your MSI laptop. If you’re unsure which color to choose, you may always choose the rainbow hue for your MSI keyboard, which looks stunning at a glance.

5 – Beauty 

When it comes to beauty, no one can resist the allure of a keyboard capable of displaying any color. If your portable MSI keyboard is dull in appearance, a simple Rainbow light-up might breathe new life into it. Colors bring out the best in everything, and your MSI keyboard is no exception. With your MSI keypad, you may cycle between various colors to choose which one best suits you.

SteelSeries Engine offers a plethora of color options. You’ll need to browse the templates and setup options to choose how to make your MSI laptop appear cooler.

How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop?

How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop

The notebook comes equipped with the necessary drivers and software for controlling the keyboard lighting. Navigate to the software’s entry in the menu bar. It is frequently imprinted with the firm’s logo that created the keyboard.

Because the majority, if not all, of MSI keyboards, are manufactured by Steelseries, I will be utilizing Steelseries Engine 3 to control the lights.

Step 1: Tick the Start menu and type Steelseries Engine 3 into the search box.

Step 2: Select the MSI RGB Per-Keyboard option.

Step 3: You’ll see the default settings for your keyboard and Lightning. Now, in the lower-left corner, click the Config button.

Step 4: The configuration window appears on the left. If you prefer, you can continue with one of the default options.

However, how about we take it further and develop our configuration? Proceed to the bottom and select the New button.

Step 5: Give the new configuration a name. Additionally, you may define any programs that should be permitted to access the settings and afterward click Save.

Step 6: You may begin customizing the keyboard illumination at this point. The following is a list of the things you will encounter:

Select: Select each field or button individually.

Group Selection: Select many fields or buttons in a single operation.

Magic Wand: Apply the same effect to all locations or buttons.

Brush: Add a style to a selected area or button using a brush.

Color Cube: This effect can be applied to any key or key region.

Eraser: Removes the impact of a key/region from the screen.

Effect Picker: Select an impact for the specified area or button using the 

A color selection and a fall list are located just beneath the tools. The drop-down list specifies the effect that can use, and the color picker specifies the effect’s color.

Explanation of the Effect Types:

Permanent: utilizes the specified key/color. area’s

Color shift: Changes the color scheme of chosen keys/areas.

Color Change: Up to four colors can be allocated to the limited areas.

Reactive Key: assigns the Key an active and inactive color utilized when the Key is pushed and released.

Cooling Timer: Turn the keys from “Standby” to “Cooling.”

Disable Backlight: Turns off the button/RGB. zone’s

As you’ll see, these functions and effects provide several options for customizing your keyboard.

Step 7: Don’t forget to hit the Save icon in the lesser corner when you’re finished.

FAQs – How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop?

How to Fix Your MSI Keyboard’s Led Light Not Working?

If the LED light on your MSI keyboard is not working, try replacing the batteries. For example, change the battery when it indicates “Low Battery” or if the LED light blinks even though no keys were touched.

How Can I Adjust the Brightness of the LEDs on the MSI Keyboard?

You may rapidly alter or regulate the MSI laptop keyboard’s lighting. For example, launch “SteelSeries Engine 3” and click “MSI Per-Key.” Following that, you’ll see a setting screen for the keyboard panel. Now you can easily and rapidly change the color of your keyboard or individual keys.

How Can I Customize the Color of the Keyboard on the MSI Laptop?

If the keyboard backlight does not adapt to your input after you have activated it using the hotkey icon or the software, please press the “Fn” and Numpad “-” keys to boost the keypad brightness and check again


We demonstrated an easy and rapid approach for changing the color of the MSI’s keyboard. You must follow the following procedure step by step to understand How to Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop? To summarize, some of the impacts of MSI keyboards are also shared.

Therefore, you may inspect the preceding and obtain knowledge about those effects, allowing you to enhance the beauty of your laptop keyboard with RGB backlighting. 

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