How to Change CMOS Battery in HP Laptop? Easy Steps

There are a few scenarios in which your laptop’s CMOS battery will need to be changed. This page will explain How to Change CMOS Battery in HP Laptop, why you might require a replacement and the procedures that need to be taken to remedy it.

How Would I Recognize a Failed CMOS Battery?

The laptop can’t keep the correct time and date after switching off if the CMOS battery fails. The time may be set to noon when you turn on your computer. Reset to January 1, 1990. Battery failure may be to blame for this error.

If the following messages appear when the computer is booting, the CMOS battery is failing.

  • Read Error in CMOS.
  • Error in the CMOS Checksum.
  • Failure of the CMOS battery.
  • The battery voltage in the system is low.

Where to Buy Your Desktop and Laptop’s CMOS Battery?

You can buy a CMOS battery for your computer, laptop, or netbook from a local computer store. Coin-shaped 3V CMOS batteries are also available online. The use of a high-quality CMOS battery is recommended for trouble-free computer operation. It will continue for more than five years at this rate.

However, you may get a 3V lithium battery for your computer for a lower price. However, compared to the premium version, its lifespan is drastically reduced. As a result, upgrading your computer’s battery to a higher-end model is highly recommended.

Check your computer’s CMOS battery rating before purchasing a new battery, and order the same one from an internet retailer. On average, online businesses often ship out orders in 5 to 7 days. For those who cannot wait that long, the premium edition is also available at your local computer store if desired.

How to Change CMOS Battery in HP Laptop?

HP Laptop CMOS Battery price

Step#1 Shut Down Your Laptop:

Turn off your laptop and remove all power sources. Please make sure the computer is on its side and face up.

Step#2 Remove Hard Drive:

Remove the hard drive cover by detach screws holding it in place. Remove the hard drive by unscrewing the remaining screws holding it in place.

Step#3 Find WIFI Card Cover:

Find the RAM (random access memory) and WIFI card cover. Near most laptops, you’ll find it in the very middle. Remove the lid by removing the holding screws.

Step#4 Spread the Latches:

Spread the latches on each side of the RAM module to remove them. Slide the RAM module out of its compartment by tilting it.

Step#5 Remove the Wireless Card:

Remove the screws holding the wireless card to the motherboard and disconnect the wires. Removing the laptop’s wireless card will complete the process.

Step#6 Unscrewing the Clip:

The CMOS battery can be located. Using a clip, it’s held together with a small piece of metal.

Remove the CMOS battery from its chamber by unscrewing the clip that holds it in place. Reassemble the laptop after you’ve installed the replacement battery.

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How Long Do CMOS Batteries Last?

When the computer is off, the CMOS can save all of its settings because of the power it provides [source: Indiana University]. The CMOS battery has a life expectancy of five years or more. The battery in your computer lasts longer when it is used frequently.

FAQs – How to Change CMOS Battery in HP Laptop?

Where Is the CMOS Battery in a HP Laptop?

The CMOS battery can be found in the motherboard’s middle left corner, next to the edge where the RAM slots sit. Lift the CMOS battery from its plastic case with the sludger.

What Will Happen if CMOS Battery Is Removed?

You will lose your date and time settings, your computer will boot with default BIOS settings, or you will be forced to pick which disc your operating system is installed on every time you start your computer if you remove your CMOS battery.

Can a Laptop Run Without a CMOS Battery?

Legacy ROMs are enabled in UEFI boot mode. The rest of the settings are factory defaults. The laptop was working fine until it suddenly stopped powering on after removing the CMOS battery (no post or anything).

Will Replacing CMOS Battery Reset Bios?

Instead of removing and replacing the CMOS battery, perform the following procedures to reset the BIOS: Your machine needs to be shut down. Make sure your computer isn’t receiving any electricity by removing the power cord. check you have a solid base to stand on.

Do All Laptops Have CMOS Batteries?

CMOS batteries are less common in laptops less than a few years old. To obtain many of the same effects as a CMOS battery, laptops without a soldered RTC battery use so instead.


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