How to Break a Laptop Without Evidence? Easy Guide

The following are reasons why someone might desire to trash their laptop. Somebody may be attempting to delete sensitive data and not want anyone else to be able to find it. Or, they may be fed up with the device and enjoy your parents or company to have to buy you a new one.

Fortunately, a laptop can be smashed with a hammer or thrown against a hard surface relatively quickly. In addition, you can make multiple holes in the device if you have access to a drilling machine. If you’d rather be creative, you can use a saw to cut through the laptop’s metal casing. However, this will render the computer inoperable.

Because these strategies are so evident, they have a downside. Your laptop would be obvious to everyone who came across it in this state if it were to be found by someone else. Because of this, it is critical to find a means to delete your laptop without leaving any trace altogether. Now, we will talk about the problem of How to Break a Laptop Without Evidence?

How to Break a Laptop Without Evidence?

Several methods exist for destroying a laptop. A list of seven strategies for eliminating your computer without leaving any trace has been produced for your perusal.

Method#1 Throw It Down Upon a Solid Surface:

The fact that Cana removes mobile devices so quickly is one of the characteristics that makes them particularly risky. During travel, portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets can stow away in the pockets of briefcases and purses. At the same time, they must carry computers in their specialized luggage. 

Most users will not bother carrying their laptops when moving from their home office to their bedroom, placing their devices at risk of being damaged if they are dropped. When moving the computer about, you should always put it in a bag so that it does not get damaged from being dropped.

Method#2 Magnetize the Circuitry:

A magnet might not be able to run a laptop entirely, but it certainly can do some damage to it. A powerful magnet might cause problems with the circuitry, including the loss of data or even a complete shutdown if it interferes with it. Additionally, it has the potential to muck up the screen, making it difficult to read.

Additionally, the magnetic force will cause the data stored on the hard drive to become garbled, and in the long run, it will cause the data to be lost entirely. As a direct consequence of this, any critical files or archival records that have been saved on the laptop will be eradicated.

Although it would appear to be a simple procedure, using any magnet you have at home will prevent you from completing it. You will need to use a mighty pull, such as the kind used in MRI equipment or particle accelerators.

If you can acquire your hands on one of these magnets, you have the potential to cause harm to the circuitry of the laptop and interfere with its typical functioning.

Method#3 Keep Drinks Nearby:

How to destroy a laptop with water

At the very least, everyone has a friend who accidentally got Pepsi on their computer keyboard. In most cases, the cost to replace a keyboard attached to a desktop computer is less than twenty dollars. However, the consequences might be catastrophic if the keyboard is attached to a laptop. The ideal method is to place any beverages on a surface distinct from the one on which the computer is being used. 

At the very least, it must be situated at a sufficient distance so that even if it leaks, the liquid won’t be able to get to the laptop. Suppose the worst-case scenario occurs and your computer comes into contact with liquid. In that case, you should immediately turn it off, remove all of the attached peripherals and the battery, and flip it over so that the fluid can drain off the keyboard before reaching any crucial circuits.

Method#4 Overheat the Laptop:

One of the most usual ways to ruin a laptop is to overheat. The internal components of a computer can suffer irreparable harm if they do not have adequate cooling. A faulty motherboard, CPU, or graphics card could be to blame.

A laptop might become overheated if the vents are blocked when used in a scorching environment. The computer will have to work harder to cool itself down if the ambient temperature is already high. There is a risk of overheating because of the strain on the internal components.

Method#5 Make a Table Out of It:

The weight of seven school textbooks is too much for a laptop to hold. Overcrowding might cause a damaged screen, which can lead to expensive repairs. You should keep various things in mind when using a computer, especially if you’re a younger person.

You should check your insurance policy to see if you are covered for accidental damage and damages caused by negligence. May share it among younger users, but busy professionals may also experience an “oops” moment when using their computers. A laptop’s lifespan can be increased to five years or more with a few preventive measures.

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How to Destroy a Laptop Hard Drive?

To completely wipe the data on a hard drive, you must destroy the magnetic disc (also known as a platter) inside.

To begin, find the location of your computer’s hard drive. If you’re having problems identifying the hard disc, you may need to consult the manual for your specific model. Next, remove as many screws from the computer as possible using a proper size screwdriver.

Remove the hard disc from its case now. Depending on the creation and type of your hard drive, releasing several screws is all that is required here. Sometimes screws are concealed beneath labels, so you may have to look about.

Repetitively strike the hard drive on various sides until it begins to open. When the lid is open, use the round silver platter disc to extract it from the inside. This platter can take a beating. A few mild hits with the claw and peen of a hammer should be enough to demolish the hard drive.

In addition to lighting your hard drive on fire, hacking it up with a saw, or magnetizing it, there are numerous other methods for destroying it. However, all it takes is a few hammer blows on the hard drive disc to do the trick.

FAQs – How to Break a Laptop Without Evidence?

Can Water Destroy a Laptop?

To keep your computer safe, you should only use distilled water. Sparkling water has even more minerals than mineral water. They won’t do the same damage as alcohol or tea on your laptop, but they can damage your machine.

What Liquid Will Destroy a Laptop?

Nature’s best conductor and one of the most corrosive liquids known to man, salt water, is abundant in the oceans.

Can You Destroy a Hard Drive by Soaking It in Water?

Even though submerging a hard drive in water may seem like a beautiful method to wreck electronic equipment, it is impossible to completely erase the data on the hard drive and make it useless. What gives? However, the hard drive’s electrical components will be sorted out by the water, but the data will stay intact.

Will Vinegar Destroy a Hard Drive?

Without a rigorous trial, it is impossible to know whether vinegar may harm a hard drive’s data. Corrosion of metal and other elements found in electrical devices could be caused by excessive contact with vinegar, which has an acidic content.


Now, do You know all about How to Break a Laptop Without Evidence? It can destroy a laptop in various ways without leaving any trace. Disabling a computer can be accomplished in different ways, which I’ve covered in this article.

It’s up to you to decide which strategy suits your needs. These methods, albeit time-consuming, successfully wipe away a laptop’s memory without leaving a trace.

Additionally, these methods can harm other electronic devices and components, so be careful when utilizing them. Please only use them on gadgets that you no longer require or want.

Thank you for joining us today.

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