How Much Will I Get if I Pawn My Laptop Easy Guide

Electronics like laptops and telephones are the most popular commodities in pawn shops. Pawnshops are willing to pay significantly more for your computer than they are for your diamond ring. It implies they’ll be able to offer you a reasonable price for your computers. Bear in mind that they desire updated versions and improved models that work.

Pawn provides the most up-to-date information on laptop pawn rates, whether you’re pawning or selling a laptop, and can tell you How Much Will I Get if I Pawn My Laptop? When you offer your laptops for sale on PawnGuru, multiple pawn shops in your neighbourhood will bid on your merchandise. You may view these bargains online through your PawnGuru portal, and you can also be notified via email when they become available.

Examine the Situation

If your laptop has dents, scratches, markings, bubbles, or any other type of damage, the price of your computer has almost certainly decreased significantly. However, do not despair; it may still be worth something. However, if your computer does not power on, you may consider selling it for scraps; unfortunately, this will not get you much money, but it is better than nothing.

If you want to get the most out of your laptop, there are a few things you can do to improve its condition and give it a thorough cleaning. Before selling the computer, make every effort to remove any scratches, flaws, or other damage. You may be astonished at the difference an excellent clean can make for your old laptop.

What Is the Make and Model of Your Laptop?

One of the most significant factors affecting the price of your laptop is its brand. Additionally, it will vary based on the model you own. Although older laptops don’t sell for as much as they once did, you’re still likely to get a decent deal if they’re still in good condition.

Now that we’ve established that let’s look at the various brands and their retail prices. As you can see from the data under, I’ve compiled a list of the most likely prices you’ll receive for your laptop based on its brand. 

However, the state of your computer will impact its value, and it may be worth less than the amount indicated in the paragraphs below if there is damage. Each section will explain why, based on my findings, each laptop sells for less or more.

How Much Will I Get if I Pawn My Laptop?

How much pawn shops pay for laptops depends on the brand, model, condition, RAM and several other aspects. The location and current inventory of a pawn shop might also affect the degree of demand for your laptop, which affects the offer you obtain.

It is why you may find significant differences for any specific laptop brand listed.

Best and Worst Ways to Sell a Laptop

Below are the lowest and highest prices we’ve seen pawn shops buy laptops for. We show the average.

  • Minimum Offer: $1
  • Maximum Offer: $1200
  • Average Offer: $212.35

View prices paid for laptops by brand and model below. We may have enough data for your computer to show you.

BrandMin. Pawn ValueMax. Pawn ValueAvg. Pawn Value
Toshiba $1$300$80
Dell $1$600$123.53
Asus$1 $650$144.44
MacBook Pro

Practical Techniques for Pawning or Selling a Laptop


You can always take your Laptop to a pawn shop and sell it. However, if you want to make the most money while pawning or selling it, you must follow these suggestions to display it in the best way possible and get the most money.

Clean Your Laptop Thoroughly

A filthy laptop or tablet computer for pawnbrokers is a significant red flag. If a consumer brings in a product that appears to have been ignored, it’s reasonable to assume that the gadget will have problems. Wipe away dust, trash, and crumbs from meals with a dry rag or cloth. Should remove Smudges and fingerprints from the screen and remove dust and debris from each external port.

Eliminate All Personal Information

Remove all data from your computer before heading to a neighbouring pawn shop. Additionally, you can conduct a factory reset, depending on your device. You may need to seek online instructions. Your item should be in good condition and ready for the next owner to sell and use.

When it comes to pawning a laptop, it is especially critical to consider the issue of data privacy. Why? People frequently turn to pawn for quick cash because it is the simplest option to obtain same-day funds. With this type of transaction option readily available for speed, it’s easy to neglect the issue of data protection.

It’s incredible how often laptops are pawned or sold with sensitive data intact on the hard drive. If you put critical information on there, this could have severe consequences for you.

Our recommendation? Ascertain that you have transferred all of your data from your laptop. It includes notes, documents, company information of any kind, personally identifying data, and credit card information, among other things. Before wiping your computer clean, move your music, voicemails, and images to a backup disc.

FAQs – How Much Will I Get if I Pawn My Laptop?

What Percent Does a Pawn Shop Give You?

You surrender your stuff at a pawn shop; the most often pawned items include jewellery, electrical and photographic equipment, musical instruments, and firearms. In exchange, the pawnbroker typically lends you between 25% and 60% of the item’s market value. A typical pawnshop loan is between $75 and $100.

Are Pawn Shops Worth It?

“Pawnshop stereotypes exist for a reason: You will receive a meagre value for your stuff if you visit a pawn store,” he explains. “In reality, you should anticipate receiving no more than $20 for a $100 item. While this may appear to be an attractive option during a financial emergency, the amount of money you will lose is not worth it.”

Why Do Pawn Shops Rip You Off?

If you stroll into a pawn shop and attempt to sell an item without first determining its value, you are asking to be taken advantage of. Much of what we own is worthless. They very certainly work for the shop, which implies they’re going to undervalue the item for their company to acquire it for a fraction of its genuine market value.


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