How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Keyboard With Water Damage? Easy Guide

If water or other liquids spill on your laptop keyboard, it could harm you. A spilled cup of coffee or a cup of water might do serious harm to your keyboard. If you’re having trouble dealing with something like this, you have two options.

There are just two possibilities available to you at this point. You have two options: either fix the keyboard or buy a new one. There’s always the question of How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Keyboard With Water Damage?

The cost of repairing a keyboard that fluids have damaged should not exceed $100. Repair costs between $30 and $40 are the cheapest.

Fix a Water Damaged Laptop Keyboard

It’s more challenging to fix a laptop keyboard since there’s a danger that water will get into other critical circuits in the laptop and cause further harm.

Step#1 Reboot Laptop:

Once you’ve shut down your Laptop and removed the battery, the next step is to reboot. Later, press and hold the switch button for seconds to verify that the laptop’s components are entirely discharged. 

Step#2 Shut Down Laptop:

If you shut down your laptop as soon as possible, you’ll minimize the risk of it being damaged.

Step#3 Disassemble Your Laptop:

Next, you’ll need to disassemble and clean your laptop. For each laptop model, the procedure of disassembly is different. 

Important to Know:

Since Candisassembelalmost every laptop model on the planet with the help of a video tutorial on YouTube, it’s a good thing most laptops are designed with this in mind.

Some laptops are more challenging to repair than others, however. A screwdriver is all you need for some people. For others, you may require special equipment commonly included in laptop repair kits.


Again, the main goal is to dry off the laptop completely. Even though it may take some time and require caution, following the appropriate instructions should not be too difficult. 

Final Result:

There are chances that your laptop will operate again if you remove all of the moisture from the case and restart it.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Keyboard With Water Damage?

Repairing a water-damaged laptop might cost anywhere from $30 to 100 dollars, depending on the severity of the damage.

If your laptop’s motherboard is broken, it will cost you dearly. There’s no need to worry about the keyboard or chipset malfunctioning expense.

The brand of the machine can significantly influence the cost of repairing a laptop. If your MAC’s motherboard is damaged by water or other liquid, you could be staring at a repair cost of more than $150.

Laptop BrandWater Damage Repair Cost
Lenovo$30-$100 Dollars
Apple/MAC$80-$200 Dollars
Dell$40-$90 Dollars
HP$30-$120 Dollars
Asus$30-$110 Dollars

Apple Water Damage Keyboard Repair Cost:

To begin, we’ll talk about the priciest options first. It’s not uncommon for repair costs to be higher than the purchase price of a new Mac or Apple laptop. If your Mac or Apple laptop keyboard is slightly damaged, you may expect to pay between $70 and $80 to repair it.

HP Water Damage Keyboard Repair Cost:

It is common for HP laptops to have a delicate motherboard. As a result, any water contact with the computer can result in the loss of its functions. Any computer that comes into touch with water will suffer short circuit damage, affecting both the laptop and the motherboard.

Cost Estimation:

If the backlit keyboard on your HP laptop is damaged, it will cost you roughly $50 to fix. In contrast, an HP laptop keyboard with no backlighting will cost $40.

If a short circuit damages the motherboard, it will cost $120 to fix. Repairing a damaged motherboard or chipset will cost between $70 and $80. If your HP laptop has been submerged in water, you should expect to pay anything from $30 to $120 to fix it.

Will a Warranty Help or Not?

If your laptop is entirely under warranty, we recommend taking it to a reliable repair shop to get it fixed. The type of liquid spilled on the computer is essential: Spilled water on a laptop is the least acidic, whereas sugary and alcoholic fluids are more conductive and corrosive. They can cause irreversible damage in a short period. 

In either case, the goal is to minimize the spill’s effects as much as possible by drying the computer as soon as feasible. But if you don’t want to get an expert to look at it for you, there are a few easy things you can do on your own to try to dry out your machine.

How to Replace a Laptop Keyboard with a New One?

HP laptop keyboard repair cost

You can get more specific instructions for changing your laptop keyboard than what is provided here if you look online. Your laptop may be one of a kind, in which case the replacement procedure will be slightly different from the standard one outlined.

To discover if you can fix the keyboard on your own, check with the company that made your laptop and the store where you bought the replacement keyboard. Service manuals are available from some manufacturers for various service procedures. Check the Internet for “how to replace a keyboard” using your laptop’s model number.

Get started right now! Put the new one on the laptop and see if it looks the same as the old one in terms of form and size. 

Step#1 Take a Screwdriver:

You’ll need a small Phillips screwdriver and a butter knife or a small, thin flat instrument to remove the screws from the motherboard.

Step#2 Shut Down Laptop:

It’s essential to shut down the laptop completely: Reconnect the power cable to the battery. You can usually access the keypad by removing the cover/trim piece that covers the screen. 

Step#3 Remove all Screws:

Remove any screws that appear to be holding the cover in place. Small screws on the backs of specific components often conceal the screen hinges beneath their coverings of plastic or metal.

Step#4 Connect a Data Cable:

It’s possible to connect a data cable to the back of the laptop before you remove the cover. Needed and not too slack, this wire is essential. Take care when removing the trim piece that houses your laptop keyboard. Instead of ripping the laptop’s cable or connector apart, you can plug it back in.

Step#5 Pull Cover Off:

When the lid is free, use a butter knife or another flat, thin tool to pull it off carefully. If feasible. Can rapidly snap on the cover with moderate power – do not overdo it. If the screw doesn’t come out, look for any other screws holding the laptop on and remove them.

Step#6 Remove Data Cable:

Set aside the cover/cut piece. If the device is attached to the laptop via a data cable, carefully remove it. Then learn and remove the screws holding the keyboard; there usually are two to five such screws on top.

Step#7 Unlock the Cable:

Remember that the keyboard’s back is connected to a data connection that goes to the laptop. This wire is usually tight, so be careful when pulling it up. The cable must not be torn from the computer or the connector destroyed. Unlock the cable connector by ticking the small lock on the connector. Then cut the data cord and discard the old keyboard.

Step#7 Inert Flat Cable;

Connect the data cable to the connector on the laptop, often by inserting the flat line as far as it will go. Set the keyboard in place, careful not to pull or damage the data cable. 

Step#8 Reinsert the Screws

Reinsert the screws that hold the keyboard in place and reconnect the cover/drive piece. Reinstall any screws you removed earlier from the cover.

Step#9 Reinstall the Battery

After this, you can reinstall the battery and restart the laptop. A flawless functional keypad should be yours for a fraction of the expense of a qualified repair service!

FAQs – How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Keyboard With Water Damage?

How Long Should I Leave My Wet Laptop in Rice?

First, put the rice in first, then cheesecloth if you can locate it. Seal the bag tightly after placing the laptop on top of the pile. For the next 48 hours, let it go. The rice will keep your computer and the air within the bag dry, which acts as a dehumidifier.

How Lasting Does It Take a Laptop to Dry Out?

The more you let it dry, the better. Once your laptop has been wiped clean, you should wait a few minutes before turning it back on to avoid further harm.

What Do You Do if Your Laptop Gets Wet and won’t Turn on?

If your gadget gets wet, turn off the power, unplug, and remove the battery. The water might cause damage to the equipment by creating a circuit where there should not be one. A portion of the device may be damaged (the motherboard may be damaged, but not the hard drive, for example).


Now you know all about How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Keyboard With Water Damage? Instead of taking your Keyboard to be repaired after every spill, you may clean it up. Most water-related damage to your laptop will occur if left on for an extended period. 

If you accidentally spill water on your keyboard, turn off the power as soon as possible to avoid a short-circuiting situation. Allow the water to strain for a short time to confirm that the laptop is still functional after being submerged. If the water does not bring your keyboard back to life, you may be able to have it repaired.

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