How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use Easy Guide

Laptops and other portable devices utilize less energy than desktop PCs with an external monitor. A laptop’s battery is expected to charge once a day entirely, and the wattage required to set a computer varies between 20 and 50W. For this reason, a charging efficiency of 70% is assumed; 30% of energy is lost as waste heat and radiation into the environment between the charger and the battery. This article will talk about How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use?

Hewlett Packard’s HP 15 laptop is an example of a typical home laptop. This machine’s battery requires 41W to charge. Naturally, this value is subject to change. Not all power supply units dissipate the same energy, and the actual wattage will fluctuate over time. However, because the variance is so slight, it is more or less negligible.

Bear in mind that charging is an excellent indicator of battery quality. If the battery in your laptop stops working, you must either replace the battery cells or purchase a new battery.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use?

Based on power consumption, there are two types of laptops.

Laptops With a Gamer’s Mindset

These laptops often feature high-end hardware and are relatively power-hungry. But, on the other hand, they have luxurious features like increased core counts and a substantial dedicated graphics card far from energy-efficient.

Additionally, to enhance the aesthetics of the laptops, they have a slew of bright RGB elements, such as keyboard backlighting, that are not found on a conventional laptop.

To compensate for additional hardware like a unique ventilation system and a larger full-size keyboard, they typically feature smaller battery cells that do not store a significant amount of electrical current passed through the charging adaptor, making them highly unpredictable in terms of portability.

These laptops typically include Type C power adapters and feature lightning charging or boost charging to maximize battery life. Their charging adapter’s power demand is approximately 135-160 watts.

Laptops for Daily Use (Office/Business/Home/School)

Known as standard laptops, they are incredibly affordable in comparison to gaming laptops and are highly portable to use due to the consumer standard hardware specs employed in them.

While they Can utilize them for commercial projects and other CPU-intensive tasks, they are nevertheless relatively power-efficient. They are nowhere near as power-hungry as gaming laptops due to the absence of numerous features such as backlighting, a separate graphics card, and a unique ventilation system.

They are typically charged by Type C or Round Pin jack power connectors, making them relatively global in setting their lithium batteries; nevertheless, they frequently lack rapid charging and boost charging capabilities.

However, as a silver lining, they have a significant charge capacity due to their larger batteries, which allows them to last significantly longer than a gaming laptop, making them highly portable for daily use. These laptops often require 60-80 watts of electricity via a charging adaptor, depending on their intended use and the size of the battery.

How much electricity does a laptop consume in one hour?

While you may know the wattage your charger will provide to your laptop for it to run, the reality is that your computer will typically need far less.

Thus, while on battery and even while charging, your laptop will consume fewer Watts than shown on your charger. It will consume no more than the amount specified on the charger (which is usually around 90 Watts).

Actual power consumption will vary by laptop but will also be affected by usage. For example, when your computer is idle, it consumes very little energy, but it consumes significantly more when used for online browsing or gaming.

It’s similar to how your phone’s battery drains faster the more activities you perform on it. Here are some additional significant aspects that affect your laptop’s actual power consumption:

Components internet

If your laptop comes equipped with a dedicated graphics card (and is also in use), it will require more power. Additionally, having several hard discs or SDDs increases power usage.

Additionally, the CPU affects power usage – although this is typically dependent on what you are doing with your laptop. The more CPU power required to do tasks, the more energy your computer will consume.

Peripherals externes

Anything connected to your laptop that is not powered will raise your laptop’s power consumption: a mouse, an external keyboard, a gaming controller, or an additional monitor. But, again, there are numerous possibilities available here.

How many watts does a laptop charger use per hour

And because each of them needs some power to run, remember to unplug peripherals when they are not in use if you want to preserve energy.

Is it possible to charge your laptop at a lower wattage without causing damage?

In reality, there is one circumstance in which you might utilize a lower wattage charger without impairing your device’s functionality. If you connect your laptop to external power while the battery is ultimately charged, you can avoid overheating your device and shortening the life of your battery.

If your device’s battery is low, ensure that you are not using it while charging. It will extend the life of both your laptop and its battery.

Although it is not advisable to use a lower wattage charger for a device with a significant amount of power, because of the issues that can develop, professionals have determined that it is safe to use in a pinch; continuous use of a low-wattage charger, on the other hand, risks catastrophic damage to your valuable gadget.

FAQs – How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use?

Can I Use a 45 Watt Charger on a 65 Watt Laptop?

Yes, it is. While you may certainly use a lower wattage charger for your laptop (and even charge it without a charger ), this will directly affect the performance of your computer.

Is 12w a Fast Charger?

The 12W charger, like all Apple USB-C chargers, charges the phone to 85 percent in around an hour and 20 minutes. That’s an hour faster than the charger included in the box.

Can I Charge a Laptop Using a Powerbank?

Yes, it is. When charging a laptop with a power bank, one must consider the power rating, the ports, and the battery capacity. With the growing popularity of laptops, the demand for a portable power source is increasing.

Can I Charge My Laptop With Type C Phone Charger?

Can a Type C phone charger be used to charge a laptop or tablet? While you can connect a Type C connection from a phone to a computer, the power connector on the computer may not function. If it does, you can nearly guarantee that the current demand will be insignificant in comparison to the battery life of the laptop.


Using the laptop’s underbelly information will give you an idea of How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use? A key feature is listed as “Output” because it is mentioned under “Input.” To determine power consumption, you multiply the voltage by amperage.

It is vital to provide the power at maximum power; however, slightly higher power consumption is anticipated. Because of this, when the notebook is charging. In addition, the system will utilize up to seventy percent of the network capacity. Therefore, it is also impossible to precisely compute the value with a voltmeter.

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