How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Use Easy Guide

People care about trivial matters in today’s world of modernism. For example, what if you’re concerned about the amount of energy consumed by your gaming laptop? What Is The Maximum Power Consumption Of A Gaming Laptop?

When shopping for a gaming laptop, one of the first questions that come to mind is How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Use? However, this is not unique to you; I also frequently think about this subject.

Thus, discovering how much electricity it consumes should be a top priority before purchasing a gaming laptop. As a result, this post, which includes extensive research and some critical data about gaming laptops, has been written. I’ll explain this inquiry to you. However, let us first distinguish between a gaming laptop and a standard laptop.

Factors affecting Gaming Laptop consumption:

There may be a few points to think about before proceeding with the investigation of the variables. First, each year, numerous brands release laptops.

To make better use of technology, the company is developing more efficient machines that consume less power while keeping the same level of speed as the laptops it currently employs.

As a result, the power consumption of a laptop computer is determined by its type the more extra hardware connected, the more power consumed. Consider the variables that affect energy use.


It is very well established that a laptop with a very low-grade CPU or processor consumes more power than a laptop with a powerful CPU such as an Intel i7 or i9 does. The point for this is as straightforward as it appears. A processor that is not powerful enough will require additional power to give enough performance for your laptop, whereas a fantastic CPU operates efficiently with the power it consumes.

The wattage of the Adapter

  • The majority of 15.6-inch laptops include a 60W charging adapter.
  • The majority of 17-inch laptops include a 90W charging adapter.

If your laptop came with a 60W adapter, it would consume less power than a laptop with a 90W adapter, as that is the number of watts it will consume while in use.

Graphics card of the laptop

Graphics cards are more powerful yet consume more electricity. For instance, when playing high-end games on a laptop computer, the GPU enhances the visual experience.

Most gaming laptops and workstations used for machine learning and data science workloads have high-end GPUs such as the RTX 2080, 2070, or 2060. Laptops with top-of-the-line GPUs also feature top-of-the-line processors.

Typically, it also includes a higher-quality screen and a larger battery capacity. As a result, each consumes a significant amount of energy.

This article contains a section devoted to discussing gaming laptops’ power usage. Purchase a low-wattage model equipped with a budget 2-in-1 laptop or integrated graphics.

How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Use?

All of the functions on gaming laptops are extremely powerful and necessitate a unique component combination. Thus, other significant laptop types deserve special consideration. As a player, you can appreciate the difficulty of operating some high-end titles. However, laptops must be the finest in their respective classes.

Additionally, nearly every gaming laptop becomes heavier as it becomes more equipped. Among these are high-performance battery-powered processors and gaming laptops. Finally, examine the charger used to charge your gaming laptop to determine its power usage.

Acer Predator Helios 300 is a well-liked gaming laptop, one of the best in practically any laptop series, and comes with a 180W charger. First, examine the charger used to charge your gaming laptop to determine its power usage.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is an accepted gaming laptop, one of the best in practically any laptop series, and comes with a 180W charger. It requires a minimum of 180 watts each hour.

Ways to Reduce Your Laptop’s Power Consumption

How many watts does a laptop use per hour

If you’ve previously determined your laptop’s power consumption and are dissatisfied with the results, you may need to consider some measures to conserve energy. We’ve experimented with numerous methods for our laptops and discovered several others that you may try as well.

  • Ensure that you unplug the laptop after it is fully charged.
  • Never overcharge your laptop; doing so degrades the battery and wastes additional power.
  • When the charge reaches 10%, plug in the charger; please do not wait for it to turn off on its own. This technique requires an additional charge, depletes the battery, and consumes more energy.
  • Purchase a cooling pad to maintain the laptop’s temperature while charging.
  • Allow some time for the laptop to cool down before restarting your work.
  • Upgrade your processor and other components to avoid putting the system under stress.
  • Always use the company’s original charger.

There are numerous additional ways to consume energy. Having a screen with a high brightness does take a lot of electricity. Avoid this by dimming the screen when not in use; this will also protect your eyes.

FAQs – How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Use?

Is a 650 Watt Power Supply Good for Gaming?

While utilizing a 650W or 750W PSU is acceptable, you will never use the full power of the PSU unless you are running two graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire mode, and even then, only for high-end cards. Therefore, we require a power supply of between 300 and 400 watts for everyday use or gaming.

Is It Safe to Charge Your Laptop While Gaming?

Yes, playing games while the laptop charger is attached is perfectly acceptable. It helps extend the battery’s life and enhances the game experience. Always keep the charger connected when using a laptop to play video games.

What Is the Minimum Temperature for a Gaming Laptop?

Temperatures less than 80 degrees Celsius are acceptable. (and this is true of all computer types.) While gaming, I would estimate that the average gaming laptop’s temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius, while lower temperatures allow more room for overclocking. You should be fine unless the temperature rises above 95 degrees Celsius.


Laptops, in general, use less energy than other gadgets, such as gaming consoles. If you want to extend your laptop’s battery life while simultaneously lowering its electricity use, follow the simple steps outlined above in this blog post. Bear in mind that whereas standard laptops consume between 50 and 70 watts per hour, gaming laptops consume between 155 and 185 watts per hour.

As previously said, numerous elements contribute to the determination of How Many Watts Does a Gaming Laptop Use? I hope this post assisted you in locating the necessary information. However, it is true that as laptops become more powerful, they consume more power.

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