How to Clean a Matte Laptop Screen? 3 Easy Ways

There is no need to worry about getting stains and smudges on your laptop even when you don’t have pets or fussy children around. Laptop screens, in particular, tend to accumulate fingerprints and smudges quickly. 

Even if today’s laptop screens appear full of colour and depth, they get dusty from time to time. Screens on laptops today are more durable and stylish than those of previous generations, regardless of how much Spill oil or mud is on the keyboard or how long it has been open. 

Even though they’re made to withstand pressure, fingerprints nevertheless leave stains and imperfections, necessitating frequent cleaning. In this article, we’ll go over a few cutting-edge, time-saving, and very effective ways to How Clean a Matte Laptop Screen.

Matte Laptop Screen

The glossy screens’ multi-layered dip-coated matte appearance accurately reflects ambient light. In a sense, it’s a reflection. Anti-glare refers to a screen’s lack of reviews and glare. Improved image vision in ambient or critical direct light situations because of the low brightness.

Using a matte screen has the most significant benefit of removing the Austrian language. In addition, the matte and gun are less noticeable on the flat finish screen in this particular instance.

How to Clean a Matte Laptop Screen?

How to clean matte screen protectorHow to clean matte screen protector

The following are a few techniques for thoroughly cleaning your matte screen.

#1) Microfiber Clothes

Can clean Glasses and cameras with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning a laptop screen with a Microfiber Cloth does not cause scratches or spots.

Our screens can be scratched or dotted by using other fabric materials. Remember that using a cloth or paper to clean your screen will mark it, so avoid doing so.

Steps of Cleaning Matte Laptop Screen

Step#1 Take a Microfiber Cloth:

To begin, all you’ll need is a microfiber cloth designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses and glass.

Step#2 Turn-off Laptop:

To begin the cleaning procedure, all you need to know is that you Must shut your laptop down. Trying to clean your computer while it’s running will be extremely difficult because you won’t see where the dust is, and it could damage your laptop if you can’t turn it off.

Step#3 Be Gentle:

The most analytic step is the third one. To avoid scratching your screen, remember to use soft hands. If you use rough hands, you risk damaging them. If you clean your display in a circular motion, you’ll only be circulating the dust, not removing it. It is the second point to keep in mind.

Suggestion: Remove any remaining dust and polish the screen to a mirror finish. If you want to avoid any damage to your display, be sure to follow the instructions above to the letter.

#2) Using Sponge

Microfiber is an excellent choice for cleaning screens, but it may leave behind some dust. You may use a standard home sponge and distilled water to remove any residue left behind by this microfiber cloth.

Steps of Cleaning Matte Laptop Screen with Sponge


To be safe, turn off your laptop, disconnect the power cord, and remove the battery.


Wet the sponge with the distilled water and compress it until there is no dripping.


Rub the affected region of the screen gently. Look for water drops and wipe them clean.


Before closing the laptop’s lid or turning it on, wait until the screen is dry.

#3) Sticky and Greasy Display – Cleaning Method

If the cloth method did not work for you, there is an alternative way you might try. You can use a spray-on screen cleaning solution available from various retailers, which occasionally comes with a microfiber cloth.

You can build your solution spray instead of purchasing one. To create your cleaning solution, you must combine an equal amount of distilled water and white vinegar, distilled water and a high concentration of isopropyl alcohol.


To be safe, power down your laptop, disconnect the power cord and remove the battery.


Spray the cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth and not directly onto the screen since doing so could cause damage to the internal components. Make the fabric sufficiently damp but not drenched.


Begin gently wiping the cloth over the grime. Heavy pressures might cause harm to the screen; therefore, use small circles to avoid scratches.


Ensure that the liquid does not drip onto the screen or keyboard. And continue the process until the display is spotless and transparent.


Before closing the laptop’s lid or turning it on, wait until the screen is dry.

Important Tips for Cleaning a Matte Laptop Screen

  • Should not Alcohol-based cleaning solutions on a laptop since they can damage the coating layer on the screen and cause the computer to fail. 
  • Use only lab-based or water-based cleaning solutions for laptop displays.
  • Avoid using facial tissues or paper towels to wipe your laptop’s screen, as they can scratch the surface. 
  • Instead, the most effective and secure method for cleaning the laptop screen is with a microfiber cloth.
  • It is inappropriate to use all-purpose cleaners, window cleaning soap, dish soap, or any other type of soap.
  • Moisture can damage your laptop’s components, so keep it dry. Include cleaning your computer in your daily routine.
  • The daily microfiber cloth will prevent dust from accumulating on your laptop’s display.

On a Matte Screen, What Can You Do to Keep It Scratch-free?

1- Besides being attractive and functional, the matte finish is also extremely long-lasting. However, regular use can still damage it, especially if you wipe it down with dirt. 

2- As a result, you must take steps to guard against damage to your screen. Remove any visible particles from the screen before wiping it down. Use the directions and avoid washing in straight lines if you have applied a matte protective coating. It will ensure that the surface doesn’t wear out or leave ugly marks.

3- You should clean your laptop by wiping a small 5 × 5 inch area from the centre outwards, starting from the centre of the screen. Should use Microfiber cloths to clean your screen rather than paper towels, which can scratch it.

4- With distilled water, you can safely erase fingerprints, bubbles, or other particles from your laptop screen without causing any harm.

5- A soft, damp cloth with distilled water will help you remove persistent smudges and markings from your tablet or laptop. After that, use a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.

6- It’s best to use a matte screen protector since it adds an extra layer of protection between the computer screen surface and your fingers.

Advantages of Cleaning Laptop Screen

  • Initially, your matte monitor will appear clean and new. It will also perform more effectively by delivering the highest level of clarity possible.
  • The matte finish is great for those who spend extensive time in front of displays to alleviate eye strain. 
  • Additionally, they reduce reflections that can distort colours or cause eye strain, so your eyes will appreciate your efforts to keep them clean.
  • Even if the screen of your laptop or tablet is made of durable glass, it can still break and become scratched if you do not take proper care of it. 
  • Numerous solutions on the market, such as screen protectors and matte protective coatings, guarantee to keep your screen scratch-free. 
  • There is also a vast selection of cleaning supplies, including sprays and microfiber cloths, that can help you maintain your screen’s appearance for as long as possible.

FAQs – How to Clean a Matte Laptop Screen?

Are Matte Laptop Screens Good?

For the most part, you won’t be able to find displays with a glossy finish. Matte coatings are preferable over glossy ones because of the reduced amount of glare and reflection they produce. In any case, let’s get down to business.

How Do I Make My Laptop Screen Less Reflective?

A simple but effective option is to attach a piece of cardboard to the front edge of your screen and let it hang out like a hood. Glare is reduced by applying film to your screen that blocks reflected light.

How Do I Know about My Laptop Screen Is Glossy or Matte?

The simplest method to tell is to glance at the screen in front of you (powered off). You can see your reflection on the net with glossy screens, whereas there’s nothing to see with matte screens.


Matte laptop screens offer numerous advantages to users, yet just exposing the matte makes dust and fingerprints more noticeable. 

Therefore, buyers of laptop computers should be aware of How to Clean a Matte Laptop Screen so that their laptop always looks beautiful and retains its beauty.

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